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So y’know how we find out in Pretty Little Lawyers that Cameron’s dad is in jail for stealing millions of dollars? What if he stole the money to pay for Cameron’s heart surgery and related hospital bills? I know Cam’s mom is rich on her own, but still if he needed heart surgery at ten, he probably spent a lot of time before (and definitely after) that in hospitals, getting tests and treatments. 

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a different kind of woman// old man logan

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Requested By Anon: Please, I beg, do an imagine where Logan falls in love with the reader and Laura says something to Logan about her being the perfect mother because you always hang out with her and you’re always so nice. Logan can’t find it in himself to stop smiling. 

This is Logan oneshot 2 of 4 for the day! I hope you enjoy!

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Listen. Laura Barton’s day-to-day life isn’t glamorous. She’s not a superspy, and she doesn’t have powers. But everybody in their town views her as basically an army wife, and she’s a part-time single parent, and she’ll take in a broken person as quickly as Clint will one of his dogs.

Laura Barton my not have superpowers, but she is a superhero in her own way, in a way that none of the Avengers can even come close to emulating.

So another piece of Sastiel adorableness.

I’ve always imagined Sam as the type of person who gets sleepy after sex.

Picture Sam and Cas laying in bed after sex, Sam smiling coyly as he places his head in the space between the angel’s shoulder and his pectoral, softly positioning a hand over Cas’ pale naked chest.

Add Castiel whispering sweet nothings and running his free hand’s fingers through Sam’s hair as he watches him fall asleep, cheeks still pink with the past exertion and beet red lips swollen and bitten. Cas can’t think of a more beautiful sight to contemplate.

                                           THANK YOU, GUYS!

It’s has been four months since I created Laura, I was so afraid because it was my first attempt to do a thing in english, because as you all know, it’s not my first language. I never thought that you would really like my point of view of this amazing && wonderful muse, Laura Kinney is my life and soul. So yes, thanks for giving me the chance to roleplay with you, to bring a voice for Laura. You all are amazing!!

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Laura Marling’s new podcast series explores feminine creativity.

In the second instalment of our Reversal of the Muse podcasts, Laura speaks to the Haim sisters: Este, Danielle and Alana. Haim received critical acclaim for their debut album ‘Days Are Gone’, released in 2013, which showcases the innate musicianship that these sisters share. They were hailed BBC Sound of 2013 winners, and went on to be Grammy and Brit nominated.

Laura and the Haim sisters chat about life as professional female musicians, from touring to guitar shop culture. Haim are also joined by special guest: Ariel Rechtshaid, producer of their debut album. Ariel shares his experiences of working with Haim and other female artists in the studio, and considers how the process compares to working with male artists.

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Oh my goggle! Are you still doing headcanons? Because super fluffy fall cuddles are totally my thing... :D

‘Cas, what are you doing?’, said Sam while he stirred and squinted as he opened his eyes, still heavy with sleep, to see his lover moving around in bed.

‘I apologise Sam. I was trying to cover you with blankets. You keep pushing them off in your sleep. The season has changed and the weather is cold for human standards. I would not want you to get sick’, Castiel muttered and Sam could feel him frowning in the dark, as if he thought it was ridiculous for him to ask such thing.

Sam chuckled as he imagined Castiel’s attempts to turn him into a human burrito made of bed covers without waking him up. He could feel his heart swell with love.

‘I love you, you know that?’, he reached out almost blindly for Cas’ hands, smiling when he felt their fingers intertwine, 'if you worry that much you could come closer and hug me", he said teasingly with a smile on his lips. To his delight he immediately felt Cas sliding closer and put a hand around his waist, 'I love you too but I doubt my vessel’s body heat will be enough to keep you warm, I insist Sam, let me cover you up’, Castiel almost begged.

Sam sighed, 'well, okay, make a burrito out of me, but don’t let go of me after it, I sleep better when you’re hugging me’, he made a sound of discomfort as the contact was taken away from him while his lover retrieved the blankets. It ceased quickly after he felt a warm piece of soft fabric cover them both, immediately after, Cas spooned him again, 'that’s it my love, sleep tight’, Cas said and kissed the back of his neck.

Sam just snuggled closer and let his heavy eyelids close, letting a calming feeling of peace take over him.

Bad Hair Day is one of the best DCOMs in years and here is why:

-Protag who is smart and conventionally pretty and popular 

-Protag does not need to go through a magical makeover transformation (disregarding the hair, ofc)

-Protag is sixteen and going to MIT 

-There is no love interest; protag does not need a boy to be happy

-Single dad raising his kid after mom walked out

-Actual somewhat competent villain who put up a decent fight, not a bumbling comic-relief villain

-Great relationship and development between Monica and Liz

-Full of really funny one-liners and witty delivery

-A stereotypical happy Disney ending :-)

It had its flaws, but as far as DCOMs go, Bad Hair day definitely stands out among others. 

I’m back with my 2 am Sastiel musings.

This time, let’s think about Cas carrying Sam. He’s an angel, he has super strength, he could easily lift Sam.

Now imagine Sam falling asleep while researching in the Bunker’s library. He’s been so tired lately that Cas can’t find enough strength in his heart to wake him up, so he just carefully picks Sam up, cradles Sam’s head against his chest and takes him to their room. He gently places him on the bed, takes his shoes and socks off, proceeds to do the same thing for himself, and then lays on the bed beside Sam, just watching him breathe.

Sam’s secret is that as a hunter he has such a light sleep, that in the moment Cas picks him up, he wakes up. He enjoys being held by someone he loves so much that he just stays quiet and falls asleep again in Castiel’s arms.

Cas’ secret is that he knows Sam wakes up but he wants him to feel loved and protected, so he carries him anyways, smirking fondly after he realises Sam has dozed off again.

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, Tony.  (part 3/?) (Avengers x reader)

Part 2

“So, run and hide?”

The team was a mess; broken, beaten, eviscerated. Natasha stared blankly ahead with a hollowness in her eyes, emotionless and still.  Bruce was struggling with his inner demons and appeared to be fighting a losing battle. He wrapped himself tightly in a blanket, hoping to hide himself from the others, his shame and regret enveloping him. You wanted to help your friends, but you had just awoken and were too weak and just too tired.  In your haze you could hear Tony and Clint talking quietly as the jet made it’s way through the night sky.  They were talking about where you could hide, but the Avengers weren’t known as a group that blended in.  Anywhere.


Steve was at your side as Dr. Cho tended to your wounds.  Tony was able to contact her before she left New York and brought her in for a ‘house call’ on her way back to Seoul.  “You’re very lucky, (Y/N).  You lost a lot of blood, but these wounds can be repaired.  I’ve regenerated as much tissue as I can safely, so now it’s up to you to rest and let your body recover.  Fortunately, with your modified DNA, it shouldn’t take too long.” You could hear Bruce groan at these words, refusing to allow himself any forgiveness in what happened to you.  

Steve stood and shook the Doctor’s hand, “Thank you, Dr. Cho.  I owe you.”

“It’s my job, Captain. I am glad to help.”  She quietly moved to the head of the jet to talk to Tony, arranging her return to her own lab.  “Thank you, Helen.  Again.”

Overall, the pain had subsided, but the fatigue was relentless.  You would welcome sleep, but despite your condition you couldn’t consider it until you knew what was going on.  The events in Wakanda and the emotions that the team had barraged you with were a jumble in your mind, and you worried about no one as much as you did for Steve.  

“Hey, are you ok?”  

Steve sat perfectly still, as if he didn’t even hear you.  He was lost in his own mind, allowing himself to review his experience in Wakanda, now that he was assured that you were going to be alright.  His posture was rigid, his jaw was tightly set and his eyes were closed. You decided to close your mind to him; it would feel voyeuristic to share in his emotions right now.  These emotions needed to remain his, and you trusted your husband to come to you when the time was right.  


“This is obviously an agent of some kind.  And these are…smaller agents.”  

You felt like you were a part of an inside joke.  Sure, Natasha and Clint were best friends for many years now, so of course she knew about his family.  Fury was a man of his word, so the secret had been well kept from the others.  But you knew.  It was the only explanation for Clint’s anxiety and sorrow during missions. Why else would he have such strong feelings of relief and love during his never missed, post-mission phone call? You never asked him directly, and really, there was no real need for you to know.  But when he looked at you now, he knew that you had known all along. 


This shower is amazing. The hot water soothed your tense and aching muscles, and the steam invigorated your skin as it healed.  You could feel yourself getting stronger just in these few moments of relief.  When you had depleted every drop of hot water, you stepped from the shower to find a small stack of clothes waiting for you.  Nothing fancy, just a skirt and modest top, but comfortable nonetheless. You mused that Laura was either an angel, or she was worried about you running thru her home in your bloody uniform. You imagined that the kids could be scarred from that sort of thing and readily opted for the clothing she had provided.  

A gentle wind blew through the curtains, carrying the voices of your family below.  Someone had the foresight to keep their hands busy, but not so much to realize that wielding axes may not be the best idea.      

“Thor didn’t say where he was going for answers?”  

“Sometimes my teammates don’t tell me things.  I was hoping Thor would be the exception,” Steve grunted in reply as he split another large log.

Please don’t fight.  Please don’t fight, not now.  As you pulled the soft cotton shirt over your head, being careful to not disrupt your bandages, you walked to the open window, feeling the breeze graze your skin.  It was soothing to you, but apparently it wasn’t having the same effect on Steve and Tony.

They were posturing.  They had to prove who was the bigger man. You knew that Steve and Tony had their issues with each other, some of them possibly insurmountable, but they need to get it together for the team, if not even just for you.  A selfish thought, maybe, but dammit you knew that you had earned it.

Tony paused looking at Steve with a sideways glance before lowering his own axe, “It seems like you walked away ok.”

“Is that a problem?”

With that you began to make your way downstairs, feeling the shift in mood as well as hearing the deepening shift in Steve’s tone.  This was not about to escalate if you had anything to do with it.

“Well let’s just say you haven’t seen it yet.”

Shit.  Moving faster wasn’t exactly an option right now; you winced in pain as your bandages pulled with each step.

“Hey, (Y/N), how are you feeling?”   

You paused for a split second to look up when you reached the final step, “Hey, Clint.  Sorry, I can’t talk right now.  They boys are at it again.”  

He quickly stepped to the side with grin on his face, calling after you, “Do I need my bow?  They’ll never see it coming!”

“Banner and I were doing research!”

“That would affect the team!”

“That would end the team!  Isn’t that the mission?  Isn’t that why we fight?  So we can end the team, so we get to go home?”

You halted sharply in your tracks at the sight of Steve tearing a log in half with his bare hands.  If it hadn’t been such a distinct display of his rage and his physical advantage over Tony, you might have taken the time to appreciate it more.  

You quickly raised your hands, willing them to calm down.  “Hey, guys.  I thought I could smell testosterone.”  Both men visibly relaxed their posture, stepping back from their axes and allowing you to take a calmer breath. “Tony, could I talk to you for a minute?  Alone?”  Grabbing Steve’s hand, you shared a quick kiss before walking with your brother towards the barn.  “Tony, you two really need to figure this out.  It’s not good for your anxiety.  You’re brothers now.  And yes, I know that’s pretty much my fault, but come on, I’ve got good taste at least, right?” You gave him a quick wink, attempting to get at least a smile from your hotheaded sibling.  

“Smartass.  Many things in my life are your fault, kiddo. But I wouldn’t change a single one. Woah, hey…are you feeling ok?  Why are you out of bed already?”  His smirk quickly turned to concern as he stopped to look at your bandages.  His hand reached down to lift the edge of your shirt, but you quickly slapped it away.  

“Enough, Tony.  Come on.”  You looped your arm through his, relying on him a bit more than you cared for to help you walk the rest of the way.  He took notice and kissed the top of your head with a quiet chuckle.  

“Okay, I’ll try to do better with Spangles.  Promise.”

Part 4

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Been thinking about sterek with stilinski twins where you dream about your mate. Derek sees Stuart and think it's him but Stuart has already a mate Heather. So derek is bitching about it to laura. And the whole family is worried. Just fluff and laura

Derek only started getting the dreams a few years ago, and he knows what it means, his soulmate is younger than him. Laura teases him incessantly about it, but Derek doesn’t pay her any mind. The dreams are fuzzy at best, he only has a fleeting glimpse of plaid shirts and laughter and a pink mouth. 

Laura and he start on their roadtrip back to California from New York, the dreams start to get clearer. Every state they cross, Derek can see the outline of his soulmate get more defined, knows that he has brown eyes, a gorgeous smile and fluffy hair that looks soft to touch. 

“He must live on the West Coast,” Laura muses when Derek tells her about it over a hasty lunch when they stop for gas in Texas. 

They’re in Arizona crashing in a motel on the last leg of their journey when Derek hears his soulmate’s voice for the first time. It’s a clear timbre, ringing like a bright bell in Derek’s mind, and it fills Derek with ache and longing. He wonders if his soulmate dreams of him too, can feel him getting closer and closer to wherever he is. 

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