laura stevenson and the cans

A Shine To It
Laura Stevenson And The Cans
A Shine To It
A Shine to it- Laura Stevenson And The Cans ________________________

I sold my blood to a hospital

but it wasn’t very much blood so they didn’t give me much money
they didn’t give me much.

I thought that you might like this
because it’s got a shine to it
I know you like shiny things so
I will try to buy it up for you
and drive to you.

I posed unclothed for an artist in his home
but i couldn’t hold it long enough and he didn’t like my body much so he didn’t give me much.
I thought that you might like this
because it’s got a shine to it
I know you like shiny things so
I will try to buy it up for you and drive.

they’re only children. only four kids trying to live. art credit.

lunar. the first child.
1. flare homestuck 2. far away cocorise 3. ball jointed doll nicole dollanganger 4. water and sleep mirah 5. bloodflood alt j 6. thanatos soap&skin 7. i wanna be a witchteen suicide 8. lost it to trying son lux 9. malmo strfkr 10. symphony no. 8 and the canary’s last take emily wells 11. brother matt corby 12. on an unknown beach amanda palmer 13. paper forest (birds) emmy the great

solar. the second child.
1. wildcat ratat 2. like o, like h tegan and sara 3. second child, restless child the oh hello’s 4. diplomat’s son vampire weekend 5. beets untitled laura stevenson and the cans 6. eat that up, it’s good for you two door cinema club 7. the prayer bloc party 8. cassius foals 9. want it back amanda palmer 10. eat up foot ox 11. vesuvius sufjan stevens 12. iris emmy the great 13. saint veronika billy talent

terra. the third child.
1. floor pvndv 2. you are a runner and i am my father’s son wolf parade 3. if winter ends bright eyes 4. tough guy cyberbully mom club 5. two good things modern baseball 6. strawberries why? 7. putting the dog to sleep the antlers 8. sold dan mangan 9. cheerleader st. vincent 10. a better son/daughter rilo kiley 11. i’m not a good person pat ‘the bunny’ schneeweis 12. the trash the trash the trash jeff rosenstock 13. runs in the family amanda palmer

stellar. the fifth child.
1. taruka cirque du soleil 2. poor atlas dessa 3. dancing on our graves the grave diggers 4. flickers son lux 5. the sea is calling the temper trap 6. corpse roads keaton henson 7. to the lighthouse patrick wolf 8. human hands bowerbirds 9. peach the front bottoms 10. agape bear’s den 11. miss you foster the people 12. to see you alive flatsound 13. hollow talk choir of young believers

The Move
Laura Stevenson and The Cans
The Move

The Move - Laura Stevenson and the Cans

These two back teeth are ground meat
I barely slept this week,
But you’re lovely in the morning,
All reminding me why I should be sorry.
Say, “I love your brain but I hate it when it pushes me away”
Well it’s been down and now you’re finally finding out
That I’m not supposed to get better
But I said I won’t be quite like this forever
‘Cause I’m a liar and a thief.

This is a video I just found of Laura Stevenson playing “The Move” in my hospital room after hearing about my fight with Leukemia and being bummed about not being able to go see her play live. We spent a good couple hours as well just talking and It’s really one of the nicest memories I have throughout this whole journey.

Laura still keeps in touch and leaves encouraging messages on my facebook statuses and such.

She’s just a totally awesome human :’)

Beets Untitled
Laura Stevenson and the Cans
Beets Untitled

352. Beets Untitled-Laura Stevenson And The Cans
My lazy shape is armed in dirty clothes. My arms are worn and scarred with beauty marks so they can tell my lazy shape apart from other shapes with hearts and human parts. Beware, where I am is where the channels run bare, the canals run bare and there’s much to be scared of that didn’t wash up ‘til everything dried up. Keep away from me, I am full of terrible things. But if you love the terrible, then please be near to me.