laura sidle

CSI characters I want to see next season (or next next whatever as long as I see them)
  • Eli Brown (now that he’s three or four years old)
  • Mrs. Phillips (but please leave out the part where they talk about her and David’s fetishes)
  • Laura Sidle (come on, really? this should’ve been done long ago)
  • Papa Olaf (this)
  • A bitchy ex-girlfriend of Grissom or just a woman that’s going to cause trouble (I just read too much fan fiction)
CSI Fanfiction: Manic

This is another short ficlet based off Forget Me Not. I couldn’t resist the urge to write it, and I want to thank vegawriters for inspiring me to write again!

This takes place while Sara’s in lock-up. I hope it makes sense and didn’t come out too bad :)

(For anyone who may be interested, here’s my first ficlet based off 13x15!)

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