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Goodbye Tumblr, find us on Twitter!

Well, it’s been brewing for a while now, but it’s finally time to say goodbye to DDN. On Tumblr at least. :)

This decision hasn’t been taken lightly and doesn’t come out of the blue, Nadine and I have been talking about it for months. Unfortunately, our work schedules and the fact that we are both in a different time zone than Darren means we haven’t been able to post news as quickly as we wished. It’s been getting more and more difficult to keep up because we can’t post on DDN during our work hours and often post when we are home at night, meaning it’s usually hours after a photo has been posted or a news has broken. 

We are also both very busy and have other priorities we need to tend to in our personal lives and that unfortunately means we had to take a decision regarding this blog. We wanted to wait for the right time, but there will never be a right time, nor a wrong time. There just needs to be a time. :)

It’s almost been 2 years since we created this blog and it’s been a great experience, but time for us to move on. :) 

We will, however, still be active on our twitter. It is much easier for us to run and we feel like a big part of the fandom is now relying more on this platform for news, rather than tumblr. So we will still tweet news over there, and we are keeping the blog up as an archive source, as well as a mean to post bigger photosets that we can link to on Twitter, should we need it. I will be fixing the events tags on the blog in the next couple of weeks so that it is easier for you to find things.

Lastly, we want to say thank you for supporting us from the very beginning, for all the kind words of encouragement and help you have provided us. Alex left very big shoes to fill with DCN, and with your support, we feel we did okay. ;) A very special thank you to our friends too, you know who you are. <3

See you guys around, and thank you again. :)

Laura & Nadine

anonymous asked:

hello, could u list me some fanfics with the prompt of Carmilla biting Laura? i love those! when it's in a sexy way or just the necessity for blood and Laura offers hers to Carmilla.. like a prove of love or something like this... thanksssss <3

Oh cupcake you came to the right place! Biting fics are kind of my favorite thing that’s ever come out of this fandom so I have quite a few. Warning: A few of these are NSFW

PSA I am so sorry this took way longer than expected but I wanted to make sure I found as many as I could because this is such a great, underused prompt but I’m afraid I’ve missed some for sure though. If anyone has any others not listed please send them in!



So, you guys know that Supergirl pilot was leaked. Please do not download it. And please, respect to Supergirl cast and crew who worked really hard for this. Just wait till November. And dailysupergirlcbs will not post anything from the leaked pilot because it’s not official. 

Ok, I’m done. See you guys later!

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say that Laura Hollis shattered all the beliefs that made her world make since. She gave up the school and the students, everything she had fought so hard for and sacrificed her own happiness for. All for Carmilla. She changed herself and broke herself and admitted to her mistakes for Carmilla. Laura Hollis deserves everything good in the world. This has been a PSA

laura hollis is trying so hard and deserves to be happy w/ her asshole vampire girlfriend.

this is a psa

laura is a 19 year old girl who’s trying her best to save an entire fucking university from legitimate killers??? which in my opinion is pretty damn selfless and brave???

and also guess what guys she’s fictional?????

flooding her ask box with hatred achieves literally nothing

The Little Mermaid week end - PSA

Hey guys!

Just a quick message to let you know how Nadine and I are going to deal with the 3 shows this week end. 

Due to the size of the venue, we’re expecting a lot of photos and videos. We’ve decided that instead of posting them as we find them, we will make masterposts, which will be easier for us and will also lessen the whole “spamming” photo after photo problem. We’ll do photos, snapchat (that will be posted on DDN’s youtube) and other small videos masterposts and will keep everything as organized as possible.

Also a quick reminder that Nadine and I are in Europe, meaning that by the time the show starts at 8PM in LA, it will be 5AM for us. As much as we love you guys and want to do our best to post news as quickly as possible, we also need to sleep at some point. ;) That and the fact that we will be posting masterposts means that there will be a delay between things happening, and us posting about it. 

As usual we’ll do the best we can and we hope you can be patient with us, because this week end is probably going to be crazy busy. And to everyone going, have the best time! :)

 Laura & Nadine

PSA: Hedwig Tour

Hey everyone!

Now that the Hedwig tour finally started we would like to inform you about how we decided to post about the tour, specifically the evening performances.

Due to Laura and I living in Europe it is not possible for us to always immediately post stuff that is coming from the performances and stage door. The time difference between our part of Europe and SF/LA is 9 hours which means the evening performances end at around 7am our time and since it usually takes Darren a while before he comes out of stage door you can see why we would be either working or sleeping at that time.

The matinee performances shouldn’t be a problem, yesterday’s preview performance was also a matinee performance, but for the evening performances we won’t be able to post right away. We will make master posts to not flood your dashes as soon as we come online, some things might get their own posts depending on what it is.

During the SF stop they have matinee performances on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. In LA it’s only on Saturdays and Sundays. There are no performances at all on Mondays in either city. 

Thanks for all the support so far. It’s greatly appreciated!

Nadine & Laura