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How would the tomato gang react to a significant other who just can't eat tomatoes?

(I took this in a way that the s/o just didn’t like tomatoes, but if this was meant to be that they’re allergic to them, I’ll edit it, because the answer would be different if so.) 

Antonio (Spain)- Would act like he didn’t care, but would be crying on the inside that his s/o doesn’t like one of his most favorite foods. From then on if he was ever cooking for the both of them, he’d purposely leave the food out so his s/o wouldn’t have to pick them out of the dish. 

Lovino (South Italy)- Lovi would be dumbfounded. He wouldn’t be able to comprehend how his s/o could not like something as great as tomatoes. He’d tease them over it for ages. 

Laura (Belgium)- Laura would just nod and volunteer to take any tomatoes that were ever present in her s/o’s food for herself so they wouldn’t have to eat them. 


You know why I love Suzanne Warren so much?

If you have not watched seasons 2 & 3 this might spoil it a little for you.

At first I was a bit afraid of her because she was a bit unpredictable, she seemed like she was going to do something terrible one day.

She did, she attacked Poussey under Vee’s orders, she attacked Piper in a rage episode, but that didn’t come from her heart. Suzanne is not evil.

She is never mean to anyone (unless you mess with her). She might be  easily influenced, but she is not dumb. Suzanne is an educated, strong, black woman, and she has been trough so much rejection and misunderstanding in life and yet she is optimistic.

In season 3, the rest of her group knows her better and they don’t fear her, and nobody should fear her. They consider her just one of the girls, they become more of a family.

All it takes is patience and trying to see things from someone else’s perspective.

How come everyone calls her crazy eyes?