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Here you guys go. It’s kind of hard to write them without giving anything away. xD But here’s one. You can follow the tag ‘superhollis au’ for anything pertaining to the story, ‘sisters of steel’ for Ell and Laura brOTP stories, or superhollstein if I write anything else for them. 

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Carmilla had a habit of falling asleep at her desk while she worked.

She made light of it. She was lazy at heart, naps were the best thing God ever gave man, so on and so forth. But Laura saw through it. And why wouldn’t she? It was easy to tell she was deflecting.

The truth was Carmilla slept at her desk because she couldn’t sleep. Not in bed. Not when trying to clear her mind for sleep opened it to images of Will, of her mother, of Silas that burned behind her eyes and made it impossible to find any peace. Not when what she saw in her dreams was far, far worse.

So better to not give her a moment to think. Better to fill her mind with paperwork and contracts and financials until it was so numb and tired that Carmilla fell into dreamless exhaustion for six hours without even realizing it.

It wasn’t ideal, but it made her able to function, and she was used to it.

But Laura wasn’t.

She’d just fallen asleep, in the middle of reading a budget report, when she felt someone gently shake her awake. Carmilla’s head snapped up.


“Shhh, Carm, it’s me.”

Carmilla blinked and realized, in the dim light the desk lamp provided, that Supergirl was standing in front of her.

Why was Supergirl at her–

Right. Right. Carmilla shook her head slightly. Laura was Supergirl. Her girlfriend was Supergirl. They were the same person, something which took a moment for her sleep addled brain to piece together.

But that still was kind of weird.

“Laura, why are you here so late? It must be–”

“Two thirty AM,” she interrupted, “yeah. I had to take care of a late night robbery and–well, you said I was free to stop in whenever I wanted. I got worried when you weren’t in bed and I followed your heartbeat here.”

“What were you planning if I had been in bed?”

“…To surprise you in the morning with cuddles?” Laura answered, smiling sheepishly. “I’m sorry, that’s weird, right? I know it is–”

“Sweetheart,” Carmilla interrupted gently, “seriously. It’s fine. I would not have complained. Besides, I wouldn’t have offered ‘whenever’ if I didn’t want you to take me up on it.”

Laura blushed as Carmilla reached forward to gently play with her fingers. Then she frowned.

“Well, then let’s talk about the way more important fact that you are sleeping at your desk.”  your desk,” she said seriously, and Carmilla groaned.

“Laura, it’s not a big deal. Really. I’m used to it–”

“Used to it?”

Carmilla winced. “I didn’t mean–”

“That you do this…a lot? Sleep at your desk in your home office instead of going to bed?”

“I’m a busy CEO. It happens.”

“How often?”

She looked so concerned, so upset at the thought of Carmilla getting a good night’s sleep, that she felt guilty. Carmilla swallowed.

“Not that much.”

“Carm, I don’t believe you,” Laura answered, “I know what you look like when you lie.”

“What do I ‘look like?’”

“You try to look cold. Like your mom. But you’re not, and there is something you are not telling me.”

Carmilla sighed. She stood up, smoothing out her clothes.

“I…can’t sleep,” Carmilla admitted.

“You…can’t sleep.”

“No,” she shook her head, “not since Will’s trial, okay? Are you happy? I can’t do it. So I have to sort of…trick myself into doing it.”

“By working until you literally pass out from exhaustion.”

“You make it sound so horrible.”

“It is!”

Carmilla smiled a little. Normally she’d be annoyed. But it had been a long, long time since someone showed any concern, any real concern for her well being. Most people only cared about whether she was well enough to run K-Corp, well enough to function in public.

“Laura, it’s okay,” she repeated, “I told you, I’m used to it. I get along fine. I can do my job, and I certainly don’t run out of energy with you,” she wiggled her eyebrows for effect. Laura huffed out a laugh.

“Oh Rao, Carmilla, really?”

“Am I wrong?”

Laura walked forward to hug her, Carmilla pressed against her form fitting suit. Laura’s body was warm, literally a living solar battery, and Carmilla couldn’t help but sigh a little as she laid her head against her shoulder.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Laura asked softly.

“I tried taking sleeping pills,” Carmilla answered, “but they just made me feel like shit during the day, so…” She shook her head, “there isn’t really anything.”

Carmilla should have known better. Should have known that telling Supergirl ‘you can’t help’ would have made her move mountains for a total stranger, let alone her girlfriend. But she was tired and Laura was warm and Carmilla was having a rare, blissful moment where she wasn’t thinking.  

Laura curled her arms around Carmilla a little tighter.

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Like when I was a kid I never saw the original X-Men cartoon and my first exposure to the existence of the X-Men at all was X-Men Evolution and I remember watching X-23′s introduction when it first came out and thinking that Girl Wolverine was the coolest thing I’d ever seen and to this day she is my favorite mutant and I just ajkdghdkjghda;kj

Dafne Keen is incredible the sheer amount of emotion she conveys just through her EYES and her mannerisms and how she’s so much like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine but also so much her own person and all the different things she can convey just through wordless screaming and YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND THIS IS ALL I HAVE EVER WANTED I’M BACK TO BEING A PRETEEN GIRL WATCHING SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS IN THE BASEMENT AND ;ASHGJKASDHGKJDA

Also in the original story on X-Men Evolution, Laura was made by HYDRA and then in her first comic storyline she had these Winter Soldier-esque trigger words and basically she and Bucky need to hang out somehow

ALSO this girl looks exactly like cartoon X-23 come to life AND the movie even remembered that Laura canonically self-harms and just I just don’t have words for how happy this character in this film makes me

And now for some spoilers of things that bugged me below the cut

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Hey Taylor,

I just want to show you my story of one of the ways in which you’ve impacted my life so much. So on the 14th of December, 2016 i decided to stay home from school because i wasn’t having such a good time, it was getting close to the end of the school year and honestly the only think that made me feel really happy was your music. Along with this comes getting to know a whole community of your amazing fans who are just like me, Swifties. On this day I knew that there must be someone out there who would help me feel better, who was as caring, kind and genuine as you are. This was when Laura (aka @timtamswiftie ) came along and asked me how i was going, asking me about my day, my life and of course talking about our love for you. She made me feel so happy like how happy i feel when i listen to your music (and thats honestly the best feeling in the world). We even found videos of us standing right next to each other before your concert in 2015 without noticing! I knew that I had made my self a best friend and not just one who i got along with but one who shares the same interests and music taste and all of the important things that makes up such a special person. From then on we talked over text, FaceTime, instagram, really anything that we could communicate on. We celebrated my birthday, christmas and were even each others first texts at 12am on New years day. We live about an hour and 30 minutes away from each other but when neither of you can drive and the train trips are hours long it almost feels like you live on the other side of the world. But, we were determined to meet each other, we had to, we were and still are each others best friend. With schedules that never seemed to match up and our parents (understandably) worrying about the dangers of meeting someone from the internet it seemed almost impossible. But, we did it we organised a date, 19th of January, 2017. The day that we would meet, the day we’d celebrate every year. Time seemed to move so slowly, the anticipation was killing us but, the day came. I could hardly sleep the night before i was so excited yet so anxious I had facetimed her before but what if everyone else was right what if she wasn’t who i thought she was? The honest reason this was going through my head wasn’t because i watch too much catfish (although i do watch a lot) but because she was too perfect, not in the way that she had no flaws because everyone does but just because it was almost like we were long lost twins, almost identical personalities. But, the morning was finally there me, my sister and her friend all jumped on an hour and a half train ride to see her. The video below shows what we did during our day and i can honestly say its the happiest I’ve been since i saw you live. We laughed, sung, fangirled and so much more (we’ve also both agreed that it was the 2nd best day of our lives, after we saw you on the 28th of November, 2015 of course). I’m so thankful that i met Laura because she makes me so happy and we still talk every single day and have even met up once since then. I would also just like to thank you so so so so so so much Taylor for you and your music helping us come together. Thank you for being who you are, I love you so much. Never change and Long Live 19/1/17.

Love, Clair


fanfics’ writer appreciation day! [01]

HULLO it’s me @taemins-dolphin

i would just like to thank all fanfic writers for creating such wonderful stories! i stared reading fics back in 2012. i was having a hard time back then and everything was just so hard. that’s when i found comfort in them and honestly its the best thing that’s ever happened to me mentally. if i wanted to be happy, i would read some fluff.if i  i was sad and wanted to feel even sadder, i would just read angst. it was just so comforting to read the stories. 

so in commemoration of this day, here are some of the writers thati love and respect a lot!! (i migh forget some…  im sorry!)

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laurabenantiLast night I got to sing Vanilla Ice Cream in front of my hero, Barbara Cook. The song SHE made iconic! THEN, I got to welcome her to the stage (spoiler alert…I cried) and THEN I got to watch her SLAY like the Queen she is.
Hey, musical theater nerds out there. Don’t worry about being cool. Just be you. And then one day, you might get to sing in front of YOUR hero! (Photo cred and shout out to @bruglikas for finding me and running me across the room to take this photo) (x)


Hey guys! Happy Saturday :) I meant to post this last night but it has been so hot that I have been so exhausted. But here is the story. I didn’t know what to do to make Antonio jealous, so he is semi-jealous in this story. No punching anyone in this story. I added Jason (the new firefighter), but don’t worry, I only used him cause I literally couldn’t figure who to use haha. Enjoy!


Antonio just got done his shift and knew he was in desperate need of a beer. Luckily Stone and the others were busy tonight so he was on his own. He needed that peace to collect his thoughts. It felt like all he was doing lately was convincing others and himself that he was fine, but truth was, he was just going through the motions of life, trying to survive the breakup, but he wasn’t really living life.

 As he walked in Molly’s, he noticed Gabby behind the bar. Although he wanted to be alone, Gabby was a welcome distraction since he was always happy to see his baby sister. With their busy schedules, it was hard to find time to talk and catch up. It was funny, he felt like he knew more about his sister’s life when he was dating Sylvie. He shook the thoughts from his mind as he walked over to the bar and sat down on the stool.

 “Hey sis.” He greeted her with a smile, an action she reciprocated. The bond the siblings share were always so strong.  “Just a beer.”

 “I’m surprised to see you here.” She admitted before she went off and grabbed him a beer. Once she came back over to him, she placed the beer in front of him. “I heard you were working on a big case so I thought after shift, you would head home.” She added.

Antonio shrugged his shoulders. “Just needed to clear my head.” He explained. “How are you doing?” He asked.

“I’m doing good.” She studied his face, wondering how he was doing after the breakup with Sylvie. Knowing her brother, if she asked him he would say he was fine.

“What?” He questioned, noticing the look on her face.

“What do you mean ‘what?’? Nothing. Can’t I just look at my brother?” She asked slightly annoyed.

Antonio laughed, shaking his head. “I know you, Gabby. Whenever you have that look on your face, it’s something.”

“I wanted to ask you how you’re doing, since you know—-but knowing you, you’ll say you’re fine.”

“I am fine.” He promised. “We gave it our best shot, it didn’t work out. It’s life, all we can do is move on.”

“I’m glad you said that.” Gabby said, looking relieved. “I mean, I wanted to warn you first anyway.” Although Jason only flirted with Sylvie for a brief second, and Sylvie just laughed and didn’t give in to the flirting, she was tired of being in the middle of their stubbornness. If this meant lying, they’ll both forgive her. “There is a new firefighter at 51, and Sylvie seems interested in him.”

Antonio sat there for a second, not saying anything. He lifted his beer and before he took a sip, he said, “Good for her. She deserves to be happy.” After the words left his mouth, he took the sip of his beer, wishing he chose to go home instead of coming to Molly’s.

“So, it doesn’t bother you?” She asked, looking at his face for any clue of his emotions.

“Gabby…” Antonio warned. “Don’t do that. I walked away from her because my life is so messy. My job may have settled down slightly, but my personal life hasn’t. Laura—“He stopped talking when he saw Gabby shaking her head.

“Look, I stayed silent for the most part. And honestly, it’s your life, you want to be miserable, that’s on you. But you can’t keep using Laura as an excuse. You left Sylvie because you thought she was going to tell you that your life is too much to handle. So, before you got hurt, you left.” Gabby said as she poured herself a shot and downed it. “It’s true, so don’t argue with me.”

Antonio was about to open his mouth to say something but he closed it. He didn’t want to sit here and argue with Gabby. “Thought you didn’t want to get in the middle of it?” He questioned.

“I don’t and I’m not.” She promised. “So, are you really okay with Sylvie moving on?” She asked softly.

He glared at her. “I never said I was. But I also can’t be the jealous ex-boyfriend when I ended things.” He pointed out. “And like I said, my life hasn’t gotten easier and it never will. I can never put Sylvie first like she deserves.”

“Maybe not.” She agreed. “But Sylvie also never asked. She knew you had kids, and isn’t that the whole reason why Laura got pissed in the first place and turned into the protective mama bear? Because Sylvie understood that and instead of being distant with your kids, she wanted to spend time with them?” She questioned. She knew if Antonio was going to listen to anyone, it would be Gabby. “And just for the record, you walking away from her proved that you agreed with Laura.”

“I never agreed with Laura, and I gave her a piece of my mind with that stunt she pulled.” He sighed. “I didn’t come here to talk about Sylvie.”

“Fine.” Gabby nodded her head. “When do you the kids?” She asked, switching the topic to something she knew made Antonio feel better.

And just like that, a smile appeared on his face. “Tomorrow. I’m taking them to the movies.” He began to tell Gabby his plans.

“Tell them that Tia Gabby misses them.” She said.

“Of course, sis.”


The next day was spent with his kids, and luckily, it turned out to be a great day. It was exactly the kind of day that Antonio needed to keep his mind off of Sylvie. Ever since Gabby told him that Sylvie was interested in that firefighter, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. As much as he missed Sylvie, if she could be with someone that could put her first, who was he to ruin that? The few months he spent with Sylvie, he knew she deserved all the happiness in the world.

Yet all that kept playing in his mind was that he wanted to be that guy. Lately, he started realizing how much he missed Sylvie, and how much he missed being happy around her. But he was doing the right thing, right?

“Hey dad.” Eva said, grabbing her father’s attention. They were enjoying a home cooked meal Antonio made but Antonio was too distracted to enjoy the taste of the meal, his mind on Sylvie. “I was wondering if it was okay if I hang out with my friends tonight?” She asked softly.

“Of course. Just be home by 11.” He instructed. Laura hated the kids being out when he had them, but he wasn’t going to keep his kids locked inside. Unless they were grounded, then that’s a different situation obviously.

“Thanks dad.” Eva smiled at him, something she did so rarely lately, so whenever she did, it made Antonio feel happy, like at least he was doing something right.

“I might go out for a few hours too then.” Diego said.

“The same rules apply to you like I said to Eva.” He trusted his kids, and knew they weren’t going to get into any trouble. And it would be good for him since he wouldn’t have to entertain them tonight and he could focus on why he couldn’t stop thinking of Sylvie.

Once they were done eating, Antonio started to clear the tables. Since Eva was getting her way tonight, she wanted to do the dishes before she left.

Antonio was about to head out of the kitchen when he paused and looked at Eva. “Hey Eva?” He asked, getting her attention.

“Yeah dad?” He could tell in her tone that she was hoping it wasn’t asking anything bad, or even saying he changed his mind.

“This may be a few months too late to ask—but did you like Sylvie?” He asked.

Eva looked surprised at the question but a few seconds later, she nodded her head. “Yes. But I guess it confused me because I wanted you and mom back together. But then again, what teenager doesn’t want their parents back together?”

He frowned as he took a deep breath. “I’m sorry, sweetie. But I’m afraid that’s never going to happen.”

“I know. But I used to hear all these awful stories from my friends about when their dad started to date again and their new girlfriend being mean. So, I was always cautious with Sylvie. Although I met her a few times through Tia Gabby, it’s different when she becomes your father’s girlfriend. But I started to really like her when I saw how much trouble she was going through to learn to play Chess for Diego.”

Antonio nodded his head as he took in his daughter’s words. As he started to head out of the kitchen, he was stopped by Eva.

“Are you getting back with Sylvie?” Antonio was surprised to see her eyes with filled with hope. And hated to be the one to crush her heart.

He shook his head, sadly. “I’m sorry, but no.” He didn’t want to tell his daughter that he made a huge mistake and because of that, he lost Sylvie for good.


A few hours passed by and Eva and Diego were with their friends. He thought it would be good for them to get out so he could think alone but now he realized how much he needed not to think. He wanted to go over to Sylvie’s apartment and just talk to her, but he didn’t have that right. Not only did he hurt her badly, but he hurt himself and for what?

As he was watching a game on TV, his mind distracted, he heard a knock on the door. His first thought went to the kids, thinking one of them just forgot their keys. He stood up and headed towards the door. He unlocked it and swung it open. He was surprised to see Sylvie on the other side of the door.

“Hey. What are you doing here?” He questioned and realized that it may have come out the wrong way. “I mean—I wasn’t expecting you.”

“I know. I don’t even know why I’m here. Maybe this was a mistake.” As she turned to walk away, Antonio grabbed her hand.

“Don’t go. Just—-at least let me know why you came here in the first place.” Antonio moved to the side to let her in.

As Sylvie entered the apartment, she was reminded of all the memories she shared with Antonio in this apartment. It was weird, she wasn’t with Antonio that long, but her favorite memories were with him.

The apartment was filled with awkward silence as Antonio closed the door behind her. He wondered if she was here to tell him that their chances of ‘checking in’ were off the table. It wasn’t fair to her anyway.

“I heard about you and the new firefighter.” Antonio decided to just let her know that he knew she was moving on, or at least trying to. It may make things more awkward, but she was here to tell him this anyway, right?

Sylvie looked at him with a puzzled look on her face. “New Firefighter? You mean Jason?” She asked.

Antonio shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know his name.” He felt stupid mentioning it since he didn’t know his name, but maybe knowing his name would make him look even more like a jealous ex-boyfriend, he wasn’t sure. He was never in this situation before.

Sylvie crossed her arms across her chest. “And what exactly did you hear?” She questioned. She wasn’t mad at him, not exactly, but wondered what rumors were flying around Chicago about her.

“Not much. Just that you were interested in him. If you’re here to make sure I’m okay, rest assure, I’m fine.” Antonio promised with a little attitude as he walked over to the couch.

“That’s not why I’m here.” Sylvie told him. “And whoever gave you that info is a liar. I’m not interested in him, I’m not interested in anyone at the firehouse.”

Through clenched teeth, Antonio spat out. “Gabby.” He couldn’t believe he fell into her game. She wanted to see how much he still cared, and obviously with how he was reacting, he still cared, he cared a lot in fact.

Sylvie dropped her arms to her sides and she laughed. “You listened to Gabby and her lies?” She shook her head. “She told you that I was interested in him?”

“She just told me that you seem interested in him and I told her that you deserve to be happy. I keep forgetting that the one person who truly knows me most is Gabby.” He sighed.

“Even if I was, why do you care? We’re broken up.” She asked him the one question he was asking himself since last night. But why was he asking himself this question, he knew. And he knew more surely now as she stood so close to him. They may have had some distance between them, but it was the closest they have been since their breakup.

Antonio walked over to her and he closed the distance. “I think you know the answer to that question.” He whispered softly.

He was so close to her that she could smell his aftershave and soap. She had to focus on his talking. “I don’t.” Although she had a feeling she did, she wanted to hear the words from his lips.

Antonio sighed as he backed away from her to give her some space. “I didn’t end things between us because I didn’t care. It was the opposite, I cared so much about you and you deserved better what I can give you.”

Sylvie felt like they were going around in circles, every time she felt like they were growing closer, he kept saying she deserved better, it was driving her crazy.

“But I also know there was another reason why I broke up with you. Something that, I, myself didn’t realize until Gabby pointed it out to me.”

Sylvie hoped that this was something good for them, even hope would make her happy. She didn’t come here to get back together with Antonio, but even if she left with a little hope, she would be happy. “Why?” She hated talking about that night. It was the worst night of her life. And the bad part about that night was that she had to make an appearance at Gabby and Matt’s party when all she wanted to do was cry herself to sleep.

“We never talked much about my divorce with Laura—but I didn’t want the divorce. I wanted to fight for my marriage. I mean, that isn’t so surprising since I’m a family man, but in the end, it still happened. I guess I thought it was too much for you to handle. Laura, the kids, my job. So, before I got hurt again, I bailed.”

When the breakup happened, she knew Antonio wasn’t okay just like she wasn’t. But she never thought he was more hurt than she was. Since he broke up with her, she thought he wanted this. But maybe instead of letting him walk away, she should have fought, should have made him realize that walking away from him was never what she planned on doing.

“Antonio.” She said as she walked closer to him, grabbing his hands. “I can see where you would think I was going to leave, but that thought never occurred in my mind. We had a fight, Antonio. It was our first, sure, but I hate to tell you, it won’t be our last. We may get into some silly arguments about what’s for dinner, or something serious like Laura, but that doesn’t mean my first thought would be ‘I can’t handle this.’ I shouldn’t have yelled at you over Laura, it wasn’t your fault. You can’t control Laura and I knew what I was getting into.”

“I’m sorry.” He apologized as he pulled her in his arms. He nuzzled in her neck as he breathed in her scent, a scent that he missed so much over the last few months.

Sylvie pulled a few seconds later. “You aren’t getting off that easy.”

Antonio nodded his head. “I know I shouldn’t have ended things— “His voice trailed off when he saw Sylvie shaking her head.

“No, not that. How can you think I would move on so fast?” She questioned.

“Well, it wasn’t so fast. We were broken up for a while.” He pointed out. “And because I figured if Gabby was saying it, it was true.”

“Lesson learned, right?” She grinned as she placed her hand on his face. “I want you. Only you.” She promised as she leaned in and kissed him gently.

Antonio pulled away after a few seconds. “Sorry, I just wanted to let you know that I have the kids tonight. They’re out with their friends.”

“Maybe we should continue this later then?” She suggested.

“I think that’s for the best.” He nodded his head. “I’m sorry.” He apologized.

“Hey, it’s okay.” She smiled softly. “I think we should take things slow anyway.” She leaned in and kissed his cheek.

“Can you stay?” He asked.

“What about the kids?” She wasn’t sure what he told the kids about their breakup, but the last thing she wanted to do was confuse them any further.

“Oh please, the kids would love to see you.” He promised her. “But if you feel like this is too fast, I can just see you tomorrow.”

“Maybe it won’t be best if I spend the night—-because if I’m in your arms, I can’t promise to keep my hands to myself—but I can stay for a few hours.”

“Sylvie. I don’t want you leaving late though.” He laughed at her rolling her eyes at his remark.

“I’ll be fine.” She grabbed his hand and walked over to the couch. “Let’s watch a movie.”

“Okay.” He smiled as he sat down next to her. He looked down at her confused as she started laughing.

“I can’t believe you were jealous over a guy you never met.”

Antonio shook his head, he had a feeling Sylvie was never going to let him live this down. “You would have been jealous too if you heard I was interested in someone else. Don’t even lie.”

“Oh, that won’t even happen.” Sylvie shook her head. “I won’t let it. I’ll shut that down before it even starts.”

He laughed at her tone. He moved his hands down and started tickling her. He smiled as he heard her giggles.

“Antonio, stop!” He grinned and a few seconds later, he stopped tickling her.

“Don’t sound so confident now.” He laughed.

Sylvie smiled and she shook her head. She moved over on his lap and started straddling him. “I am confident that you’re mine.”

Antonio smiled as he looked her in his eyes. “I am now?”

“Yes.” She leaned forward and kissed him deeply. This time the kiss lingered for a minute but Sylvie pulled away.

“Movie time?” She asked as she got off his lap and sat next to him. As she was scanning the channels for a movie, Antonio couldn’t help but stare at her. He knew she deserved all the happiness in the world and he was going to make sure he gave it to her.


“Well, it seems to me that the best relationships - the ones that last - are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is… suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.” 

―  Gillian Anderson


This is part thirteen to the Teen!Derek series thing and this is not the last chapter but is the last one in this time frame. In the next part it will be during Season one when Derek returns. Anyway for the new comers here are the previous chapters

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You quickly noticed two things when you woke up the next morning.

One, Derek was gone; two, you were in your bed instead of on the couch you fell asleep on last night with Derek.

Memories of last night came crashing down on you all at once.

You remembered the birthday do-over, the movies, the gifts and the kiss. Or should you say kisses? Make out session? None of that sounded right. It felt like more than that, like a really long and emotional good bye speech that needed no words.

You sat up and went about your usual morning routine, just because Derek and Laura had left didn’t mean life stopped, it was still Monday, you still had to go to school.

After the last year of having Derek and Laura stay with you it felt weird for it to be this quiet in the morning. You had gotten used to the hassle of waking up Laura and then arguing with Derek through the bathroom door telling him not to use all the hot water. The best parts of their mornings was cooking breakfast together. You making the pancakes, or waffles, Derek making the bacon or sausage, and Laura scrambling the eggs. 

So walking into the empty kitchen kinda made it official, they were gone now. Laura must have came and got Derek way earlier say they wouldn’t miss their fight to New York.

Feeling a bit down you decided today was gonna be a PopTart on the way to school kind of day.

School did nothing to take your mind off of your now gone best friends. Everyone kept walking up and asking about Derek and why he wasn’t here, even though Derek had told pretty much everyone he and his sister would be leaving soon. The teachers took time out of the lesson to ask how you were holding up as they knew that the last surviving Hales had been staying with you previously.

Surprisingly enough the only part of the day that didn’t forcefully remind you just how lonely you were now was your visit with Peter.

You sat and talked about the party Derek had thrown for you and the necklace Laura had gotten made just for you. You even told him about Derek’s gift.

You don’t know why but for some dumb reason you hoped that maybe if Peter heard then maybe the shock or anger would be enough to wake him up.

Of course it didn’t work.

‘You know Peter, on paper, my life must sound like shit.’ you said randomly as you put up the picture Derek took last night.

‘Terrible parents that are never home because of their countless affairs, literally raised by a pack of wolves that recently got killed by hunters, and now with Derek and Laura gone I must seem pretty lonely too.’ you sighed.

‘But it really wasn’t all bad. Sure I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have caring parents, or maybe if I had been born a Hale like you, but I never hated my life. Not once.’ you said as you got in the hospital bed with Peter and took his hand in yours..

‘When Talia said that you guys needed me I thought it meant they always would and they would never leave, and I was kinda happy. It would mean I could keep them close and safe forever. Then they stopped needing me as much, I didn’t have to make them eat or ask them how they were holding up as often and I just knew that soon they would want to leave.’

‘I don’t care if it’s selfish of me to say this, but a small part of me is glad you can’t leave. I’m not ready to be totally alone.’ you said before closing your eyes and falling into an unexpected but not unwelcome sleep.

You didn’t see Nurse McCall come in to tell you it was time to go only to decide to bend the rules and let you sleep for as long as you needed before she went back to work closing the door.

And you didn’t feel Peter’s hand tighten around yours.


He’d expected a punch, or Derek turning on his heel and stalking out of his office, at least. Stiles and Derek aren’t like that. They talk but they don’t…talk. They focus on the job and keep their non-professional and non-banter-involving interactions to a minimum, except for the rare occasions when Derek walks into his and his Dad’s flat and feels the need to comment on the orderliness of Stiles’ room or their meagre tea collection. But no personal things, not ever.  “I put my job before my sister, and she died, and I might as well have killed her myself.”

Now Stiles just really feels like an asshole. “You saved a lot of people that day,” he replies, although he knows it doesn’t mean anything. He doesn’t need to know Derek to understand that there isn’t a day on which he doesn’t regret the decision he made, regardless of how many innocent lives he’d saved. He knows he’d let them all burn if he’d known that, while he was extracting the information needed to prevent another terrorist attack, Laura had died screaming. And that’s also why Stiles knows Derek is just bullshitting his way through this, how he knows that Derek made that ad hoc decision in Beirut to save Scott’s life, even if it was a stupid ass decision.

There’s the logical, reasonable side of his job, and then there’s the one where his heart comes in. No matter what your supervisors tell you, you can’t detach yourself from all of it. Stiles knows that better than anyone; all his life, he’s seen his father struggle with regulations and legal boundaries when he was still a Sheriff, and then with the weight of trying to save both all his operatives and the world.

with metal on our tongues (we’ll be dressed in rags) by rena


So that Abyssember thing that’s going on? 
I’ve never done these kinds of challenges and I kind of want to so I’m participating this time around. 

Day 1 was how Abyss enters your life. 

I have a weakness for fluffy things so this seemed obvious to me. 

…Questionable decisions were made. 

I might color this at some point. 

Abysstale belongs to @metakazkz

Transcript below

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The Wedding Party (Reader x Avengers)

Word Count: 1955

Summary: Someone FINALLY says “I Love You” Right before the Pepper and Tony wedding in Rome. 

A/N: It’s been a long time coming but we’re finally here. Enjoy the ending! God, I love bucky so much.

Read part one “The Bridesmaids” here

Read part two “The Groomsmen” here

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“As a kid I’d change my mind about my future career every day. Policewoman was the one I would always came back to. One day my dad said to me, ‘You don’t actually want to do any of those jobs.  You want to be an actress who can play these people for a month at a time.’ It’s just as well I listened to him because I reckon I’d have made a terrible copper.” 
                                       - Happy Birthday, Laura! (21.08.1985) -

Road Trip (Part 2) - Siblings -
(Barton Family x Maximoff twins Ft. You, Natasha and Steve)
Word Count: 1201
A/N: MORE HINTS. I wonder what the Hawks are gonna spring on the twinsies? No romance, but lots of fluff. And hints about stuff and things, but nothing romantic. TEEE HEEEE. You’re kind of a side character in this one shot hahah I’M SORRY.

Though you were groggy from the nap in the Quinjet, as soon as you saw Laura you were wide awake in excitement. She was holding her baby boy, so you were careful to control yourself and not jump on her for a hug as you were prone to doing.

“Welcome home.” She greeted you with motherly warmth and a hard kiss on the cheek. “Say hello to your aunty, Nathaniel.” Laura turned her body so her son could stare wide eyed at you.

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questions tag, pt 3

this one is from @sunnysidewrites my wifey!!!!

Rules: Answer 11 questions from the person who tagged you and then make 11 more for the next people that you tag!

What is your ideal day?

sleeping in, waking up comfy and warm and feeling no pressure to get up. a day where i can paint and sing and write and talk to my friends!

What’s a song that resonated with you and why?

ooooooo what an interesting question!! a lot of songs get to me bc i connect to music way too easily. which is why i cant listen to ballads, bc ill just start sobbing alone in my room. but one that i always sing is everything is alright by laura shigihara because its a song that i heard waaaaaaaay back when i really needed it! the story that goes along w the song made me cry way back then so im still pretty in love w the song :’)

What would you be as a trope in a story?

the best friend bc im a side character and nothing good really happens to me ever *sad finger guns*

Between your top 3 biases, who would be the groom/bride, the honor attendant, and the one who would crash the wedding?

joshua, yoongs, and momo are my ult 3 so i guess josh would be the groom and yoongi as the attendant and momo would crash it just because I feel like that would be hilarious

Anything you wanna say to me?

YOURE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND MY WIFE, IM SO LUCKY TO HAVE YOU UH??? but seriously, idk where i would be without your constant love and assurance. it seems so quickly that youve become the highlight of my day but its true! every day i get to talk to you is a good day, and i spend probably way too much time smiling at my phone because of you. i always say this but i love you so much!!! heres looking forward to our awkward laughing voice call and our big trip around cali to eat good foods <333

What would be the one food you had to eat for the rest of your life?

greek food! or chinese food!! or just cheesecake!!!

What would you be as a pick up line?

one that didnt work, probably UH HI I LIKE UR FACE

What are your aesthetics?

flowers i love flowers so much but also anything space related!!

What’s a color that suits you?

none of them dark green i guess cuz i have hazel eyes so it brings out the green more

What’s a deal-breaker for you in a relationship?

not supporting interests, i put 110% into all my relationships, romantic or otherwise, and if you cant support me even though im giving you all of my love and support, then i wont be happy!

What are some distinct things you always say?

probably “what the fuck” and “oh my god”, im pretty boring lmao

still one more of these left to do rip!!

my bigbang concert experience

i’ve been to the made final in seoul on march 6th, 2016 (yes that’s already a long time ago but i’m lazy and so many people asked me about the concert, so here we go!)

getting the tickets

getting our concert tickets was so damn hard. during the time they were sold, i was still in korea and asked my korean friends to try getting them for me. yg sold them at auction, a website you could only use if you have a korean address, a korean bank account and a korean phone number. which totally sucks, thanks to yg at this point. as you can imagine, none of my friends could get any tickets cause literally EVERYONE tried to get them. there were 3 concerts in total and all of the tickets were sold out after 10 MINUTES. i heard about people selling tickets online on websites like twitter, but i saw so many complaints about fake tickets, so i didn’t even try it there. i was quite desperate after a while so i asked on tumblr if anyone could help me getting tickets and one of my followers recommended me a virtual korean concierge service called ask ajumma. you can message them on facebook and they get you anything you want - as long as you are residing in korea. at first i was quite suspicious but everything worked really well. i paid a lot more than for the tickets sold at auction, but that’s simply cause people buy a lot of tickets and sell them for much more money. i got seats on the 2nd floor directly in front of the stage. i can’t complain cause to me, any bigbang concert tickets is a good ticket haha

day 1

i only got tickets for the 3rd day but still, me and my friend went to the olypmic gymnastics hall, which was the concert venue, at 11pm. even though the concert started at 6pm, there were already so many vips, some of them even dressed up as cosplayers! there were banners and flags with the members faces literally everywhere, so it already got very exciting for us. we started queuing up for the merchandise and after 2 hours in the sun, we finally bought all the stuff we wanted! next to the tent with merch there was even a truck from yq republique where you could buy food and several other tents with stuff in it. also, there were speakers everywhere so you could listen to bigbang’s songs. after a while, nobody cared anymore about that music, cause you could hear that the boys started rehearsing. that was the first time i heard their voices and it was soooooo damn exciting! i remember them rehearsing lies and my heaven several times. also, the member’s individual fan pages were giving away some stuff for free - photo cards, banners and fan signs!

day 2

unlike day 1, the weather on day 2 was terrible. it was raining all the time, but still there were so many vips! my friend and me also went to the venue on that day cause we didn’t get the made photobook on the first day. so we went back, got our books and left quickly

day 3 - CONCERT DAY!

okay, this was by far the most emotional day ever. all dressed up in bigbang merch, we went to the last concert day - our concert day. i have never been more excited in my entire life. we saw some staff members filming and interviewing fans - for the dvd and the made movie. they filmed us several times and now i’m afraid that i’ll end up on dvd haha. before going in, we got those signs which we were holding up during bae bae saying big bang is my everything in korean. when all of the fans were in the concert hall, shit got crazy. they started repeating all of their most popular music videos and everyone freaked out and started singing along. then, the last music video came on - fantastic baby. the crowd absolutely LOST THEIR SHIT. the vips were singing along so loudly that they had to use the actual speakers for the actual concert with bass boosting and everything! only thinking back about this part gives me goosebumps. the crowd was totally pumped up and suddenly, the made trailer with the super long bang bang bang intro started playing. shit was about to go down. the stage opened, they guys appeared and taeyang screamed HANGUK, ARE YOU READY? at us. and damn, i was so fucking ready for this. listening to them opening their concert also still gives me chills. the concert itself was amazing. their voices are so much better in real life (and also, they look so good irl lol)! my favouite solo stages were strong baby - cause DAMN, seungri knows how to get the crowd pumped up! - and fucking doom dada. that one killed me. i might be a bit biased, but top doing the runway thing in front of your own eyes and then totally freaking out after MASS MEDIA is simply amazing. after every solo song, the crowd was screaming the member’s name for a minute straight. even during daesung’s entire drum solo during sober, every person in the hall was screaming KANG DAESUNG from the top of their lungs. it was simply awesome. the vips were all screaming the same fan chants, the same parts of the song and also started singing my heaven all at once. you’re just part of that one big group, no matter if you’re korean, chinese, american, german or whatsoever! the guys did some talks and starting tearing up at some point, but everything was fine again once they got their cake lol. Again, we were all holding up fansigns and the paper saying big bang is my everything. they ended the concert with we like 2 party with confetti and doing some fan services. then, they left the stage and let’s not fall in love started playing.


we thought we’d never get to see the guys again, but then i saw a group of chinese girls running around the concert hall and got curious, so we ended up following them. there were some fences and a lot of black cars standing there, so we waited with a bunch of fans. suddenly, we saw psy, dara and yg leaving the concert venue! we waited quite a lot and were about to leave, when also the guys were leaving the concert hall. daesung was the first one to get out. he was wearing his black and yellow coat and looked sooo good! he was smiling happily and waved. seungri was the second and he was also waving at us before getting into his car, same goes for taeyang. when gd came out, he was holding a huge inflatable light stick and came reeeeeeeally close to the waiting fans, and by close i mean “a few cm” close! it took top a while to get out, but when he did i kind of died. when you see him on pictures he’s always really good-looking. but when you see him in real life, smiling and waving at you - i swear, that dude is sex on legs. excuse my choice of words, but he’s so much more handsome than you can ever imagine. it’s just … stunning. then they were all gone, we were completely done and this is how the best day of my life ended!

sorry for this really long post, i hope that maybe some of you have read this!

As you guys may, or may have not noticed, I've become a lot more active than I was a few months ago, and it's been a while since I appreciated all my favourite blogs and bloggers here on tumblr. So to celebrate my return and my love for you guys, here's a list of my favourite/most reblogged from/most influential blogs, that I love seeing on my dash. It pretty much includes almost everyone on my blogroll, tbh. I tried to include as many people as I could, and if I did not include you, it might've been because you've changed your url ever since and I've missed out on a lot and don't recognize your url, ja feel? 

But hey, I love everyone on my blogroll. You wouldn't be there if I didn't appreciate you and your blogs. 

I should also probably mention that I picked these blogs from end to start on my ''following'' list. So if I've been following you for a very long time, chances are, you're on this list. 

Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my followers for making my blog such an uplifting and motivating place to come to. Makes me feel like I must be doing something right, whether it's relevant to my future or not. Without further ado, here's my first follow forever, of the many to come this year. 

Best Blogs Ever

a b c

- adidaslilo adoraliam absolutelouis ashtonirwns azarry 
bandanaharry bandanasharry batziam bewbies billiejoh
blowmikey blowszarry britisharold britishire brodways 
caradellies carnivalarry chesirestyls chocolatefonlou ciaoloueh 
cozyackles crazymofas craicthatniall cumonlou curlyyhaz 
cuteniam cyrilliart    

d e f

- dopeaszayn druglarry endharry everyharrys darnzayn 
donechapel dumbloudore duranduranoffical ehzayn 
emwahtsons fabingar fabnialls famelou fcksmalum 
firstfeb fuzetea   

g h i

g0tommogo girlalmihgty godamnmalik godlymalik getliam 
girlalmihgty got-niam harrymint harrydont harryniips 
harrythighs haroldstyls hhoran hiplouis hornyforniallhoran
hoecasta hazflirt hazzgazm horanmyselfaround horansunshine
hrrys imdoingharry itsgottabelou          

 j k l

- jamesniall jawllines jerkstyles kingoftheniall knightchanges 
kryptoniall leavemepayne liamsunrise likesboys llirry 
living-a-lovely-life lordhazz lordhrry louissaf louisbiceps 
louisstolemyharry louniallharryliamzayn lourryillousions 
lukescrotch lustlou lustsniall

m n o

- niallar niallsmoan niaeller niullars nialljh nialljhoren 
nialljhorn nialllhoran narreyh niallthedinglehopper 
niamrockme ninicutiepie
 nudeshaz nudeshire noharrys 
nopeziam michaelcliffrod midnightmems mistahmaliks
mrkilam mullingarpunk myharrystylish ofcraic ofdisnay ofteacups 
ohziall orgaziam

p q r

percysj poyntere princejavadd punkbrits purpleperrie 
raepunzel raspystylez reebaluvspink rejectnarry

s t u

- sexgodliam shutyournarry sigh-ziam sixsteen sleepyharrystyls 
smullingar snogsniall stockholmlou stonedcliffourd stopstyles2k10 
sttrumniall stylanconcept stylecs styles-way teacuphaz teasedlou 
teenluke tomlinsiin tomlimshire tomlinkicks tommo-payno-girl 
troulou ughlilo uhjavadd unitedkings ukcuties

v w x

- voicestyles whtieeskimo wingsto-fly woahstylz wolvhampton

y z #

-  zazain zaynjmaliks zaynmilaks zaynmalif zaynmalik2015 
zaynsluts zaynwest zeymar ziallbums 1dasfuckk 100emoji


you are all awesome as fudge. 

Also, a few special mentions:

To the following people: Gina (adidaslilo), Eva (purpleperrie) Carolina (wingsto-fly) and Renee (horanmyselfaround) – I haven’t talked to any of you in ages. Literally, ages. I must’ve been a year younger the last time I properly conversed with any of you. I’m sorry for completely cutting myself off from any sort of socializing, and I just want to let you know that I’m super thankful for all of you for being my friend, even if you don’t remember me anymore. Always in my heart. P.S. Gina, you were, and always will be my favourite blog. 

+ more special mentions,

for people that I’ve met on this website (not specifically through this blog), but have made me feel awesome since the day I met them: sophialaura, bree, jamie, serena and tabbie. ~squad~ 

And that's it. I love you all. Bye. + Conveniently enough, this is my 40,000th post on this blog. Woo!

7 - Carmilla Sharkmaid! AU - S.O.S

~ Beginning

< - Previously / Next ->

“Uh…Carm…? What’s that?”

She looked up as Laura shifted through what was left of the seagull she jumped on earlier. Which was mainly a few bones and a lot of feathers, partially due to the quill pen breaking under her concentrated grasp and feathers were still better than sticks to draw with.

Within the pile, Laura spotted a strange triangular bone and upon closer inspection she gasped; it was a shark tooth.

Carmilla stared at it for a moment before opening her mouth and poking around the front her teeth with her tongue, finding a sudden gap on her right side.

“Huh…Thought that bird was particularly crunchy…” she shrugged and went about sorting the feathers while Laura just sat there in silence, staring at the tooth.

It looked exactly like an ordinary shark tooth, just smaller to fit the mershark’s mouth, which isn’t by much as Laura discovered she can unhinge her jaw for bigger prey.

As a child on the docks she would drag her father by grasping his finger and pulling him to see brave sailors return from shark hunting and selling their sharp incisors meant for ripping and shredding. They always terrified her, she had seen what they can do to even the strongest of men. It didn’t help that her father reinforced this fear, it was the only way to keep her off a ship and away from the dangerous ocean.

Obviously that didn’t do much to stop her.

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anonymous asked:

Got any fluffy Hollstein stories?

how about a band au where laura and carm answer questions sent to laura on tumblr… and literally all of them are about her and carm being a couple??? bc band aus make me happy also sorry it’s long omg i wrote it in class it was like 10 pages in my notebook

Laura flicks on the camera with a bright smile.

“Hi guys!” She greets (to, technically, her wall). “So, I’m here with-” she turns to her right, where… absolutely nobody was sitting. “Carmilla! You have to do this!”

“I know,” the familiar brunette appears from the kitchen doorway, two mugs in her hands. She gives Laura the TARDIS one and sits down beside her on the light blue sofa. “Just thought you’d want some cocoa is all.”

The blonde smiles, sipping her cocoa happily. She lets out a quiet hum. Three marshmallows – she remembered! “There you have it, folks: Dark and broody teen heart throb Carmilla Karnstein is actually a big softy.” She tells the camera.

Carmilla rolls her eyes. “Only for you, cupcake.”

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make the clock reverse- part 2 (carmillaholidays fic. post-ep. 35 AU)

recipient: aperioncatalyst

prompt: Laura goes back in time and meets Carmilla before she was a vampire.

part 1


Some things could drive even thoughts of half-formed rescue plans out of one’s mind. For Laura, ball gowns were on that list.

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