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I got so close to yelling at my housemate today when she started saying I talk bullshit. This is the same one I complain about the most, the same one who made the siren noise that woke me up. But I resisted, because I know she won't back down and it'll turn into massive argument where I'll vent all my frustrations, and it will become very awkward for the rest of the year... (Sleep is being delayed a little cause a fic I read just got updated :P). How'd your RA interview go?

What the fuck is wrong with your roommate?! Jesus. Ugh, there has to be a way for you to resolve the issues with her… :S I wish you had someone that could mediate a conversation with her for you. 

Oh, you updated?! HURRAY!!!

Ahhh! I can’t wait to read it!

My RA interview went well. I’m scared, though, because once I interviewed and I thought it went well and I didn’t get the job. The next year, I thought my interview as AWFUL and I got the job. Then I applied last semester for an open position and a wait list position, and I got the wait list position and the interview was so-so. And now I have no freaking clue what to expect. I think they liked me, though - they laughed at all my jokes, which I was surprised I had the guts to make. :)

Maybe I did well. We’ll see. I think my experience and excitement channelled well, though, and the guy that interviewed me had mutual Facebook friends with my old boss (and she gave me such a wonderful recommendation). 

I’ll let you know at the end of the month when I find out if I got the job or not. I still have to go to a group process (its like a group interview where they grade you on your ability to work with other applicants), but I think that will be okay. Not really sure what to expect, because it could be really different than my old school.

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Yes yes yes I LOVE Annie Lennox singing Into The West, it's one of my favourite pieces of music :) I approve :D Now I'm gonna go listen to it again...

An excellent choice :) I’ve pretty much had it on repeat since I made that post :P

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I'm in tears after watching the Karofsky scene properly, and now I'm trying to edit the happy Brittana fluff I've written in the next chapter of Bumpy Ride and it just won't compute. Make me happy again so I can get through it and post it tonight :'(

Sorry, I was out at dinner. BUT NEVER FEAR.

I will post random gifs until you feel better.

Oh, hold on, I have to have something that will make you feel better.

Just kidding. <3

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Even though I want later stuff to happen soon, splitting it is probably best. How do your other chapters compare in length to this one?

Hmm… The first one was 2.4k or so, and then it was about 3.5-4.5k for a while until they randomly skyrocketed between 6k+. The last one was 8.5k, which was crazy. This one is currently 6k+, but I suppose it will be around 7 when I’m finished with this bit. I think you’re right, I’m going to have to break up the chapters, but there’s also a lot of unnecessary fluff.

Do you guys really want to know every little detail, I wonder? It’s very cute, but it really doesn’t push the story forward at all. Only like, a small little tidbit of it does. 

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Another pancake story. I got pancakes like that one time in a diner, and you know the butter on the top? ...I thought it was ice cream. So I took a good bite of it with the pancakes. It was disgusting. So then I thought it was actually salt-flavoured ice cream and American food was crazier than I thought, until I said so to my roommate and she started laughing and explained.

It always looks like ice cream! Ahahaha. That’s the best story ever. Between you and hannah, I’m going to have some really funny pancake stories to reference from. :P