My favorite little banana, William Wilkinson - Phoot Camp, 2014

I had the amazing privilege going back to Phoot Camp for the fourth time which was held in Joshua Tree this year. For those of you who don’t know, Phoot Camp is an invite-only creative retreat for photographers hosted by Laura Brunow Miner. We were each assigned “Phoot Camp Buddies” and had to take a portrait of them over the weekend. This was my portrait of my all time favorite William Wilkinson. I know this is a little sillier than my typical work but if you know Will, he is a very, very silly boy. There was no way I was going to hold that back from him. Huge thanks to Squarespace for making this year’s Phoot Camp possible!

Today we’re welcoming Laura Brunow Miner / Pictory as today’s Show & Tell guest poster!

Laura founded Pictory, an online photo magazine where she tries to be the Ira Glass of the photo essay, and Phoot Camp, a creative retreat for bright young photographers. She’s going to share some innovative takes on portraiture that she observed at Phoot Camp 2011.

Check back here all day to see what Laura posts!

(Portrait of Laura by Lauren Randolph)

Week 9: Laura Brunow Miner. I was in San Francisco this week, and finally stopped into Pinterest to meet Laura Brunow Miner. Not only is Laura an incredibly kind person, but she is also currently a designer at Pinterest, the founder of Pictory and Phoot Camp (which I had the amazing opportunity to attend last summer), was previously design director and editor-in-chief of JPG Magazine (RIP), and has way more Instagram followers than you. In the brief time we caught up it was obvious that Laura has a special energy, and I can’t wait to see what she does next!

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A bit of a throwback, the speaker at our very first San Francisco event was Laura Brunow Miner. Laura is the founder of Pictory and Phoot Camp, and currently works at Pinterest.

In this talk, she speaks on why we work. While the emphasis is almost always on the financial reasons, Laura digs into some of the psychological and emotional reasons why we work.

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