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The Tribe Meme: [4/5] quotes -   T: Do you know what that feels like? Wanting to tell someone you love them more than anything in the world? -  M: No. No I don’t. 

aglionbytches  asked:

care to share more sanvers headcanons? i love. reading them makes me so happy.

you ask for more, you shall receive:

  • alex gets hurt after an alien attack, maggie yells at her for being so reckless and alex gets pissed at maggie for yelling; in conclusion: they end up kissing each other
  • morning cuddles after sleeping together for the first time
  • maggie gets turned on after she sees alex beating up and alien twice her size
  • dressing up to halloween in their harry potter houses and taking disgustingly cute picutes of each other
  • maggie is introducing alex to all the classic gay films she probably never watched: d.e.b.s, imagine me and you, carol and ghostbusters (2016)
  • after a long day fighting aliens, they both fall asleep, wrapped in each others arms, passed out on a DEO couch and kara can’t resist and takes at least 10 pictures of them
  • whenever alex has to get up pretty early, maggie visits her at the DEO with alexs favourite coffee order. a lot of kissing is happening and j’onn, kara and winn can’t stop smiling about how happy alex looks
  • maggie calls alex pet names and alex tries to hide how much she loves being called ‘babe’ or ‘honey’, she fails 
  • someone at the DEO (someone no one ever liked) makes an inappropriate comment about alex and maggie looses it and beats the guy up, “my knight in shining armour” alex jokes after she has to bandaid maggie and kisses her soflty on her cheek
  • kara shows maggie baby photos of alex and some photos from when they were teenagers and alex head turns into a tomato red and almost faints

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like there is no way this narrative is not setting peggy and angie up and if people are gonna ignore this in favor of the hetero then honestly there's nothing to say because the first season was literally a romance arc

b a si c ally oh god

parallel to peggy moving on from steve they (writers) have set up angie/peggy’s romantic arc on a very reasonable speed and there is just no way they’re just throwing this away or that they did any of this unintentionally.

the writers have very obviously put a lot of thought into this, maybe not the primary thought being “peggy needs to have a relationship besides steve” but they thought /something/. especially with the entire episode 3.

they know, the writers the producers hayley lyndsy, everyone knows how romantic tropes are put in scene and they were so obviously heading for that (not only the frame and general characteristics of their relationship but also the lightning of the scene was warm and fuzzy feeling like, the characters were in focus, t h e m u s i c, everything. literally everything about this goddamn scene at the end; ) and being ignorant or oblivious about this just won’t change the show’s idea about it (@ heteronormativity)

not only ep. 3 but literally every scene between peggy/angie was filled with romantic tropes and also such cliches sometimes (secretive and mysterious person A, bubbly and quirky literally girl next door person B;) 

if the writers intention was to put angie as “just a friend” then fine, i’ll be happy as long as they’ll continue their positive and healthy relationship but why would they frame the scenes like that if they weren’t going somewhere with this

not for queerbaiting, that’s for sure. they couldn’t have known beforehand that cartinelli had such a huge following. if they’d known that cartinelli would be so popular among fans they wouldn’t only have implied it but also promote it as much as aos promotes FitzSimmons or as much as chloe promotes skimmons.

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No, you don't tell people where to put their hetenormativity. You don't know them. They could be very gay and still ship Peggy with Jarvis, Sousa or even arsehole Thompson. It's a matter of personal feelings and sensations. There is nothing canon in this season of Agent Carter. Only the love of Peggy for Steve.

my post had nothing to do with shipping preferences, at all (or at least notintentionally). I was neither talking down peggy/whoever nor shippers of peggy/whoever nor degrading anything of that sort.
although true, i might have worded it wrong and i 100% agree with the part where you said that your sexuality has nothing to do with what you ship but that doesn’t change the point i was trying to make. 

my intention was to kind of make fun of the way the fandom and viewers selectively ignore the very obvious parallels between peggy’s feelings for steve and howard’s feelings for steve (therefore my assumption that howard is represented as bi, bisexual or biromantic, … bi) and furthermore write off cartinelli (peggy/angie) as queerbaiting because the show hasn’t screamed the obvious things from the rooftops, yet. the thing is: agent carter is hands down ignoring heteronormativity and viewers still think heteronormative

especially with howard’s sexuality people are completely ignoring his feelings for steve that he pointed out often enough and usually in direct parallel to peggy’s feelings for steve. but yet, peggy’s emotions are never questioned whether their romantic or not. we know that peggy was in love with and still loves steve. and guess who else knows that? everyone including howard and he compares his own feelings to peggy’s.

I like how you said that, “there is nothing canon in this season of agent carter. only the love of peggy for steve” because you’re literally proving the point I’m trying to make already.

along with heteronormativity there’s also bi-erasure that seems to be a big factor here. we’re confronted with howard’s sex life and how he loves the company of women (cough) so “he can’t be in love with steve, he had sex with women” (eye rolls so hard my eyes are stuck in head)

another thing why people tend to ignore howard’s feelings for steve is probably also because he seems rather comfortable with discussing  those feelings. we’re used to see closeted queer characters suffer and feeling miserable about their sexuality and feelings that it never even crosses our minds that peggy might be very aware of the fact that howard stark is bi, that he’s out to her or that she just knew.

oh, she knew.

we’ve such a mindset of what queer characters have to look like, be like, behave like, what their usual storyline arc is (question of sexuality – feeling miserable about sexuality – eventually coming out – everyone accepts it or more miserable about sexuality) that we’re completely overlooking proper representation when it’s right there.

you know me, I could go on about the very obviously set romantic sub-plot on agent carter that is peggy/angie but idk I think I made my point clear.

and that was my intention with the textpost. not trashing on shippers as you implied i was but …

@ everyone who doesn’t recognice howard stark as canonly bi or angie/peggy as the romantic sub-plot bc they didn’t clearly state so: please take your heteronomitivity elsewhere 

Chapter 9/? of Order Up, Cupcake
: teen and up
you can read chapter one here, chapter two here, chapter three here, chapter four here, chapter five here, chapter six here, chapter seven here, chapter eight here alternatively read everything on AO3.

Laura thinks about Carmilla all weekend.

She knows it’s stupid, and it’s hormones, and is Carmilla really worth all the trouble? (“Yes”, she thinks, then quickly corrects herself, “Of course, yes”.) Above all, though, Laura knows it’s useless fighting it. She’d had a smile glued to her face for practically the entire day now – (her roommate may argue it’s been longer than that) and every time her thoughts drift to the other girl she can’t help but hold a pillow to her chest and try to hide the embarrassing amount of giddy that she emits for a varying amount of minutes afterwards. Laura thinks, in this condition, she may never be able to frown again.

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