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I am so beyond grateful to be a part of this awesome community. Thank you for caring about my art. Thank you for caring about me. I have such a blast with you all every day, my life wouldn’t be nearly as exciting or fun without you!

I have made such incredible friends in these past 5 months, so excuse me while I write a few essays under the cut here to thank them each specifically <3
(P.s. this art also goes out to the anon who requested Hinata in 6B for the expression challenge! I love how well this worked out!!! :D)

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College!Tom AU: American House Parties

Summary: A few days before your roommate’s birthday, her boyfriend flies up to party the weekend away with her. You tag along for the celebration at friend’s house party where you meet two very attractive British foreign exchange students, Tom and Harrison, and their close friend. After a moment away with your roommate, you notice that Tom might be interested in your roommate. After learning about her boyfriend, will he give you a chance? Maybe! Will we ever learn the name of your roommate’s boyfriend? Yet another maybe!  

Warnings: underage drinking, weed, and some good old fashioned grinding!!!! (it’s probably PG-13)

feedback goes here and so do requests! // other writing

A Thursday night seems like a bad night to have a party. But everyone at your school knew the best parties were the ones on a Thursday night. Where you’d have to wake up and get to class, with less than two hours of sleep and the worst hangover of your life.

But you were one of the lucky ones who didn’t have class on Friday. You could sleep in, get plenty of fluids, take a nice, hot bath, whatever you wanted really. And since it was the weekend of Laura’s, your roommate, birthday; tonight seemed like the best time to let loose.

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I Hate U, I Love U (Young!Derek Hale x Reader) Final Part

I hate you I love you

You spotted your usual empty table outside and immediately headed over to it. Setting down your lunch, before you could even sit down, someone yanked you down into their lap.

“Oh gosh,” you exclaimed, turning to see Derek happily grinning at you. His brown eyes sparkled with love and mischief. He wrapped his arms around your middle, chin resting on your shoulder and you could feel his warmth seeping into you. “Derek!”

“Hey, beautiful,” he greeted, gently rubbing his nose against your cheek. “How was your morning?”

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anonymous asked:

Based in your last reblog, hollstein having sex but carmilla is a ghost so (knowing that everyone in Silas don't care about knock the door) LaF suddenly barge in the room and exist as soon as possible concerned that laura is being fucked by a floating strap on

Where were you when we were discussing ghost smut last year? LMAO.  Oh man, I miss our “discussions” after every episode of Haunted or Hoax 😂

Also there’s a ghost fic being written (here) with “inevitable ghost smut” XD

The Way Things Are

Sorry this is so late, I have NO time to write anymore but no way was I missing FSA Week! Enjoy the semi-canon compliant Scerek! (Set… after Scott becomes a True Alpha and Derek stops being an Alpha. I don’t really remember much about canon though so some things might be off!)

The Way Things Are

Derek always keeps a packed bag at the bottom of his closet. If there’s time, he’ll stuff more of his things into it before taking off, but if not… If not, he’ll still have the basics. He’ll be able to get by.

It’s a habit that started on the drive to New York. His family was dead and it was his fault and he and Laura ran east because… because what else there was to do? They hadn’t bothered with the paperwork or the insurance and so it was just them. A sixteen year old murderer and his nineteen year old sister-turned Alpha and they both only had a bag of clothes. Just the clothes on their back (that still smelled like smoke) and whatever they had stuffed into the lockers at school.

When they finally stopped for clothes, they kept them in the plastic bags they came in and still didn’t bother to unpack. No point when you’re moving to a different motel room every night.

Then, in New York, he kept up the tradition. Because for a while, Laura didn’t know how to do all the paperwork and it was pay the landlord with cash the first month and use their car as some kind of bluff as to how they were good for the rest and hope they could scrape enough together for the second and more often than not, they left in the middle of the night to avoid confrontation.

Even when the money came through, they sometimes left by the light of the moon. Derek thinks Laura was afraid of hunters finding them or nervous about CPS realizing that Derek never bothered to re-enroll in a school or maybe she just couldn’t let them stay longer than a few months in one spot.

He didn’t complain. For that or for anything else. She convinced him it wasn’t his fault eventually, but he still… he didn’t blame her.

He only blames her for leaving him behind. And even then, it’s not blame, not quite, it’s… regret, maybe, and a dull, deep pain.

In autumn, he’d lost her, and a part of him wasn’t even surprised. It was the same ending, just three years after the others.

He’d felt her passing in his bones and woke up and maybe there was a dull sense of God, no but mostly it was I should have known. He’d grabbed his bag – already packed – and didn’t bother to grab the rest of his stuff and he’d left.

He keeps a packed bag at the bottom of his closet. That’s just the way things are.

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anonymous asked:

Laura tries to ask Carmilla on a date, but instead she keeps apologizing about the kidnapping and starvation.

Laura had been up and down all night. Something about the way that Carmilla said “see some friends” didn’t seem like she was going to see anyone who was going to be friendly at all and “see” sounded an awful lot like fight.

Laura sat on her bed and looked at Carmilla’s bed. The sheets were falling off and the blanket was a ball at the foot of the bed. Her own yellow pillow was on top of Carmilla’s other two.

She moved to her roommate’s bed and fell back on it, curling into her pillow that smelled just like Carmilla. Well, it smelled like Carmilla did before she spent nine days tied to a chair.  It smelled like ludicrously expensive perfume and chocolate. Laura frowned at the smell of chocolate. She sat up and stuck her hand under the pillow. She felt a smooth square and pulled it out. Laura looked it over and sigh, “My chocolate.”

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Danger, Laura Hollis, Danger

OK, in order to help everyone with their feels after episode 33, I’ve decided to post one of my WIP fics that never quite got finished, but contains enough story for now that at least you’ll get something out of it. Keep in mind this was written AGES ago. Like, way back in September, I think. So that can explain any anomalies that might pop up.

Laura x Danny and Laura x Carmilla, with pre Danny x Carmilla (it’s basically OT3 before Danny and Carmilla realize they like each other ok)

Based on a headcanon I posted way, way, waaaaaaay back about Laura getting into dangerous situations all the time and Danny and Carmilla bond over how exasperated they get with their tiny daredevil girlfriend.


Laura and Danny were having a stand off when Carmilla walked in.

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Day 8: “You don’t like hot chocolate? WHY DO YOU HATE LOVE.” (I PROMISED YOU ALL I’D CATCH UP)

Dedicated to @from-dusk-todawn who said she liked this prompt.

“Happy first Christmas where we don’t have to worry about being cannibalized by Christmas witches,” Laura said, sitting down next to Carmilla on the couch in their apartment. Carmilla raised an eyebrow.

“That’s a bit of a mouthful,” Carmilla answered, “So I’ll just say ditto.”

She took one of the steaming mugs in Laura’s hand. Laura sipped happily from her TARDIS mug, and Carmilla took a sniff of hers.

“Ugh. I don’t like hot chocolate.”

Laura froze. “Wait, what?”

“Um, I said–”

“I know what you said–” Laura shifted so that she was facing Carmilla, putting her mug down on the side table. “But it makes no sense! You love chocolate. How can you not like hot chocolate? That’s like–like–saying you don’t like sex!”

“…Okay, got to admit, not where I thought you were going with that.”

Laura blushed. “My point still stands.”

“I like the texture of chocolate,” Carmilla answered, “I do not drink chocolate, I eat it.”

“You drank mine when we were roommates.”

“To annoy you.”

Laura pouted, crossing her arms. “Carmilla, I don’t know about us anymore.”

“What?” Carmilla asked, confused.

“I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

“You–you are considering breaking up with me,” Carmilla answered, “Because I don’t like hot chocolate?”

“My standards are my standards,” Laura answered simply.

She was joking, of course. Carmilla knew she was. Right?

“I’ll need to sleep on it,” Laura said with a slight smirk. Carmilla glared at her as Laura sipped her hot chocolate innocently.

“Laura, wake up.”

“…Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend,” Laura groaned, sitting up in bed. “Wait, what is that smell…?” Laura sat up suddenly when she saw that Carmilla was holding a tray of cookies.

“Perry showed me the recipe,” Carmilla said, “Hot chocolate flavored cookies. I ate five already. They’re pretty good.”

Laura grabbed one and took a bite. “Oh my God, these do taste like hot chocolate!”

“So…” Carmilla sat down next to Laura, kissing her on the cheek, “Are we good?”

Laura chewed slowly. “Well…I guess we can make this work.”

She giggled lightly when Carmilla rolled her eyes, grabbing another handful of cookies.

anonymous asked:

How about Laura comes back from a trip to the Library or Basement or something thats haunted and could have killed her. And Carmilla looks up when she walks in and sees her all bruised and bloody and out of her love for Laura starts yelling at her about being safe and that she should have told Carmilla where she was going and Carmilla gets angry because she's terrified of losing laura.

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I’d Do Almost anything To Protect You.

Laura knew it was a bad idea the moment she decided to go to the library, but it had been helpful the last time’s she had made the trip there. Though, she reminded herself on the way to the library, the first time she went with LaFontaine, the second time she went with both LaFontaine and Carmilla. Going alone was stupid, she knew that. 

She had managed to remember her baseball bat and pepper spray, she was just hoping that nothing too terrible happened why she was in the sub-basement. It didn’t take long for the books to start flying around her head, or for the skittering to start. 

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