Against Me’s Laura Jane Grace burns birth certificate on stage in North Carolina  

The band turned the concert into a protest over the trans-bathroom law recently approved by the North Carolina legislature.

Watch the full clip here:

I don’t know if this has been talked about, but I really love the effort that’s put into the tiny little details in Carmilla. In one of the eps, Laura catches Carmilla burning something in surveillance:

If you look, that appears to be a Stryker album (I don’t really know bc I can’t read it?) entitled Leviticus 17:17(again ?). Leviticus 17 talks about the prohibition of consuming blood, and of course in the original Carmilla, Carmilla complains to Laura about the hymns being sung at a funeral procession. The double meaning of the album both being by a Christian band (if it is Stryker/Stryken, a Christian heavy metal band), and being named after the chapter prohibiting blood consumption is kind of cool. So good job, writers.
Singer Laura Jane Grace Burned Her Birth Certificate Onstage In North Carolina
"What better way to get a fire going?"
By Sarah Karlan

Against Me! singer Laura Jane Grace kicked off her concert in Durham, North Carolina, last night by burning her birth certificate onstage in front of a sold out crowd — an act of protest against the state’s discriminatory HB2 Bill.

The House 2 Bill requires transgender people to use public restrooms in state-run buildings that match the assigned gender on their birth certificate.

In a video recorded and uploaded to Twitter by a concert goer, you can hear Grace wave and say, “Goodbye, gender,” as she lights the document on fire.