laura x nathan

  • Me on a date: so what do you think about my OTP?
  • Date: Ew! Why would you ship them? They won't become canon anyway. I'm my opinion, you can't ship them. They're-
  • Me (grabs purse): you know what? You can keep the bread sticks. Shove them up your ass why don't you?

ok, but imagine nadine looking up to see chloe doing yoga during the lost legacy. she’d be about to yell for her again, but she’d be shocked into silence. she would be transfixed, watching this woman who was so dangerous and so reserved, so broken yet so lively, just be. watching chloe just relax completely, despite the danger they were surrounded by. watch her connect with the land, the sea and the sky. nadine would find herself calming too, until she realised. 

oh, shit. she was in love. 

The Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1 #525 - Second Coming, Chapter Ten (2010)

Written by: Matt Fraction
Artist by: Terry Dodson
Colorist by: Rachel Dodson
Lettered by: Justin Ponsor
Publisher: Marvel Comics