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Talks Machina summary!

  • Everybody poses goofily during the opening of the show. Only Marisha is on camera.
  • Re: Keyleth not having died yet: “Maybe we should just kill you and bring you back so we’re all on the same page.”
  • Laura, Travis, and Taliesin all wanted to stick around to find out more about Raishan’s plan, more out of curiosity than any sense of it being a good call.
  • Laura wants to loot that lair!
  • Taliesin and Marisha still sometimes measure things in terms of kitten HP. “That was 7 kittens’ worth of damage!”
  • Sam passed Laura the entirety of his letter to Pike on his phone, but she didn’t have time to read it and only got Ashley’s summary via text.
  • “Florence Nightengrog”
  • Travis actually likes not having ranged attacks because it forces him to think more strategically.
  • “Marisha… you’re not gonna believe this, but some people on the internet…”
  • Laura is distracted mid-question by Taliesin’s hair.
  • Keyleth did “literally exactly what she said she was gonna do” re: Raishan, and all agree.
    • Grog promised her when the time came they’d be behind her
    • Marisha points out that VM has charged in after characters in the past (Percy and Ripley, Vax and the Briarwoods, Grog and Scanlan and K’Varn)
    • Laura mentions that it was obvious Raishan was gonna turn on them at some point
  • Percy doesn’t blame himself for the broken guns and sees the breaks as something out of his control “even though they’re not”
  • Percy is creating bubbles of control: he only wants to use things when he knows how they work.
  • Taliesin: “Sam is the Mei of the team”
    • “He’s there when the chips are down but mostly it’s just a problem.”
  • Laura reads another limerick for Scanlan she wanted to use in the City of Brass.
  • Travis demands a rebate (not a refund) on the flute.
  • Percy panicked over not being able to help Vex, and made the call then to shoot Raishan instead of the eggs (two years ago, he would’ve gone for the eggs).
  • Only a 1 would’ve been a failure on the lava jump.
  • Travis mentions Matt’s D&D rules: “You can do whatever you wanna do, but don’t play it safe.”
  • Grog talks about head-butting the Fomorian and how he did it even though he knew it was screwing the entire party over
    • It’s better than making the “right choices” all the time
    • Laura re: Travis always having to touch a hot grill to make sure it’s really hot: “WHY ARE YOU LIKE THAT”
  • Travis refuses to go on Hot Pepper Gaming because he gets terrible hiccups.
  • Laura: it’s not about vengeance, but Raishan is a risk. Protection is the key here.
  • Brian: “I drink the tears of all the sad redditors who don’t like my jokes.”
  • Marisha: “There’s not an ounce of Machiavellianism in Keyleth.”
    • Taliesin, laughing: “But there’s a lot of Machiavelli in you.”
  • Marisha feels like playing Keyleth this long has made her more empathetic.
  • Percy thinks Raishan could be gone for months. Taliesin isn’t sure what to think.
  • Advice for making a good D&D character: don’t start the game with a predeveloped character - let your choices inform their character traits
    • “Be willing to suck”
    • “Failure is fun”

|| Part 1 ||

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|| ▪️ hot women in suits ▪️|| Breathe …

some queer parallels

first i present the unholy trinity:

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followed by the hot but problematic faves:

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and finally, the perfect cinnamon rolls, too good, too pure for this world:

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Check out some AH-MA-ZING production art from our upcoming show “The Most Beautiful Roach in the World.” 

Make sure to see these designs in motion on Friday 9/25 @ 8:30pm only at Nick!

Background page contributors: 

Jacob Winklerjacobfwinkler ), Randol Eagles, Francis Giglio, Maria Vitan ( mariatumbles ), Andrea Gerstmann, Laura Price ( lulusketches ), Lucy Tanashian-Gentry ( itslucysart )

Character page contributors:

Dave Cooper, Mike Dougherty ( mrdoughy ), Marty Warner, Gordon Hammond, Jennifer Wood ( artofjwood ), James Ramos ( ramosart ) , Alex Deligiannis ( alexdeligiannis ), Laura Price ( lulusketches )


So this summer Coke was doing their “bottles with names on them” thing, and I’m fairly sure they’re done because I haven’t been seeing new name bottles for a few weeks.  I was playing a fun game with myself, though, which was “how many bottles with MCU characters’ names on them can I collect.”  (Well, MCU and a surprise Rogue because I love her.)  I tallied over half of the potentials, so that’s pretty rad.

Some Kastle Headcanons because why not

I refuse to accept any Kastle head canon that isn’t Frank following Karen around making sure she doesn’t get hurt

1. sometimes Karen isn’t paying attention to where she’s going and so Frank jumps out of his hiding spot and moves her out of the way of the lamp post

2. There was this one time someone “Thought” about mugging her and just as the guy was about to come at her Frank puts his hand out and drags him into the alley as she continues her walk without knowing a thing

3. Roadwork is a Karen hazard it literally makes Frank squeal because she never pays attention to ANYTHING, at one point there was a grate open and she almost tripped it was not a good day

4. the only time Karen actually knew Frank was there was the time she broke her heel in a vent and scraped her knee and he came rushing onto the side walk with disinfectant and a hello kitty plaster

5. one time Matt offered Karen a hand with something and lets just say someone almost lost said hand.

[im gonna add some more later but this is all i can think of at 1;43 AM]