The Seven Chakras, illustrations by Laural Virtues Wauters, mandala artist, educator, storyteller and author who blends mystery teachings, nature and science with Jungian psychology to shed light on the origins of belief. (source)

1. Root Chakra

2. Sacral Chakra

3. Solar Plexus Chakra

4. Heart Chakra

5. Throat Chakra

6. Third Eye Chakra

7. Crown Chakra


Forrest Lane
Tennessee, USA
Olympus E-PM2

You’ve worked on a few photography projects in the past, each exploring different types of styles. What has been the most enjoyable for you and why?

The best photo projects to me are the one’s spent surrounded by inspiring people. The two most fun projects that come to mind are Huemanity and Off Season.

Huemanity was my first ever try at black and white film street photography which was fun to try my hand at, but the best part about it was all the photo walks I took with my friends. As much as that project has meaning on it’s own, it has this other whole side of it that’s personal to me, as 100% of the photographs represented are also little portals back to memories spent on some of the best days spent with some of the best people.

Off Season was a project I did while in Panama City Beach for a short 5 day trip. It was kind of last minute, and I arrived a little late, but I remember running up the stairs of my friends apartment complex to get to the roof for one of the most beautiful sunsets I’d ever seen. I brought back a photo from each day of that trip, and I brought back a lifetime of memories full of good friends (and good food).

What did you learn from them, and how do you think they influenced your style?

As any photographer will tell you, the most important thing in photography is slowing down. I come from shooting weddings which can be a very high stress job, and I love that side of photography, but slowing down, using all your resources and skills for just a single photo, and having it come out just right – just like you envisioned it: that’s the most enjoyment I’ve ever got from photography. I like to take my time with everything, and do it right, but I had to learn how to do that with photography. It’s a great lesson, but I’m not perfect; I’m still learning it over and over.

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