laura u marks

‘The Moscow writer Andrei Sinyavsky wrote letters to his wife while he was imprisoned in Siberia from 1965 to 1972. Quoted in Finnish documentarist Kanerva Cederstrom’s Trans-Siberia: Notes from the camps (1999), Sinyavsky wrote that being in prison - with a definite ending date - is like being on a train. You have nothing to do but wait for the end, so you have a remarkable freedom, and time takes on many different characters: it seems to stand still, it speeds along. He writes, “Time seems to be either nearer or further off than you had expected… It slows down at times, then picks up again, past itself. It is both too big and too small for what it used to be.” Watching a film is like this, too: there’s an implicit contract that you’ll spend a certain period of time, and so within that period you are free; time expands and contracts around you according to how you attend to the film.’

- Laura U. Marks, 'Immersed in the Single Channel: Experimental Media from Theatre to Gallery’, Millennium Film Journal 55 (Spring 2012), p.19.