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connor murphy saying "that is just the saddest fucking thing I've ever heard." and the little chuckle and smile

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Gilbert Blythe wasn’t used to putting himself out to make a girl look at him and meeting with failure. She SHOULD look at him, that red-haired Shirley girl with the little-pointed chin and the big eyes that weren’t like the eyes of any other girl in Avonlea school. Gilbert reached across the aisle, picked up the end of Anne’s long red braid, held it out at arm’s length and said in a piercing whisper: “Carrots! Carrots!” Then Anne looked at him with a vengeance! She did more than look. She sprang to her feet, her bright fancies fallen into cureless ruin. She flashed one indignant glance at Gilbert from eyes whose angry sparkle was swiftly quenched in equally angry tears. “You mean, hateful boy!” she exclaimed passionately. “How dare you!” And then—thwack! Anne had brought her slate down on Gilbert’s head and cracked it—slate not head—clear across. - Chapter 15 - A Tempest in the School Teapot

Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe - The famous “Carrots” and slate scene.

‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Letters Master List

Hello! Here is a full master list of all the letters in Dear Evan Hansen! Bellow each letter link I have a description of each letter and when it’s used in the play. If you see any missing, message me and I’ll add it to the list! I also included extra material at the end of the list. **Act two letters may contain spoilers!**

Note: This is a work in progress, and is actively being worked on!

Act One:

Letter #1: Evan Hansen to Himself

- This letter is used in the opening scene of the play when Evan is drafting his letter to himself, as assigned by his doctor, Dr. Strauss. 

Letter #2: Evan Hansen to Himself

- The most famous letter of the show. Evan wrote this letter in the computer lab on the first day of school, after a phone call with his mom. He printed it out and was found by Connor Murphy. After a short conversation with Evan, Connor asks if the letter is his. He begins to read it and sees the part about his sister, Zoe. Connor becomes mad and blows up on Evan. Evan pleads to get the letter but Connor takes it with him. This is mistaken by the Murphy’s as Connor’s last words or his suicide note.

Letter #3: Connor Murphy to Evan Hansen (Edited Version/Final Version)

- The first letter that Evan and Jared write to make it appear as though Evan really was friends with Connor. This is in the song “Sincerely, Me”

Letter #4: Evan Hansen to Connor Murphy

- The second letter in “Sincerely, Me”

Letter #5: Connor Murphy to  Evan Hansen

- The third letter in “Sincerely, Me”

Letter #6: Evan Hansen

- The fourth letter in “Sincerely, Me” and the final letter of the first act.

Act Two:

Letter #1: Connor Murphy to Evan Hansen

- This is the only letter featured in “Sincerely, Me (Reprise)” which is not featured on the cast album. 

Letter #?: Evan Hansen to Himself

- The final letter of the show. This is written (actually spoken) when Evan is supposed to be a freshman in college. This is in the final scene of the show. 

  • What She Says: I'm fine
  • What She Means: Zoe invited Evan to the orchard because she knew even though he was the one who brought that peace to everyone, he wouldn't feel like he deserved to feel it himself. She knew he did everything for Connor because he needed it for himself, but he still wouldn't take any of it for himself. Imagine how hard it would be to acknowledge that even though this boy hurt you, he also gave you your brother and your family back when he needed and could have taken both for himself. Just think about how amazing Zoe Murphy is for a second.
  • Cynthia: It's your senior year Connor. You are not missing the first day.
  • Connor: I already said I'd go tomorrow. I'm trying to find a compromise here.
  • Cynthia: Are you going to get involved here or are you too busy on your email, Larry?
  • Larry: You have to go to school Connor.
  • Cynthia: That's all your gonna say?
  • Larry: What do you want me to say? He doesn't listen. He's not listening. He's probably high.
  • Zoe: He's definitely high.
  • Connor: Fuck you!
  • Zoe: Fuck you!
  • Cynthia: I don't need you picking at your brother right now. That's not constructive!
  • Zoe: Are you kidding?
  • Cynthia: Besides he's not high!
  • Connor: (lifts head) ...
  • Cynthia: Are you high? I don't want you going to school high Connor, we've talked about this!
  • Connor: Perfect! So then I won't go! Thanks mom!

Dear Evan Hansen,
Turns out this wasn’t an amazing day after all. This isn’t going to be an amazing week or an amazing year, because why would it be?
I know, because there’s Zoe, and all my hope is pinned on Zoe, who I don’t even know, and doesn’t know me. Maybe if I could just talk to her. Maybe nothing would be different at all. I wish everything was different.
I wish I was part of something. I wish that anything I said mattered to anyone. I mean face it, would anyone notice if I just disappeared tomorrow?
Your most best, and dearest friend, Me
Laura's Degree Project - Album Launch
A launch party for an original album that Laura has created as part of her degree, to be held the evening of 19th May 2017, in Coventry

Okay guys, listen up! If you want to :P I have something exciting and important to talk about! :D

I’m doing a performance of original material as part of my university course! I have been recording songs and I will be performing these at a self-organised album launch! I know that you guys are too far away to attend, but you can still donate to help it to go ahead. Funds need to be raised because this is part of my course! Please donate if you can, and spread this around <3

I just finished watching season one of Project Green Gables @projectgreengables (I don’t know why it took me so long), and I am IN LOVE. It feels so much like a real vlog, and Laura Eklund Nhaga’s Anne is one of the best character interpretations I’ve ever seen in a webseries. 

I’m going to write an actual review soon, but I just had to mention how much I love this show before then. 

It has its issues, of course, and I’ll address those in my review, but for now I just want to bask in happiness and go get caught up on season two.


The Mythology of the Jackalope, This Little Black Book, 2017 Sketchbook Project at the Brooklyn Art Library.

This part was one of the first pieces I made, it came into being cuz the myth of the Jackalope is featured in my novel, Drinking from the Fishbowl (which I’ve been working on diligently for many years.) The mythological creature is a metaphor of sorts—people make up shit all the time, I’ve been guilty of letting my mind wander, that’s why I’m a writer. It’s a long complicated story. (The book will be published this year, so stay tuned.)

The moon shapes happened after I saturated a piece of paper with India ink and was looking to put this wet paper somewhere safe where it wouldn’t stick to a surface, or get ruined, I set it on two plastic containers that I use for water to clean my brushes (they were both empty) and then discovered that they created this awesome circle…so of course, I had to do it again to see if it would do it again. It did. YAY it did!

This is the text I wrote about it - it’s poe-em-ish.

The Jackalope—the mythology,

a chimera, a fantasy creature feature,

gods and devils,

we’re surrounded by myths—

myths of our making

or the creation in the minds of others,

how they see us—it’s a human flaw, yet

it’s what makes us human—making up shit.

We live in this borderland

of dreams and realities—

We create jackalopes out of thin

air, figments of imagination—

nightmares, sweet dreams

are made of this—

hope, desire—love.


“Summertime Sadness” - Murrieta Dance Project, teen lyrical large group, Jump Los Angeles, 2014
★ Choreography by ?
☆ Dancers ☆ Stephanie Bekker, Kaitlyn Boyer, Savanna Cashell, Alana Figurski, Chryssa Hadjis, Chandler Nickerson, Kaelie Osorio, Elizabeth Rudisill, Talia Seitel, Payton Sullivan, Kelsey Waite
Summertime Sadness ~ song by Lana Del Rey, cover by Laura Elizabeth Hughes