Against Me’s Laura Jane Grace burns birth certificate on stage in North Carolina  

The band turned the concert into a protest over the trans-bathroom law recently approved by the North Carolina legislature.

Watch the full clip here:

100 Years Of War
Laura Jane Grace
100 Years Of War

Laura Jane Grace - 100 Years of War

candidates are running
they want their name to be the one you choose
when your ballot is cast
one hundred years of war is promised
xenophobia and global warming
teenagers marching into shopping malls
they’re armed to the teeth

dont miss your chance to see it
while it’s all happening
these are once in a lifetime events,
and time will wait for no one

Aikatsu Stars 52!

Just watched it online and wow, things are getting interesting!!

The episode starts with strategy meetings. First goes Venus Ark, they ask Elza why she is interested in Yume. She replies by saying that Hime will be a perfect fit for Venus Ark, so if Yume enters she will come after her.

Then a similar meeting takes place in Four Stars Academy and girls discuss Venus Ark.

I guess the storyline will be like Aikatsu Season 2, where the schools are rivals with each other. Newbie students are worried that their senpais (Yume and Hime) will be taken by Venus Ark, which pretty much ends Four Stars Academy.

Yume helps the newbies in their lessons and then decides to do a live with Laura to teach them how a live is done.

They sit and discuss what to wear. Then Laura asks Yume if there is a coord she is interested in. Yume says that she’s interested in Elza’s winged coord.

Then BAM! Lily brings Elza, Kirara and Rei to them. Elza says that coord is Star Premium perfect idols wear, and if Yume is interested in wearing she must come to Venus Ark.

Laura interferes by saying that Yume already refused them. Elza says that she isn’t interested in brandless idols and she can’t sense any aura from Laura.

Then Yume gets mad at Elza. She doesn’t want to join her because she insulted her friend and rival Laura (Ooh BURN!) Elza and co go back to Venus Ark.

Then Yume and Laura perform Stardom as their song and they wear their school dresses, which encourages the first year students a lot. If they work hard,they can perform as good as their senpais :)

Surprisingly, Elza adknowledges Laura’s talent and says that all three of them are interesting idols. Perhaps there are more interesting idols in this academy!

Koharu is in Venus Ark cafeteria with coord designs in front of her. She refers to Elza as Elza-sama, and in return Elza says she was right, Four Stars has good idols like Koharu told her.

Koharu is pretty much confirmed to be a designer. She will probably turn out to be Perfect Queen’s designer. Which is both amazing and sad because:

-Elza adknowledges her talent, but as a designer. NOT as an idol :(

-Elza, Rei and Kirara are top 3 in Venus Ark. They are like VIP and I feel like Koharu will be shadowed once again. She rarely gets advertised in season 2. It’s all about those trio instead :(

But it’s just the beginning, so we should qait and see what happens.

By the way, those two new wings in op (pink and dark purple ones) will probably become Berry Parfait and Romance Kiss’ wings. Pink looks lovely type while purple looks sexy or gothic. But since Lily has different wings, it might belong to Mahiru instead.

Lastly, Ako… I feel sad for her. She needs good things too! Poor kitty is still upset about having her brand stolen by Kirara. I hope she gets a brand that suits her much better!


Hey bibliophiles!

I am a huge fan of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel tv shows. I am also a fan of their novelizations and I am on the hunt for all of them to collect. i wanted to share with all of you a list of all the books that have been written.They are organised by author, with that being said some author collaborated so some books are on here twice.

Scott Ciencin- Nemesis, Mortal Fears

Pierce Askegren- After Image

Laura J. Burns- Colony, Apocalypse Memories

Denise Ciencin- Sweet Sixteen, Vengence, Nemesis, 

Arthur Byron Cover- Night of the Living Rerun

Don Debrant- Shakedown

Keith R.A. DeCandido- Blackout

Cameron Dokey- Here be Monsters, The Summoned, How I Survived My Summer Vacation, 

Doranna Durgin- Impressions, Fearless, The Longest Night

Diana G Gallagher- Obsidian Gate, Prime Evil, Doomsday Deck, Spark and Burn, Bad Bargain

Craig Shaw Gardner- Return to Chaos, Dark Mirror

Ray Garton-  Resurrecting Ravana

Laura Ann Gilman- Visitors, Deep Water

Christopher Golden- Halloween Rain, Blooded, Child of the Hunt, The Gatekeeper Trilogy, Immortal, Sins of the Father, Pretty Maids All in a Row, The Lost Slayer Series, OZ: Into the Wild, Wisdom of War, Monster Island

Christie Golden- Tales of the Slayer, The Longest Night

Alice Henderson- Night Terrors, Portal Through Time

Nancy Holder- Halloween Rain, Blooded, Child of the Hunt, The Gatekeeper Trilogy, Immortal, The Evil That Men Do, The Book of Fours, Blood and Fog, Keep Me in Mind, Queen of the Slayers, Carnival of Souls, Not Forgotten, Endangered Species, The Longest Night, 

Dan Jolley- Vengeance

Dori Koogler- These Are Actors

Robert Joseph Levy- The Suicide Kings, Go Ask Malice, TOS: Back to the Garden, 

Elizabeth Massie- Power of Persuasion

Ashley McConnell- The Are Actors, Book of the Dead

Jeff Mariotte- Unseen Trilogy, Hollywood Noir, Haunted, Stranger of the Sun, Endangered Species, Sanctuary, Solitary Man, Love and Death, Close to the Ground

Melinda Metz- Colony, Apocalypse Memories

Rebecca Moesta- Little Things

Yvonne Navarro- Wicked Willow Trilogy, Paleo, Tempted Champions, Tales of the Slayer, How I Survived My Summer Vacation, The Longest NIght

Mel Odom- Unnatural Selection, Revenant, Crossings, Cursed, Redemption, Bruja, Image, TOS: Ching Shih, TOS: Silent Screams

John Possarella- Ghoul Trouble, Avatar, Monolith

Paul Rubitis- TOS: The Show Must Go On

Joseph A Sherman- Visitors, Deep Water

Thomas E, Sniegoski- Soul Trade, Monster Island

John Vornholt- Coyote Moon, Seven Crows

Happy Reading everyone!

Singer Laura Jane Grace Burned Her Birth Certificate Onstage In North Carolina
"What better way to get a fire going?"
By Sarah Karlan

Against Me! singer Laura Jane Grace kicked off her concert in Durham, North Carolina, last night by burning her birth certificate onstage in front of a sold out crowd — an act of protest against the state’s discriminatory HB2 Bill.

The House 2 Bill requires transgender people to use public restrooms in state-run buildings that match the assigned gender on their birth certificate.

In a video recorded and uploaded to Twitter by a concert goer, you can hear Grace wave and say, “Goodbye, gender,” as she lights the document on fire.

History Part 7

Originally posted by whovian182

Author’s Note: Here it is! This is the chapter that will finally explain all the history (hehe) of Derek and Y/N!!! I worked hard brainstorming this part, so I hope you like it! Also, I tried to fit it the best I could into the Derek’s actual backstory, but it may not be perfect, so I apologize in advance. Anyway, Enjoy! c:

Warnings: Language; sexual content; feels; sensitive content


“Scott, you were pretty young, so you probably don’t remember any of this. I did’t bring Derek around much when we got older anyway.

 Derek and I have been going to school together since we were kids. We were in the same class even though he is several months older than I am. In middle school, we got really close. Neither of us had a lot of friends at that time, so it was kind of natural for us to drift together. I remember his sisters, too. We used to all play together constantly. I still remember playing hide and seek in the woods together. Thalia used to hate it when we did that without any supervision.

When we got to high school, Derek grew into his looks and got athletic. He had been doing a lot more werewolf training, so he was pretty fit. He instantly fit in with the popular crowd, you know? Even though he was just a freshman. We started to drift apart. I wasn’t exactly Miss Popularity, after all. Eventually, we didn’t even really talk anymore. Maybe the occasional wave and smile in the hall, but even that became less frequent. He always seemed to be with his basketball buddies and they were way too cool to associate themselves with someone like me.

Then Paige happened. I remember seeing how happy she made Derek, which made me happy. I thought he deserved some normality and relief in his crazy life, even if I was no longer really in it. Then, one day, neither of them came to school. We all heard the rumors. When they didn’t show up again, I went to Derek’s place. His sister answered the door and let me in, taking me up to his room. Man, he was a mess. Seeing him that way made me lose it and the tears just started falling. It was like confirmation that Paige really was dead. Without a word, I went and sat next to him on his bed and just held him. He actually let me. We cried together that day.

It took a long time for Derek to be even relatively normal again. He felt so guilty. I went to his house every day after school. We were getting closer, and it was great. I felt like I was finally getting my best friend back. Eventually, he started to laugh and smile again. It didn’t usually reach his eyes, but it was a positive change. 

About a year or so after her death, something happened that I will never forget. Derek and I were walking through the woods and we came across this little meadow that we had never seen before. I was so excited. I ran out, laughing the whole time and letting my fingers run over the flowers and the grass, totally free. Derek followed me until we just collapsed  next to each other in the grass. We laid there, me out of breath, and Derek just looking at me while I watched the clouds. And then, out of nowhere, he kissed me. I was completely surprised and didn’t kiss back at first, but after he pulled away and I looked into those green eyes, I just attacked him. We made out like crazy.

That’s what started it all. Derek and I’s relationship had hit a whole new level. We weren’t a couple, not by any means. We weren’t technically “friends with benefits” because we weren’t sleeping together. We were just having some fun. We would make out every now and then, maybe feel each other up. But we were still best friends. That is, until Kate came along.

She totally seduced him. Stole him away from me. Derek barely gave me a second glance once he had her in his sights. I was secretly heartbroken. I had some feelings for Derek that were more than friendly, which probably isn’t much of a surprise, but I put on a mask. I didn’t want to lose him again, not completely at lease. So, I acted like I was fine. I tried to warn him about her at first, but it did no good. Eventually, it just caused problems between us.

Then the fire happened. The fire that Kate started that killed Derek’s family. He was a mess, just like you’d expect. And there I was, right by his side the whole time, mourning his family that I’d grown so close to over the years, feeling his pain and trying to take it away the best I could. There were definitely suspicions it was Kate, but Derek wouldn’t hear it. Not until he finally put the pieces together on his own. That was what really changed him, you know. I mean, Paige was bad, yeah. But with the fire…he was totally different. He already had wounds from his past that were just barely healed, and then that happened. I don’t know how it didn’t destroy him.

I got Derek through high school. Laura was trying to handle everything becoming the new Hale Alpha and now raise a brother all on her own. So, I made him my responsibility. I made sure he went to school and did his work and studied and still did sports. I think that’s what helped keep him sane. When you’ve suffered through everything that man has, it’s easy to go crazy. I was with him when he got his tattoo, and when Laura had to burn it into him after it healed. I’d never heard him scream like that before. 

Our senior year was coming to an end and Derek and I were inseparable. We were always by each others’ side no matter what. Everybody told us to “just date already” and Laura used to playfully call me her sister because she was convinced we’d get married one day and she would be my Maid of Honor. He used to sneak into my room at night and we would lay in bed and talk for hours, just staring at the ceiling. Then we’d fall asleep, I’d wake up, and he’d be gone. I loved those nights. It was like nothing could get us, you know? We were invincible as long as we had each other.

When he showed up in a tux, smiling like an idiot and holding out a corsage on the day of prom, that was the moment I really fell in love with him. My date had dumped me at the last minute and of course I had called Derek crying and totally devastated. He hadn’t planned on going, but then there he was. God, that was one of the best nights of my life. Derek danced with me during every song, always making sure that I was having fun. On the last song, he pulled me against him and we danced together, nice and slow. He kissed me then, for the first time in what felt like forever. It was perfect. That night, he brought me home. Mom was working a double, having to stay all night, Dad was already moved out, and you were at Grandma’s. That was the first night we ever slept together. He took my virginity, told me he loved me. He said he knew that he had fallen for me the night we went and got his tattoo done. 

We graduated and I got ready for college. Derek and I were finally together and enjoying every single moment of it before I left. When I moved down there, Derek came the day after I got settled. He used to visit me all the time at college. He’d come and stay on the weekends, sometimes surprise me through the week if I had talked about a particularly stressful time. After awhile, he couldn’t come as much. He had to help Laura with some stuff and he was trying to get settled, too. That’s when the distance really started to take a toll on us. 

My sophomore year, things were pretty okay. We adjusted to being apart and we were handling it rather well. He visited when he could. That was the year of the pregnancy scare. I remember buying a billion tests and calling Derek. He made it down in record time. I was so scared when he got there, just an absolute mess. I’d never seen Derek look like that, even after everything he’d been through. Thankfully, we dodged a bullet. Turned out I was not pregnant, but that really gave us reality check. 

After that, we were pretty off and on. I got busy with school work and activities, and Derek was busy here helping Laura and keeping the town safe. We fought a lot. It was like we just didn’t have time for each other anymore. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I told Derek that I wanted to see other people. Of course, since we were fighting, he had agreed. But two days later, he was knocking on my door and we were desperately making out, ripping clothes off of each other, and jumping into bed. 

No matter how much we fought and broke up, Derek and I always ended up right back in each other’s arms. I can’t tell you how many guys on cheated on with him, and I am by no means proud of that. I just couldn’t resist him; he’s like a damn drug. Nobody measured up to Derek, anyway. Nobody made me feel like he did. Nobody could send the same tingled up my spine with just a look like he could. Nobody could drive me wild with their touch like he could. I tried to get away from him, I really did. The visits home were the hardest. That’s why I stopped coming. I was just too scared to face him again, too afraid of what I’d end up doing.

About a year ago, I started seeing this guy. His name was Jake, and he was really great. I met him at college, and he was just an all around amazing person. We went out a few times and eventually started dating. I really liked him and it was the first time in a long time that I was truly happy. Derek had tried to call several times, and I told him to stay away, that I didn’t want to see him or hear from him. I didn’t want him in my life anymore, I’d met someone else. Then he was at my door, pounding furiously. We got into a huge fight that night. After all the screaming had calmed down, Derek told me that he still loved me. And of course, we ended up back in bed. All. Night. Long. God, that was probably the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Y/N!” Scott shrieked, him and Stiles looking totally grossed out. I rolled my eyes at them and continued.

“Anyway, Derek stayed for a couple days. I cut things off with Jake with no explanation, thinking that Derek and I were going to be back together and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. He left my place and kissed me goodbye, promising to call. He had said that he’d be back to visit soon, that everything was going to work out this time. That was eight months ago. I watched him leave with a huge grin on my face. Then I never heard from him again. I called, texted, left voice mails, everything. I got nothing in return and finally gave up. 

I ran into Jake a few weeks later. He wouldn’t even look at me. I had nobody. I was totally alone, miserable. So, I buried myself in my school work and my job until graduation. When I moved back here, I didn’t expect to see him again. But, just like always, we ended up back in bed and I started to fall for him all over again. I thought it’d be different this time since we were older and I was living here again. But that stupid skank of an English teacher had to come along and fuck it all up.

Now, I just…don’t know how to move on. How can you forget someone that’s been such a huge part of your life for so long? I’ve loved him for years. So, no, I can’t just go out and find another guy. Not when my guy is living just a few miles down the street.”

So there were more Alive and scarred!Laura votes!

Laura’s burns were worse than Ruben’s, it took more time for them to heal and she was left half blind and heavily  disfigured on her right side

That’s the idea anyway