Outlander Eps “The Search”

Books Chaps 33 pg. 489 - 34

   “Plant potatoes” I said

Jenny’s mouth dropped slightly op[en, then she firmed her jaw and nodded briskly. “Potatoes. Aye. There’s none closer than Edinburgh, but I’ll send for them. How many?”

   “As many as you can. They’ve not planted in the Highlands now, but they will be. They’re a root crop that will keep for a long time, and the yield is better than wheat. Put as much ground as you can into crops that can be stored. There’s going to be a famin, a bad one, in two years. If there’s land or property that’s not productive now, sell it, for gold. There’s going to be war and slaughter. Men will be hunted, here and everywhere through the Highlands” I thought for a moment. “Is there a priest-hole in the house?”

   “No, it was built well after the Protector’s time”