laura patterson

  • What was it that happened to you that made you this incredible person you are today?
  • Kurt: My father killed my best friend when I was ten and then I found out a terrorist has been controlling my life and I decided once and for all to take charge.
  • Roman: I dunno... someone wiped my memory? Also, I'm adorably tragic? I dunno... do I know you? Are we friends? Wanna be my friend?
  • Reade: (hopefully) After a traumatic childhood, I thought I had my life together but my best friend helped me get over my shit by telling our boss about my drug use and I decided never to let her down again.
  • Jane: I had my body tattooed, my memory wiped and left in a duffle bag in Times Square. And then I survived three months of torture at a CIA black site and fought my way out to live another day. Also, I'm an unstoppable force of nature.
  • Patterson: my boyfriend betrayed me and I was tortured by a terrorist and I still got out and kicked some ass. Also, I'm a genius and better than anyone else.
  • Tasha: bitch please. I was born this way.