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Deities, Death, and Devotion

So I have an American Gods fantheory about Laura Moon, and I will explicate it in convenient bulletpoint parlance. Potential Spoilers, as it works off somethings from the book.


  • Laura Moon is dead.
  • Because she’s dead, the world is dull -dim, muted, cold, and colorless- to her.
  • Except for anything doing with Shadow, and the color blue.
  • To her eyes, a weird golden aura pulses off of Shadow.
  •  This aura is the most significant source of color and light in her world. She directly correlates it to the sun, the source of all life, and can see it for miles, sense it(in the books) from nearly anywhere.
  • Undead Laura is drawn to Shadow, and her reference to this aura in talking about her new love of him with Audrey suggests this aura is its primary cause.
  • In American Gods, deities and other divine beings(daimon in ancient greek, from which we get demon) are sustained by faith; belief, memory, and devotion.
  • Shadow believes in, remembers with love, and is devoted to Laura.
  • In the series, Wednesday asks Shadow if he believes in love: he responds “I believe the Fuck out of Love.”
  • Hinzelmann’s story, the story of the sacrificial child, shows that the Dead can become deities through faith and devotion.


  • While Laura is raised by the Sun-Coin Shadow gave her, she is sustained by his belief, remembrance, and devotion.
  • Laura is a daimon: a divine being and potentially, to Shadow, something like a God.


  • Gods and daimons are defined and redefined by the belief people have in them.
  • It is possible that Laura’s newfound interest to Shadow is not just a “hunger” for his devotion and faith, but also partly a slight redefinition of her character to match what Shadow wants from her, though it’s impossible to say anything about this from just one episode.


  • Devotion and belief itself is not enough, the Gods need specific rituals and direct, explicit, belief in their existence and power; they need Worship. This is the point of the visit to Easter and one of the points of the story of Nunyunnini. It isn’t enough for Easter that people celebrate her feast day with her symbols and holy foods; they don’t believe in or worship her when they do it. It’s why Bilquis requires Worship from her sacrifices.


  • This raises a significant contradiction at the center of the book.
  • The New, American, Gods are not directly worshiped. No one worships Media or Technology or Science or Medicine or Globalism in the personal forms of Media/Fame, The Technical Boy, and Mr. World. No one makes icons and idols to these characters, or sacrifices to them. No one genuinely believes in the existence of, say, movie monsters, yet they appear, fighting on the side of the New Gods, at the climax of the story(iirc). They feed off of mortal participation in their portfolios.
  • The Intangibles(The Market/Invisible Hand) is debatable on this issue :|


  • The New Gods are, at essence, conceptual in a way the Old Gods are not, which explains why they would not need the specific worship the Old Gods did.


  • Odin’s whole plan is predicated on his ability to feed off of those partaking in his portfolio. If he could not gain power merely from other beings fighting and killing, then there would be no benefit for him in fomenting war between the Old and New deities, since none of them worship him.
  • Which, incidentally, undermines the whole story. If deities can be sustained by simple participation in their portfolios and representation, then they would be perfectly sustained by the modern world. Heck, Athena, goddess of Athens and Civilization, would be the most powerful deity on the planet and Odin -a God of War, Sacrifice, and Knowledge- would probably be the second or third most honored, and therefore powerful, deity in the US even without widespread popular devotion.


  • But they would have been fighting in his name: The battle between the Old and New Gods is set off directly by Odin’s “death”. The Old God Faction is fighting specifically to avenge him.


  • Grrrrrr >:(
this other life// old man logan

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Guys I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of stunned at how much you all want requests for Old Man Logan. Let me tell you, I’m thrilled to write them. I love him so much and he deserves all the happiness I can give him. 

This is a fix it fic. 

Requested By Anon: Can you write a fix-it fic where Logan manages to go to Canada with the rest of the kids and forms a strong father+daughter relationship with Laura?

+ Dad!Logan and Reader with Laura as their daughter.

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Sunglasses and a tip. James Logan Howlett ( Wolverine ) x reader

Fandom: Marvel, X-men, Wolverine, James Logan Howlett
Warnings: based on Trailer so Nothing is probably right.
Words: 1270

It was quite a strange, but white child in the store. She walked around, opening a some chips, a drink and put on sunglasses, looking at herself in the mirror. Your colleague wanted to take care of it but you instantly ordered him to go do something else, take a break or something so you could take care of it yourself. You walked up besides the young girl, kneeling besides her with a bright smile.

”Aw man. I wished I looked as awesome as you do in those glasses.” you mused, the girl turning to you with a strange look on her face. She was about to run away but you laughed lightly. Hey, don’t run away. I won’t force you to pay for it, you told her and she stopped for a second, raising her eyebrow at you.

”I don’t really like having to pay either. But I’ll pay for you, alright?” you said and she nodded her head slowly, taking of her sunglasses. She then put them on your face, inspecting you.

”I don’t look as cool as you do, do I?” you asked and she shook her head, making you laugh and take of the glasses and then gave them back to her. She put them on again and ate more chips, watching you. You smiled at her and then stood up, telling her to follow you, walking over to the candy section of the gasstation store. You took out a candy-bar, then took two and gave them to her. These are my favourites, you said, grinning brightly as she took the treat from you, inspecting it before she nodded her head. Happy that she took them you then realized you hadn’t seen her with anyone. You stood straight again and looked around, frowning as you saw no other person around.

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Follower Count

“Hiya, babes! It’s Laura!”

“Hello! It’s Laura! We hit a thousand, babes! We did it!

Laura was just another small time girl trying to hit it big with YouTube. There was hundreds of Youtubers like her out there. They put on makeup. They play video games. They review movies. They vlog about their day. They try weird products and make comedy shorts.

I found Laura on a late night. She’d made a comedy short with Katherine Short, a YouTuber I had followed for a few years. Laura caught my attention with her low voice, sweet smile, and odd eyes- she had heterochromia. One eye was dark brown, like her hair. The other was like a husky dog’s. Piercing blue.

Laura was new, she barely had a hundred followers when I first clicked subscribe. After that collaboration with Katherine, you could see her confidence soar. I had fun with her wit and hey, if someone’s entertaining, I’m gonna hit that magic red button.

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Pablo Schreiber is a Caliginous Icon

The title says it all, really u_u

I commented in Reread/Review 1 that Sweeney’s caliginous tension with Shadow was “Delicious”, and it of course still is but, having now watched Lemon Scented You(S1E5), it has become obvious to me that Sweeney is just promiscuously, omnidirectionally caliginous, to everyone, at all times. Pablo Schreiber’s performance is absolutely a Revelation, and I am amazed to think that a performance so Pitch-Perfect(:|) is being carried out, very likely, with no direct knowledge of or reference to Homestuck.

You would think there could be no possible way someone tauntingly describing to the walking dead how their body is going to rot and fall apart, and how when it does they will reach into said body to take from them what they won’t give freely, could be erotic and sensual. And you would be wrong, because that’s exactly what Pablo Schreiber made it. In his scenes with Shadow and Laura, you could not say whether he was on the verge of punching or kissing them at any given moment, or even if there was really much of a difference to him between those two options at all. The man is an acting genius.

And the physical comedy! OOOOOOH the Physical Comedy u_u u_u I could watch this man idiotically sawhorse himself on the jagged broken windowsill of a cop car all day long u_u u_u u_u I could watch his stoically resigned face bounce off the dash of a curse-crashed sedan any day of the week. That this man will likely win zero awards for this performance is a simple and eloquent proof of the injustice inherent to this mortal coil.

he’s a hero and my daddy// old man logan

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THIS PROMPT MELTED MY HEART WHEN I SAW IT. Ya’ll are gonna kill me with these prompts. Masterlist is updated! Enjoy!

Awh. Sunshine & Whiskey left me smiling from ear to ear it was so sweet. I’m the anon who requested it by the way. I loved it. I’ve got another one for you :3 Laura’s First Day At School. The reader (human) thought she would be the emotional one, but it turned out to be Logan, being too stubborn to admit it. Kinda humorous, but with a touch of fluff.

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What pets would the boys get?

Ponyboy: He’d like some unconventional pet; like a rat, mouse, or turtle, because he’d have read about it and thought that it would be neat to have one as his pet. 

Soda: I could see him getting any sot of Golden retriever mix, or a bird. 

Darry: He’d like any sort of big dog. 

Steve: Probably a cool looking fish

Two-Bit: He’d love a parrot and just carry it around on his shoulder like a pirate. 

Johnny: Any sort of stray animal, Johnny would be nice to and feed whenever possible, and in exchange, they’d let him pet them. 

Dally: The only kind of animal I could see him actually caring for would be a horse, and he’d keep it at the stables.

(And just because I’m gay and i love her) Cherry: A cat, and it would be her baby and her best friend. 


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requested by anon

Hello, may I request a Angsty Jungkook scenario? You guys are bf and gf but after a new girl transfers into school he starts ignoring you, treating you like you dont exist and when the new girl is near you guys he introduces you as a normal friend? And when you’ve had enough of the pain you decide to break up with him in hopes of him actually remembering you again, he just accepts it to go after the other girl? But then he realizes his mistakes and aplogizies? but /w fluffy ending please? ;o;

genre: angst/fluff

Jungkook and I were dating, we were a well known couple, we weren’t comfortable with too much PDA but we held hands and pecked each other’s cheeks. Everything was going so well, we were going strong until a new girl joined. She ruined everything but I wasn’t mad at her, I was mad at him. He decided to spend more time with her and completely forget me.

“Hey, I’m ___. What’s your name?”, I smiled as I greeted the new girl who was by her locker. “I’m Laura, nice to meet you.”, she greeted me politely. “Where did you move from?”, I asked her. “We moved from another city, I quite like it here though. It’s different, more urban than where I used to live.”, she replied. “Nice, well I’ll talk to you later.”, I told her as I left her to go to my own locker.

“New girl, aye?”, Jimin asked me. “Yep, she seems nice.”, I told him. “I saw Jungkook eyeing her in dance.”, Jimin told me. “Let him, he better watch out though. Don’t let him do something dumb.”, I replied to Jimin, who was like a brother to me. “Are you kidding me? If he fucks you over, I’ll fuck that kid up.”, he chuckled. “Thanks, I appreciate that Jimin.”, I laughed as I took out my maths resources and place my scripts inside. “Come on, let’s get to maths.”, Jimin said as he pointed at the clock on the wall.

When we arrived at maths, Jungkook was already there, having a chat with Laura, who was in my seat. “Hey, sorry, Laura, you’re in my seat.”, I told her. “Chill ___, let her sit there for a bit.”, Jungkook snapped. “But, it’s my seat…”, I told him. “She’s new though, she doesn’t know whose seat is whose.” “I’ll just move.”, Laura said as she could feel the tension. “Sorry for making you feel awkward.”, I told her as I took the sear, side-eyeing Jungkook in the process.

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   “Instead of saying “I don’t have time” try saying “it’s not a priority,” and see how that feels. Often, that’s a perfectly adequate explanation. I have time to iron my sheets, I just don’t want to. But other things are harder. Try it: “I’m not going to edit your résumé, sweetie, because it’s not a priority.” “I don’t go to the doctor because my health is not a priority.” If these phrases don’t sit well, that’s the point. Changing our language reminds us that time is a choice. If we don’t like how we’re spending an hour, we can choose differently.”                   

Laura Vanderkam


It is my firm belief and strong headcanon that Clint doesn’t call home when he’s around people. Especially not when he’s around his superhuman hero friends. The reason he calls home here is that Ultron “has been in everything”

My first reaction to the longer version of this scene is that someone has misplaced/lost a stuffed animal that’s vital for bedtime. I did spend good chunk of my evening looking for a wolf among all the toys that were spread out at the farm, but alas, the wolf is gone!

The tender boughs of innocence burn first.” That’s what Margaret told Laura outside the bar, in the last days of her life. And I’m reminded of it, in the most recent two episodes. Two little boys have a brush with death. The one in Vegas survives by the barest turn of luck. The one in Washington isn’t so fortunate.

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Much Ado About Nothing; Part One (Reader x Steve Rogers)

Part Two

Word Count: 1424

Summary: Much like the play written by Shakespeare, the reader and Steve have a VERY complicated relationship. A hateful one, even. But the Barton clan won’t take that for an answer.

A/N: I finished the play, Much Ado About Nothing, today, and I instantly had this idea. I don’t know why, LOL. Steve and Reader will be the Beatrice and Benedick of this, so if you know who those people are you are good to go. This’ll also be a two parter. I hope you enjoy! 

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Everyone always argued with me when I said Laura had no friends outside Carmilla but this showed that’s true. Laf used her and Carmilla and lashed out at them several times and willingly let Laura sacrifice herself to save Perry and then had zero reaction to Laura being dead.

Laura died to save Perry and Perry didn’t care. Like fuck these assholes better not be in the movie after how they treated Laura and Carmilla