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Happy Birthday Andy! 🦄  September 14, 1973

“Spread the love and increase the peace. That’s pretty much it. That’s my faith.”

the anti shaladins/lotor follow list

Since i follow a bunch of awesome people and my dash is totally clean, i gathered these amazing people (and recomendations too) to help those looking for safe blogs

now, this is not a hate list. if you ship shaladins/lotor just stay on your lane. we just want to help those who are uncomfortable with these ships, no big deal here

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧   letspacedadlive - actualsvenshirogane -  mulletkeith -  gaypidgey -  cryptidkeiths transboykeithkogane -  keeith -  buckettkun garrettshunk -  keithkoganyaint  -  keithistrans -  thebroganenetwork -   pelhahnu -  klunked -  gayvoltron -  pinkpaladin -  shancephobic -  lesbianpidgeholt -  sapphic-shay - nymas - klanced -  pidgegundarson -  lancemcclains -  srp-keith keithkogayne -  kraft-macncheese -  srp-lance -  lanceskogane -  lancemclain -  transboy-lance -  transboy-keiith -  keithbuddy -  kxlance -  pidger -  mcclaln -  demigirlallura -  spacecryptids -  platonicsheith -  crustysheith -  astrolance -  punnyhunk -  antishaladin -  pidgeongunderson -  lance-lance-revolution -  galacticpidge -  freckledlance -  palidonewithyou -  pngpotpies -  macnkeith -  lanceandthediamonds -  sapphic-katie-holt - minors-against-shaladin - 2p-portugal -  klance-convert - legendary-voltrash -  newtsckamander - dannyphabtom - deethedoll - athenaowl1 -  pal-adins-of-voltron -  sheiithphobic - starkogane

huge thanks to everyone in there for being so kind and supportive!!!! a super special thanks to lancemclain for helping me w/ suggestions and my insecurities, i’d steal all the stars for u ❤ . Please feel free to suggest me more people anytime!!!


Natasha & Elise - TIFF Soirée 2017

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ngl Harrison looks GOOD.

Please Reblog If...

Hello! I need more musical theater blogs to follow! Reblog if you post the following and I’ll give you a follow!!

-phantom of the opera
-les mis
-Jessie mueller
-Sierra boggess
-Laura osnes
-R&H’s Cinderella
-Sweeney Todd
-Legally Blonde
-Sunday in the Park with George
-Laura Benanti
-Next To Normal
-Laura Benanti
-Rock of Ages


Congratulations @dearevanhansenofficial on six tony wins!