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100% Not even joking I’m watching fear factor on mtv right now from 2001, Laura the fuckin life coach is on it and she’s being hella petty with this other chick Sophia. She free fell from a building (and I’m pretty sure she pissed her pants, watch the episode) she ate sheep eyes and almost won held her breath under water for 49 seconds upside down. Watch that shit it’s so weird seeing her so young she’s all over the guys and shit

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A d you know what else I'd kill to see? Life Coach dom!Stiles, I bet he'd be really popular because he's so bluntly honest and maybe Laura listens to his lectures online all the time or something and she sees that Stiles is going to be at a convention in town so she makes Derek go with her to see one of his lectures, Derek thinks it's kind of useless- his life is FINE, he doesn't need to go to this pointless lecture- but he gets there and the guy is really charming and makes tons of sense (1/?)

and he just talks so much about self care (Derek knows less than nothing about self care clearly) and he makes it sound so CONVINCING and then he starts talking about sex and asking for what you want and before he can stop himself Derek blurts out “What if you don’t know what you want?” and is entirely mortified that not only did he say that out loud but the cute life coach guy HEARD HIM and is actually answering him oh God help and Stiles takes it VERY seriously mind you and he finds himself watching Derek throughout the rest of the hour and sees how he’s both so willing to accept all of this information and also very confused by it so when the lecture is over he runs up to him and just awkwardly asks if he has any more questions. (Derek stutters and Laura volunteers that he does- “You better thank me later baby brother I gave my favorite speaker to you”) 

And they get coffee and end up chatting about sex right there in the cafe and Derek has never heard of BDSM except that there’s some book about it (Stiles tries so hard not to flail everywhere at that being Derek’s only source of information but he barely succeeds) and the more they talk the more Stiles realizes that Derek basically has no clue about how power dynamics should work even in VANILLA sex (not to mention other stuff) so that’s how Stiles ends up with his new sub, who conveniently lives only a few blocks away, hooray for not knowing they were practically neighbours!

I am fascinated by Laura loving Stiles’ lectures. Usually in fic it’s the other way about. Usually Laura is this big speaker in the werewolf community or something and Stiles is in love her her sass and intelligence. I like how this is the other way around- mostly because I think Laura and Stiles would be amazing friends and respect each other a lot. Not to mention having a silent agreement that if anyone were to fuck Derek up or over- including each other- they would fuck a bitch up. 

You know what I also love? That maybe Derek knows about BDSM but only the cliché type of BDSM, the widely misrepresented type of BDSM you see on TV. He thinks it’s all whips, chains and leather and, so of course, Stiles just has to educate him about this because he is sick and tired of everyone mocking BDSM or seeing it as wrong because of the way it’s always portrayed. And you know what I love even more? Is the fact Derek is going to learn all about consent this way because BDSM is all about consent. In vanilla sex consent is obviously the most important, but the thing is no-one talks about it when they should. But with BDSM you have to talk about it before you start anything. It’s the law. (Okay, so maybe it’s not the law but it’s sure as hell Stiles’ law.) And it’s so good for Derek because he learns to say no, that he doesn’t have to have sex to make people stay, or he gets to know when he is basically being emotionally manhandled into sex when he doesn’t want it. Stiles is so overly careful about consent and healthy relationships. He’s also about hugs and gentle caresses and soft core BDSM as much as the hard core stuff. 

He’s Derek’s knight in Dom armour! 

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Hockey AU: Carmilla Karnstein is one of the most talented female hockey players in the game right now. She is recruited to play for her national team in the upcoming world championships, much to the chagrin of star player Danny Lawerence. Rather broody and standoff-ish, Carmilla's entire life has been about hockey and she has no time for friends or fun, until Coach Hollis' daughter Laura comes gliding into her life. Carmilla slowly learns their is more to life than just skating bye from Laura.


BGC12 Episode 6 Thoughts *Big Sean's Voice* Britt STFU

A Whole Bunch Of “Girl Bye!” In This One.

Slim:  Alex May Lay Back And Not Indulge In Drama But Alex Can’t Differentiate The Lines Of Disrespect. The Girls In The First Few Episodes  Were Really Jumping On Her And She Just Took It. Anyone Being Put In That Situation Like Slim Definitely Would Of Stood Up For Themselves But Slim Doesn’t Want Problems So She Ignores It. I Think It’s Very Important That She Stands Up For Herself. No Girl In The House, Or Anyone In The World For That Matter, Is Better Than You. Don’t Allow Them To Think They Are.

Aysia:  I Really Like Aysia & She Was One Of The Prettiest In The Photoshoot.After Talking To Loren And Britt The Last Episode, It Seems Like The 3 Of Them Are Buddy Buddies. It Nice To See Aysia Not The Target Anymore But I Woulda Of Questioned Loren & Britt’s Friendly Gestures. If We’ve Been Beefing, Gossiping, Threatening To Beat Eachother Down One Moment And Then Friendly The Next, I Wouldn’t Have Gone For That. Not Only Are Loren & Britt Not To Be Trusted But One Does Not Simply Put All That Anger Away So Fast. There Is Levels To This Shiznit. Aysia Meeting With The Life Coach Was Really Informational. Not Only To Aysia But To Everyday People. I’m Majoring In Psychology And What Dr. Laura Said Was Makes 100% Sense. The Way You Walk Really Gives People A Look At Who You Are. If You Walk Slumped, Head Hanging, And Feet Dragging, It Lets People Know That You’re Not Confident And Can Be A Easy Target. Aysia Is Pretty & That’s The Sole Purpose Of Their Hate. Insecure Much ?

Jada: After The Aysia Bullying Died Down, The Jada Target Went Right Up. How The Pathetic 3 Are Ganging On Jada Is Truly Pathetic. Ganging On Her Sexuality, AGAIN. Britt (From The Club) Comes Over The House And All Jada Does Is Cuddle And Talk With Her. She Said She Couldn’t Hook Up With A Girl But The Girls Want To Call Her Gay. Maybe She Isn’t Gay, Maybe She Just Wants Affection, WTF. Growing Up In Jada’s Shoes, She Probably Just Wants Someone To Hold. What’s Wrong With That ? Ganging On Writing Skills Is Extra Pathetic. People Have Different Ways Of Venting. Some Run, Some Box & Some Do Drugs. Jaada’s Just So Happen To Be Writing, How Are You Going To “Grade” Someone’s Poetry Especially If It’s There Own ? The Other Girls Are Mad Petty And 6 Episodes In, I’m Freaking Tired Of It.

Jonica: I Love Jonica. From Her Looks To Her Chill Demendor Like It’s Everything. She Also Was The Prettiest At The Photoshoot. Jonica Meets With The Life Coach And Laura Believes That Jonica Could Be The One To Help Change Those Girls. First Off, Jonica Tells Redd About Herself Which I’m Glad She Did Because No One Else Was Gonna Do It. Jonica Isn’t Afraid Of Anyone And Everyone Respects Her. They Might Not Say It But You Can Tell. Even Though She Doesn’t Agree With The Pathetic 3, She Still Hangs With Them Which I Don’t Like But To Each It’s Own. One Thing Jonica Needs To Fix Is Her Commitment Because Chilleeeee She’s Gonna Get Aysia Hurt Next Week.

Loren: Irrelevant As Irrelevant Can Be. Now She’s Friendly To Aysia, Which I Don’t Trust At All, But Wants To Jump On The Petty Train And Mess With Jada. Loren Wants All This Respect From People When She’s The Main Problem. You Don’t Want People Popping Off Nails, Getting In Your Face But YOU Pop Off & Scream In People’s Ear In This Goat Tongue Hymn But Expect People To Respect You. 

Redd: Redd Said She Use To Bully People But She Still Is A Bully. Dr. Laura Said It Best “Redd Is The Type To Want To Control The Information Going Out”. Redd Is Petty, Instigator, Bully And Everything Else Negative. She Needs To Lead A Pack And Make People Feel Inferior So She Can Feel Superior. However, I’m Glad She Sees How Much Of A Bully She Is. Hopefully She Learns (She Doesn’t) But As Of Right Now,  I’m Done With Redd With Two D’s.

Britt: Britt Is The Definition Of A Nobody. She Has No Real Drama, She Follows The Pack. You Know When You Get A Hot Dog And The Companies Say You’re Getting The Legit Stuff But You’re Actually Getting The Neck, Butt, Inner Thighs And Everything Else? Yeah, That’s Britt. She Isn’t Real, She Stuffed With Fakesness And Everyone Else’s Drama. She Wants To Prove She’s Bad But She Looks Stupid. Everyone Is Trying With The Life Coach, She’s Too “Bad” To Cooperate. She Wants To Fight SO BAD That’ll She Jump In Other People’s Fights. Slim Called The Computer In The Limo But Jada Got To The Computer First. Was That Childish Of Jada To Do ? Yes. Was Slim Bothered ? Nah. But Britt Was Bothered SO MUCH By That Situation, She Decides To Tell  SCREAM OUT HER OPINION TOWARDS THE SITUATION. Now She Wants To Fight Jada. 

Watching These Episodes Are Seriously Draining Me. I Love That BGC Has A Life Coach Because She Can Potentially Help The Girls. But  Next Week Looks Craaaaazy. Are You Gonna Watch ?