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a lot of bands/artists have songs named ghost/ghosts so i made a playlist of ones i like

i.Ghosts - Gabrielle Aplin // ii. Ghost - Lewis Watson // iii.Ghost - American Authors // iv.Ghosts - Laura Marling // v. Ghosts - The 1975 // vi.Ghost - Halsey // vii. Ghosts - Kensington // viii. Ghosts - Saint Raymond // ix. Ghost - Sir Sly // x. Ghosts - The Presets // xi. Only Ghost - Dan Croll

Cynthia Robinson of Sly & the Family Stone Dead at 69

Robinson was one of the first female black trumpeters to gain notoriety in a major recording act, and saxophonist Jerry Martini tells Billboard that she should never be considered a background figure. “She covered a lot of ground,” he says. “She was the first female trumpet player and the first African-American trumpet player in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She wasn’t in the back. She was out front telling you to get up and dance to the music, and she could blow with the best of ‘em, always.”

The Sacramento-born Robinson’s roots ran deep in blues and R&B. She told Family Stone biographer Joel Selvin, “I used to hear all these guys on 78s at my mother’s when I was a teenager…I used to daydream that I was onstage playing the solos; I’m playing with B.B. King and I’m playing with Lowell Fulsom, Jimmy McCracklin. And I literally ended up being in a band that backed them up at different clubs. It was like a dream come true, but that was as big as I could dream.”

Robinson joined Stone – who dubbed her “one of the best trumpeters in the world” – in his Sly and the Stoners band in 1966 and stayed on board as he crafted the pop/rock/R&B synthesis that became the Family Stone. After the group’s dissolution in 1975 she went on to play with bassist Larry Graham’s Graham Central Station and also worked with George Clinton, Prince and as part of Sinbad’s Aruba Summer Soul Festival. Since 2006 she’s been part of the Family Stone with Martini and drummer Gregg Errico. The group also features her daughter with Sly Stone, Sylvette Phunne Stone, a singer and multi-instrumentalist in her own right. (Robinson had one other daughter, Laura Marie). [Read More]

unlikely-course  asked:

Laura thinks it's like, really hot when Carmilla speaks German, which is ludicrous to Danny bc she thinks of German as fundamentally the silliest language, so Laura is all sly like "well what language *do* you think she sounds hot in?" and Danny's like "the French, duh--WAIT NO I DON'T MEAN THAT" "uh-huh sure" "YOU TRICKED ME"

she swears Laura to a blood oath never to reveal this to Carmilla but sure enough the next time they get alone time Danny pauses midway through the buttons on Carmilla’s shirt and is like “nope. nope. we’re done here. I heard that ‘cherie’ we are so done LAURA GET OUT HERE WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A DISCUSSION–”

We’ll Pick You Up

Ridiculous sterek fic for this Enterprise commercial.

Read it on AO3, if you prefer.


Derek loved his mom, he really, truly did, but sometimes she was a little too involved in her children’s lives. Specifically their love lives, and specifically Derek’s.

“You know we’d love to have you bring any young ladies or gentlemen you’ve been seeing to the pack day, Derek.”

“Mom,” Derek scrubbed a hand over his face, “we have talked about this.”

“I know, sweetheart, but I’m worried about you. It’s not natural for you to be so isolated. Plus, you’re going to be the only single person of your generation now that Cora’s not coming!”

“What.” Derek’s voice went flat with horror. “Since when is Cora not coming?”

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