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College!Tom AU: American House Parties

Summary: A few days before your roommate’s birthday, her boyfriend flies up to party the weekend away with her. You tag along for the celebration at friend’s house party where you meet two very attractive British foreign exchange students, Tom and Harrison, and their close friend. After a moment away with your roommate, you notice that Tom might be interested in your roommate. After learning about her boyfriend, will he give you a chance? Maybe! Will we ever learn the name of your roommate’s boyfriend? Yet another maybe!  

Warnings: underage drinking, weed, and some good old fashioned grinding!!!! (it’s probably PG-13)

feedback goes here and so do requests! // other writing

A Thursday night seems like a bad night to have a party. But everyone at your school knew the best parties were the ones on a Thursday night. Where you’d have to wake up and get to class, with less than two hours of sleep and the worst hangover of your life.

But you were one of the lucky ones who didn’t have class on Friday. You could sleep in, get plenty of fluids, take a nice, hot bath, whatever you wanted really. And since it was the weekend of Laura’s, your roommate, birthday; tonight seemed like the best time to let loose.

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I am so beyond grateful to be a part of this awesome community. Thank you for caring about my art. Thank you for caring about me. I have such a blast with you all every day, my life wouldn’t be nearly as exciting or fun without you!

I have made such incredible friends in these past 5 months, so excuse me while I write a few essays under the cut here to thank them each specifically <3
(P.s. this art also goes out to the anon who requested Hinata in 6B for the expression challenge! I love how well this worked out!!! :D)

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Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: swearing, angst (dead mother and father), fluff. Takes place during Age of Ultron.

Words: 4k

All credit goes to Marvel.

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

“We would’ve called ahead but we were busy having no idea you existed.” Tony told Laura as we arrived to the safe-house. Clint began telling us how Fury helped set this up when he joined SHIELD and that it made a nice place to lay low.

Nat and Bruce looked shyly at each other. You knew how badly they wanted a life like this- a place to escape to when things got too tough to handle. You were pulled from your thoughts when you felt Steve’s arm pull you closer to him.

You were still shaky from your run in with one of the enhanced, the girl who did the mental manipulation. She made you see things that you weren’t ready to see even after years of shoving it under the rug. You knew what she had showed Nat and Tony. But those two were the only ones to talk about it, Steve and Thor kept their mouths shut.

You watched as Clint’s daughter approached Thor, looking up at him through her lashes. He felt uncomfortable, his aura turning an ugly shade of green. You nudged his stomach and he focused his attention back to the little girl who had gone to playing with the hem of his cape. He looked back at you, not knowing what to do and you gave him a pointed look and nodded to the cape.

He kneeled in front of her, still towering over her despite his crouched position. He pulled his cape off slowly, wrapping it around Clint’s daughter who quickly began beaming at him and pulled the cape closer around her body before running off, the long fabric trailing quickly behind her. “See? Was making a little girl smile that hard?” Steve asked, a smile playing on his lips. Thor grunted in response, getting back to his feet and walking out the door, but not before turning back to you and Steve.

“I need answers. I won’t find them here.” He quickly spun his hammer and took off, leaving the rest of the Avengers standing in the house.

Two hours later had Steve and Tony outside chopping wood as Laura and Clint cooked dinner. Nat and Bruce were getting set up in their room, which left you to sitting on the floor of the living room playing with the kids. Cooper and Lila had brought out nearly all of their board games, laying them out haphazardly on the floor before making you chose. “Oh boy, you have so many games! I don’t know how I’m gonna pick.”

“Close your eyes and point!” Cooper said. Lila went behind you, placing her hands over your eyes as you laughed, pointing your finger out and waving your arm back and forth before stopping it. You heard excited giggles as Lila lifted her hands from your eyes and you saw what you had pointed at: Jenga.

So now you were sitting criss-cross-applesauce on the floor, the skeleton of a game of Jenga just barely standing as you ever-so-lightly went to pull one of the last possible pieces. You had just about cleared it when Tony walked past you, purposely nudging your arm so the entire tower fell over, leaving you speechless. He was laughing and if looks could kill, it would be the last sound to ever come out. “Why are you always such a party-pooper?”

“Same reason why your boyfriend has to outshine me with his pure existence- it brings me joy.” You rolled your eyes as Tony plopped down onto the couch. The kids ran off to play on their own and you moved to sit on the couch next to Tony. From this position, you could see exactly what he was talking about. Steve was outside, a small pile of un-chopped logs next to him. He’d pick up one of the logs and literally rip it in two before throwing the pieces to the side where he had built up another pile. “I feel bad for the girl he has sex with. Oh wait- that’s you!” Your elbow shot out to his stomach and he groaned.

“Easy, you two. Can’t kill him yet, Y/N. He hasn’t gotten around to putting me in his will.” Clint said, handing you a beer. You gratefully took it, tipping it back as Tony dramatically rolled his eyes.

“Don’t worry, Hawkeye, I’ll make sure to leave you a wonderful nest when I finally pass.” He said sarcastically. You laughed as you stood up from the couch.

“You guys can continue discussing who gets what when Tony kicks the can, I’m going to take a shower.” You heard grumbles from Tony as you made your way up the wooden staircase of the Barton home, taking time to admire the woodwork and the pictures that hung on the walls. This was what you wanted- a home.

You and Steve had a budding relationship which solidified when the Avengers Initiative was formed. You had met him at the gym in the early hours of the morning about a year ago and it grew from just strangers who worked out together to people who worked out together and then got coffee a few hours later. You had known who he was already, but he didn’t know who you were until Fury approached the two of you in the gym one night.

After that night, your relationship with Steve quickly turned sour upon him learning that you were really an undercover SHIELD agent, sometimes working with Clint Barton or Natasha Romanoff. He stopped trusting you until Barbados happened.

Barbados was a mission the two of you went on- or in his words, “forced to go on”- that happened after a lead on HYDRA went international. Fury had heard a rumor about Arnim Zola’s grandson beginning another Winter Soldier project from his grandfather’s notes that he had found.

The mission had started in New Jersey at a base that turned out to be a dead-end in itself. However, it gave you a lead that would take you on a four hour flight to Barbados. It led you to a major highway where Zola’s grandson, along with many other HYDRA operatives surrounded you and Steve. You were outnumbered and everyone knew it. There was no back up plan or escape route.

You and Steve had your hands held up, placed behind your head in cuffs as Zola’s grandson- Aaron- gave you two the show of putting one bullet in a gun before pointing it at the two of you, swinging back and forth from you and Steve. He was giving the two of you the choice of who would die. Steve was just about to step forward when you beat him to it, stopping him. “Shoot me. I’m Fury’s best agent. I’m worth more.” Most of it was a lie, yes. You were one of Fury’s best agents, but you certainly weren’t worth more than Captain America.

No sooner did the words leave your mouth that you had a bullet piercing through your shoulder, a missed attempt at your heart. You let out a gasp as you fell to your knees on the pavement. Your vision was already fading in and out and you couldn’t tell if you were screaming or not.

The HYDRA agents must’ve moved out because you vaguely saw Steve’s hands- wrists bloody from apparently ripping right through the handcuffs he was no longer wearing- lift you upright. Blood soaked through your suit completely as you and Steve made eye-contact, a solid confirmation at what you had just done. You had risked your life for him.

You pulled off your shirt once you were in the bathroom, taking a moment to trace your fingertips over the scar on your right shoulder, before stripping of the rest of your suit and stepping into the shower.

The hot water cleansed you of the dried blood on your body- you weren’t sure if it was yours or not- and helped relieve your tense muscles. You took the rest of the time that was spent washing your hair to just think- something you did probably too much of to begin with, but you couldn’t help it. You wanted this; you wanted what Clint had.

He had gotten lucky. It was rare that agents were able to return home safely whenever they could. Not to mention, Clint had a family- a beautiful wife and kids in a home that was made to be safe and out of danger. He was still able to go out and fight, but he always had a place to come home to. You and Steve didn’t have that. You had each other, but that wasn’t enough to convince Fury that you needed a safehouse.

Once you stepped out of the shower and had a robe wrapped around you, you stepped back into your bedroom where Steve was sitting at the head of the bed. His legs were extended out onto the mattress and his arms were crossed over the chest. He looked downcast, like he had been thinking a lot. “Hi.” You said. He nodded in acknowledgment as you sat on the edge of the bed, facing him. “What’s wrong?” Steve reached out, taking your hands in his.

“Clint told me how good you were with the kids.” When he saw you furrow your brows in confusion, he continued. “Y/N, we both know how much we want kids.”

“But we can’t.” You finished. It wasn’t new knowledge to you or Steve that you weren’t able to have them. Like Natasha, you had gone through the ‘graduation ceremony’. You got up, moving to the dresser where Laura had left some clothes for you. You were pulling out a pair of leggings and a red sweatshirt when you heard Steve say three words that stopped you in your tracks.

“What about adoption?” You turned to him, to make sure he was serious. “We both want as normal of a life as we can get, maybe bringing in kids will help.”

“Is it even safe to bring kids into the picture, having us as parents? We’re not like Clint and Laura. Our kids would have two superhero parents. No one would be able to take care of them like Laura does when we’re both out on missions.” Steve stood up, coming towards you, placing both hands on your hips and leaning his body against a wall, pulling you with him.

“So we have Fury set up a safe-house for us. We live there with the kids and when we’re needed, we leave the kids with their grandpa Nick.” You laughed and Steve smiled, the gesture reaching his eyes.

“They are not staying with grandpa Nick, the kids would come back with an entire new vocabulary that would give you a heart attack.” You leaned further into Steve until you were resting against his chest. His arms wrapped around you and you could practically see the eagerness written over Steve’s face, despite not actually looking at him.

“So is that a yes?” You looked up at him as he bit his lip, waiting for your answer. You pecked his lips, letting a smile wash over both your features.

“That’s a very strong maybe,” you were about to continue when Clint knocked on the door, letting himself in.

“Sorry if I interrupted anything- or the start of anything, it looks like- but we got a hit on Ultron.” You looked up at Steve, who had shifted back into Captain mode within a second.

“Where?” He asked.


You looked around, sentries surrounded you, Natasha, and Clint. Steve, Tony, Thor were off about a half mile away. The hulk was doing what he does best- smashing. Wanda and Pietro were getting people away from the edges of the crumbling city. “I can’t believe Cap wants kids.” Clint said, firing off three arrows at a group of bots.

“Cap wants kids?! When was this discussed?” Nat asked, firing off her gun. You rolled your eyes, readjusting your fighting stance after a sentry got too close for you to shoot.

“Literally three hours before this, way to ruin the moment, guys.” You mumbled.

“The moment as in you and Capsicle talking about mini capsicles or the moment as in now when we’re kicking ass?” Tony spoke up through the communication units. Next was Steve’s voice to ring through.

“Don’t you guys think this is a bad time to talk about this?” A chorus of ‘no’s sounded through and you laughed.

“I’m heading south to the residential area, guys.” You made sure you had enough ammo before taking off in a sprint towards the homes of Sokovia. The fight and people had cleared out of the residential area, making it look eerily abandoned. The ground beneath you was rocky and cracked, so you treaded gently as you continued your way. If the area wasn’t as suspiciously quiet as it was, you almost wouldn’t have heard it.

The sound of a baby crying filled your ears and your heart sank as you began searching through the damaged houses that were lined one after another. There was a blue house fifteen feet away from you. It had two ground-level windows, one of which had been smashed open. As you neared it, the crying got louder.

You ducked your way into the home and dropped down into a basement. You tried not to cry or throw up as you took in the scene around you. A woman with long, dark hair laid unconscious on the ground next to her husband. The husband was nearly on top of her, possibly from trying to protect her. Both were undoubtedly dead, by their bloody bodies. In the woman’s left arm, a baby was cradled between her arm and her rib cage.

The baby couldn’t be any older than six months, and when you carefully lifted the baby into your arms, you noticed that papers were tucked underneath her. Looking skeptically at the baby, you bent down slowly to pick up the papers.

It was a birth certificate, a social security number, and what appeared to be a list of allergies. The name on the birth certificate read: Lucille Juliette Anders. You looked back down at the baby sadly. The parents knew they were going to die. They wanted to save their baby’s life even if it meant someone else having her.

You sat down on the ground of the basement, cradling Lucy in your arms as you let yourself become completely entranced by her. She had a small cut on the tip of her nose, just a little blood poking out. Her eyes were a deep, emerald green and her cheeks had the slightest pink tinge to them. She was wearing a striped white and blue onesie and had a baby pink hat on. You smiled as a laugh bubbled its way from her mouth when you went to touch her toes. The more she laughed and reacted to you, the more you knew that if you made it out alive today, she would be yours.

You ran up the stairs of the house with Lucy cradled to your chest, looking for anything you could use that would keep the baby safely attached to you. Picking up a blanket, you tied it extra tight in a loop around you to use as a makeshift sling, and you tucked Lucy inside. Your comm had been going off in your ear this whole time, but Nick Fury’s voice caught your attention. “Glad you like the view, Romanoff, but it’s about to get a whole lot better.” You slid your finger along the screen of your Stark Watch and saw helipads floating to the city. Looking down at Lucy, you smiled and tilted her upwards, to show her what you were looking at. She let out a small gasp and reached upwards, trying to touch the hologram.

“Nick, I’ve got someone for you. I’m coming to you.” You held Lucy tighter to your chest as you broke out in a run to get to the helipads. You ran past crowds of people who were also running towards the saving graces. You could hear Lucy giggling the whole way towards your destination and as much as it made you wanna smile, you were too focused on getting her to safety.

The jet came into view and you sped up, at this point just bypassing citizens of Sokovia. You leaped onto the deck and barged inside, where Nick turned and looked at you, nearly shocked. Tired from exerting yourself too much to keep the baby safe, you stumbled over to Fury before handing her to him. He took her as you rested your hands on your knees, catching your breath. “That’s Lucy,” You told him. He was giving you a look that, in all your years at SHIELD, you had never seen on him. He was downright stunned. “Didn’t you hear me and Steve are adopting?” Nick was still speechless, looking down at Lucy like he was just handed a cow’s tongue, so you took the opportunity to run back to the city where your team was ushering people onto the helipads. 

You watched as people fled from their homes, leaving all they had behind in the dust. That’s when a thought began nagging at your head that you couldn’t ignore. You pressed a finger to your comm. “I’m heading back south to the residential area again. There’s something I forgot.”

“Y/N, we don’t have time.” Steve said, but you were already back running to the little blue house that was about three-quarters of a mile away. You owed this to not only Lucy, but to Lucy’s parents. The air was getting thinner and thinner so you pushed on until you were able to duck through the same window that you had heard Lucy from. You scanned the basement, and when you couldn’t find the one thing you were looking for, you went up the stairs to what appeared to be a living room. Hanging on one of the walls, there was a family portrait. Lucy was pictured cradled in her mother’s arms as her father hugged both of them close. You grabbed it from the wall, pulling it from the frame and putting it underneath your shirt. “Y/N, we have to blow it up.” Steve urged.

“Alright, then Tony better be ready to catch me.” You said, you weren’t going to make it back to the helipads and Tony was already in position of holding up the city.

“Y/N-.” Steve began.

“No, Cap, I can do it. FRIDAY has eyes on her. I’ll catch her.” Tony cut in. You could hear the apprehension in Steve’s deep breath, but you all knew that this was the only way. The city needed to be destroyed, and it needed to be done now. You held your breath as Tony counted down, and you crossed your arms over your chest, keeping the picture as close to you as possible as you closed your eyes.

And then you felt yourself falling. You counted the seconds. One… Two…Three… Four… Five… Six. You finally felt a pair of metals arms grab you by your waist before shooting the both of you upwards back towards the helipads. You opened your eyes and looked down at the view now below you. Large chunks of the ground and debris fell back towards earth. “What was so important to get that you risked your life for it?” Tony slowed down, allowing you to speak. You turned your comm off so the others wouldn’t hear you, you’d wait until you were safe to tell them.

“When I was searching through the homes, looking for any more survivors, I found a baby. Her name is Lucy. Both parents were dead, they died protecting her. I ran her over to Nick and as everybody was fleeing the city, leaving everything behind, I realized that I owed it to her parents to one day show them to her. I grabbed a picture of them,” you paused. “But Tony, as I looked into that baby’s eyes, my whole world stopped. It felt like I was supposed to find her.”

“Lucy’s a nice name. I get to be the godfather, right?”

“Of course.” The ground under your feet now made you let out a breath that you didn’t know you were holding. You were back on the deck of the jet and Steve came outside, greeting you and Tony. Tony lifted his mask and patted Steve’s shoulder.

“Congrats, pops.” You shoved Tony to the side and he laughed as he stumbled. Steve gave you a confused look, causing you to laugh.

“Steve, there’s someone I’d like you to meet.” You walked inside, Tony and Steve following behind you. Up at the head of the jet, Fury sat in an office chair, playing with Lucy. From the angle that you were at, all you could see of Lucy was her hand reaching up to bop Nick on the nose. Steve saw it, and stepped forward, his breath nearly being taken away. You smiled as he went up to Nick, holding his hands out for his daughter. Even Nick was reluctant to let her go.

You didn’t even notice the rest of your teammates come up behind you as you all watched Steve’s first interaction with Lucy. “So, I’m godfather, right?” Clint spoke up. Tony punched his shoulder.

“No way, I already called it.”

“Bullshit, I’m the one that made her want to have a kid.”

“Um, I’m her best friend. I don’t care who the godfather is, I’m the godmother.” Nat piped in.

“I’m an actual god. I should be the godfather.” Thor said proudly. You rolled your eyes, approaching Steve.

“Her name’s Lucy.” You said, speaking over his shoulder. He smiled.

“Did you pick the name, or is that her actual given name?” You laughed.

“Her given name; Lucille Juliette Anders. But I was thinking we make her a Rogers.”

Five Years Later:

 Fury made you and Steve a deal. Lucy would be kept a secret, you would get a safe house in the outskirts of Brooklyn. If the two of you were ever needed, Nick, Maria, or even Peter Parker would babysit her until you came home. She would attend school under her given last name to hide her connections to you and Steve in order to keep her safer. You, Steve, and everyone in the Avengers Initiative and at SHIELD vowed to give her as normal of a life as possible. Or as normal as you can get with a family full of superheroes.

You and Steve had just gotten back from a mission, your bodies sore and covered in dried blood. Reluctantly, you had let Fury babysit Lucy at your safe-house. Steve unlocked the three locks on your door and punched in the passcode (it is a safe-house) and pushed open the door.

Sitting at the breakfast bar, Lucy faced away from you as her and Nicked stuffed their faces with pizza. Fury looked up at you through a mouthful of the greasy food, mumbling a greeting. Lucy turned around, and when she did, you and Steve nearly doubled over in laughter. Over her right eye, she had an eye-patch. “Mommy, daddy, look what grandpa brought me!”

She ran up to you and Steve, who picked her up and put her legs around his side. You looked at Nick, who had a shit-eating grin on his face like no other.

So maybe this life would never be normal, but having a daughter to come home to at the end of each day made all the crazy worth it.

Happy Dance

Requested by @onnabrown123Hey Meg!! Could I request a one shot of all of The Avengers, including Pietro, doing ballet to cheer up the reader?

Here you go! Lovelies, this is the product of mine and my friend’s brains at midnight XD. I not own ANY of the Avengers, Bucky, or Loki. They belong to Marvel.


Pairings: Avengers x reader, Bucky Barnes, Loki, Laura Barton

Originally posted by deanwinchestor

“Where are we going, Nat?” you asked. You were having a very bad day. It had started bad when your alarm hadn’t gone off when it was supposed to and it only got worse from there. It ended with you losing your job. “Just shut up and come with me, Y/N.” You sighed and followed the redhead. You didn’t expect her to lead you inside a theater. “Natasha, what are we doing here?” She shot you a look, daring you to ask one more question. You held up your hands in surrender.

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I Hate U, I Love U (Young!Derek Hale x Reader) Final Part

I hate you I love you

You spotted your usual empty table outside and immediately headed over to it. Setting down your lunch, before you could even sit down, someone yanked you down into their lap.

“Oh gosh,” you exclaimed, turning to see Derek happily grinning at you. His brown eyes sparkled with love and mischief. He wrapped his arms around your middle, chin resting on your shoulder and you could feel his warmth seeping into you. “Derek!”

“Hey, beautiful,” he greeted, gently rubbing his nose against your cheek. “How was your morning?”

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People are batshit!
Adequate penetration, weight retention and expansion,
where were you the night Laura Palmer died?
Jugs of water, another sperm, just what the world needs
shit mouth, barf brains, cunt maggot, fungus dick, motherfucker
I need a subconscious sidebar. My waking mind can’t take this.
What the shit is this shit!
Dullness doesn’t come with age. It comes with being dull.
Things are changing so fast and so slow,
I would like to propose a toast. Fuck you.

@hex-n & @occulticchlamydia

The Way Things Are

Sorry this is so late, I have NO time to write anymore but no way was I missing FSA Week! Enjoy the semi-canon compliant Scerek! (Set… after Scott becomes a True Alpha and Derek stops being an Alpha. I don’t really remember much about canon though so some things might be off!)

The Way Things Are

Derek always keeps a packed bag at the bottom of his closet. If there’s time, he’ll stuff more of his things into it before taking off, but if not… If not, he’ll still have the basics. He’ll be able to get by.

It’s a habit that started on the drive to New York. His family was dead and it was his fault and he and Laura ran east because… because what else there was to do? They hadn’t bothered with the paperwork or the insurance and so it was just them. A sixteen year old murderer and his nineteen year old sister-turned Alpha and they both only had a bag of clothes. Just the clothes on their back (that still smelled like smoke) and whatever they had stuffed into the lockers at school.

When they finally stopped for clothes, they kept them in the plastic bags they came in and still didn’t bother to unpack. No point when you’re moving to a different motel room every night.

Then, in New York, he kept up the tradition. Because for a while, Laura didn’t know how to do all the paperwork and it was pay the landlord with cash the first month and use their car as some kind of bluff as to how they were good for the rest and hope they could scrape enough together for the second and more often than not, they left in the middle of the night to avoid confrontation.

Even when the money came through, they sometimes left by the light of the moon. Derek thinks Laura was afraid of hunters finding them or nervous about CPS realizing that Derek never bothered to re-enroll in a school or maybe she just couldn’t let them stay longer than a few months in one spot.

He didn’t complain. For that or for anything else. She convinced him it wasn’t his fault eventually, but he still… he didn’t blame her.

He only blames her for leaving him behind. And even then, it’s not blame, not quite, it’s… regret, maybe, and a dull, deep pain.

In autumn, he’d lost her, and a part of him wasn’t even surprised. It was the same ending, just three years after the others.

He’d felt her passing in his bones and woke up and maybe there was a dull sense of God, no but mostly it was I should have known. He’d grabbed his bag – already packed – and didn’t bother to grab the rest of his stuff and he’d left.

He keeps a packed bag at the bottom of his closet. That’s just the way things are.

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anonymous asked:

Laura tries to ask Carmilla on a date, but instead she keeps apologizing about the kidnapping and starvation.

Laura had been up and down all night. Something about the way that Carmilla said “see some friends” didn’t seem like she was going to see anyone who was going to be friendly at all and “see” sounded an awful lot like fight.

Laura sat on her bed and looked at Carmilla’s bed. The sheets were falling off and the blanket was a ball at the foot of the bed. Her own yellow pillow was on top of Carmilla’s other two.

She moved to her roommate’s bed and fell back on it, curling into her pillow that smelled just like Carmilla. Well, it smelled like Carmilla did before she spent nine days tied to a chair.  It smelled like ludicrously expensive perfume and chocolate. Laura frowned at the smell of chocolate. She sat up and stuck her hand under the pillow. She felt a smooth square and pulled it out. Laura looked it over and sigh, “My chocolate.”

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Danger, Laura Hollis, Danger

OK, in order to help everyone with their feels after episode 33, I’ve decided to post one of my WIP fics that never quite got finished, but contains enough story for now that at least you’ll get something out of it. Keep in mind this was written AGES ago. Like, way back in September, I think. So that can explain any anomalies that might pop up.

Laura x Danny and Laura x Carmilla, with pre Danny x Carmilla (it’s basically OT3 before Danny and Carmilla realize they like each other ok)

Based on a headcanon I posted way, way, waaaaaaay back about Laura getting into dangerous situations all the time and Danny and Carmilla bond over how exasperated they get with their tiny daredevil girlfriend.


Laura and Danny were having a stand off when Carmilla walked in.

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Day 8: “You don’t like hot chocolate? WHY DO YOU HATE LOVE.” (I PROMISED YOU ALL I’D CATCH UP)

Dedicated to @from-dusk-todawn who said she liked this prompt.

“Happy first Christmas where we don’t have to worry about being cannibalized by Christmas witches,” Laura said, sitting down next to Carmilla on the couch in their apartment. Carmilla raised an eyebrow.

“That’s a bit of a mouthful,” Carmilla answered, “So I’ll just say ditto.”

She took one of the steaming mugs in Laura’s hand. Laura sipped happily from her TARDIS mug, and Carmilla took a sniff of hers.

“Ugh. I don’t like hot chocolate.”

Laura froze. “Wait, what?”

“Um, I said–”

“I know what you said–” Laura shifted so that she was facing Carmilla, putting her mug down on the side table. “But it makes no sense! You love chocolate. How can you not like hot chocolate? That’s like–like–saying you don’t like sex!”

“…Okay, got to admit, not where I thought you were going with that.”

Laura blushed. “My point still stands.”

“I like the texture of chocolate,” Carmilla answered, “I do not drink chocolate, I eat it.”

“You drank mine when we were roommates.”

“To annoy you.”

Laura pouted, crossing her arms. “Carmilla, I don’t know about us anymore.”

“What?” Carmilla asked, confused.

“I don’t even know who you are anymore.”

“You–you are considering breaking up with me,” Carmilla answered, “Because I don’t like hot chocolate?”

“My standards are my standards,” Laura answered simply.

She was joking, of course. Carmilla knew she was. Right?

“I’ll need to sleep on it,” Laura said with a slight smirk. Carmilla glared at her as Laura sipped her hot chocolate innocently.

“Laura, wake up.”

“…Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend,” Laura groaned, sitting up in bed. “Wait, what is that smell…?” Laura sat up suddenly when she saw that Carmilla was holding a tray of cookies.

“Perry showed me the recipe,” Carmilla said, “Hot chocolate flavored cookies. I ate five already. They’re pretty good.”

Laura grabbed one and took a bite. “Oh my God, these do taste like hot chocolate!”

“So…” Carmilla sat down next to Laura, kissing her on the cheek, “Are we good?”

Laura chewed slowly. “Well…I guess we can make this work.”

She giggled lightly when Carmilla rolled her eyes, grabbing another handful of cookies.

anonymous asked:

How about Laura comes back from a trip to the Library or Basement or something thats haunted and could have killed her. And Carmilla looks up when she walks in and sees her all bruised and bloody and out of her love for Laura starts yelling at her about being safe and that she should have told Carmilla where she was going and Carmilla gets angry because she's terrified of losing laura.

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I’d Do Almost anything To Protect You.

Laura knew it was a bad idea the moment she decided to go to the library, but it had been helpful the last time’s she had made the trip there. Though, she reminded herself on the way to the library, the first time she went with LaFontaine, the second time she went with both LaFontaine and Carmilla. Going alone was stupid, she knew that. 

She had managed to remember her baseball bat and pepper spray, she was just hoping that nothing too terrible happened why she was in the sub-basement. It didn’t take long for the books to start flying around her head, or for the skittering to start. 

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