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malec + light

dawn | malec | 200 words

Alec blinks awake slowly, rolling instinctively away from the sliver of predawn light slowly brightening against his pillow, and into something warm and firm curled up behind him.

Magnus hums sleepily but reaches out for Alec as he shifts, pulling him more firmly into his own chest.

“G’morning,” Alec tells Magnus’s collarbone. His eyes are closed again, but the light has gotten too bright to block out. He murmurs unhappily against Magnus’s skin.

“Not morning yet,” Magnus groans, one hand moving up to idly trace the curves of Alec’s bicep. “Sleeping.”

Alec huffs, burrowing down towards Magnus’s stomach as if to better shield himself from the coming morning.

“Sun,” he whines discontentedly after his burrowing proves ineffective. “Magnus, sun.”

Magnus makes a small, distracted noise of agreement and then finally, thankfully, the room is blanketed in darkness once more. Alec kisses Magnus’s hip in thanks.

“M’better?” Magnus mumbles, one of his hands still slowly mapping Alec’s arm.

Alec sighs happily and nuzzles against Magnus’s belly in response. His boyfriend is such a good pillow, he thinks.

But that’s too many words for the quiet, soft space of the world before alarm clocks, so he settles for saying, “love you,” instead.

I cannot get over the fact that even if Mattie and Laura are obviously the most uncomfortable with the purchase of Anita/Mia, they are also the first to notice she has an uncommon behaviour for a Synth. And once they do, it’s also fascinating how quickly that turns into genuine interest and even protectiveness.

It’s really astonishing what complex, interesting and familiar dynamics can be portrayed in fiction when there are enough female characters around.

29 weeks
©Laura Quick

I had newly hatched chicks when I went past the feed store and they had a kiosk of chicks out front. I was waiting for the hay/feed guy to bring out my order when I decided to splurge on a few chicks as well. I favor Easter Eggers as they look like a hawk-like version of just about anoy other breed, and  they lay colored eggs - blue, green or pink.

I’d started chosing chicks when the guy finished loading my car. He came over and chose this chick. It was mostly white and I thought it would grow up to be boring to look at. I also thought it would be a hen, since they were only selling hen chicks. So, not so much. 

He’s beautiful, prettier than this photo shows and has a lovely rose comb. All of his dark feathers are iridescent and he has a LOT of color on the rest of his body. I’m curious to see what his progeny will look like, and they will likely lay colored eggs depending on the hen.

Sure, he not what I expected, he’s exceeded that already. I was at the feed store today and I thanked the guy who chose him for me.