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14 things you might not know about the musical Bandstand

1. The workshop production was called Bandstand: A Musical. But the show was retitled as The Bandstand for the Paper Mill Playhouse production. For the Broadway production they called the show once again Bandstand.

2. In the workshop of Bandstand Jarrod Spector played Donny Novitski.

3. The cast of Bandstand dedicates each show to a veteran.

4. Corey Cott learned to play piano for his role as Donny Novitski.

5. Banstand is the first Broadway show ever to get 6 Certified. Got your Six (which means “I’ve got your back”) is a project that “highlights projects that portray narratives about military personnel and their families accurately and responsibly".

6. “Men never Liked to talk”, “Will That be All”, “What’s the Harm in That”, “Worth It”, “Worth it (Reprise)” and “Give me a Reason” were in the Paper Mill Playhouse production, but were cut from the show.

7. The songs “Proud Riff”, “Who I was”, “Just Like It Was Before (Reprise)”, “Breathe”, “Dwight Anson & Jean Ann”, “The Boys Are Back” , “This is Life” and “Epilogue” were added to the Broadway version of Bandstand.

8. “Love Will Come and Find Me Again” was originally sung in the second Act after “Nobody”. For some reason they moved the song to the first Act of the show.

9. The show actually has an Entr'acte. This song is not on the cast album, but it is in the show.

10. The Paper Mill Playhouse production had more characters than it has now. The characters Flora Novitski, Oscar Novitski, Talent Booker, Blue Wisp Waitress, Dolores and Sydney Lemon. Most of the cast members who played the part, had double roles in the show.

11. The Broadway production has two characters that weren’t featured in the Paper Mill Playhouse called Al and Jo.

12. Jessica Lea Patty was orginally the Talent Booker and Dolores. Her parts got cut, but she came back for the Broadway production to play one of the new characters called Jo.

13. Laura Osnes actually turned the musical down at first because she had a friend’s wedding during the lab of Bandstand. They ended up changing the dates of the lab of Banstand, so Laura joined Bandstand.

14. Joey Pero (Nick in the Plaper Mill Playhouse version) had actually been scheduled to play in the Broadway production. In February while walking home Joey Pero was struck by a van. He fractured his leg in several places. Alex Bender took over the part of Nick. On June 30 Joey returned to the show.

Storm Front

Happy Valentine’s Day to my amazing Secret Valentine, @starscythe!!!  I do hope you enjoy this gift, my friend, as you gift us with so many incredible manips all year long. Meeting you in person in November was such a joy, and I hope we can hug in person again in the near future. 

Without further adieu, here is your  @oqcelebration valentine. :D

He’s heard stories, of course, broken whispers whenever a fierce storm blew in unexpectedly, mumbled musings if an acquaintance suddenly fell ill. These are never voiced loudly, as superstition’s lingering hold on the forest proves to be an ominous task master, leaving such wonderings to drift from one listener to the next, more often than not finding fertile ground stripped bare by black magic’s lingering touch.

The Evil Queen’s dark curse had taken many, but there are those among the forest’s remnants who believe she herself still dwells in this realm. They speak of her in hushed fragments, discuss sightings of a dark, solitary figure who roams the forest at night, a cloaked woman who has somehow lost her magic but now lives bound to it, perhaps in just retribution for a curse so foul it emptied their lands and cast both friend and foe into fates unknown.

Robin has never put much stock into superstition, neither does he give credence to legends or fairy lore. His is a world defined by what he can see, touch and confiscate, a world in which people rarely fit into molds of “good” or “evil”, a world in which he’s observed unspeakable acts committed by the most respected of citizens while those judged as lesser are the very ones who offer shelter and food to the starving. He lives by his wits and senses and surrounds himself with a thieving group of outcasts he’d readily give his life to protect.

Yet even he, the infamous Robin Hood, has to admit that the air feels odd tonight, that there is a charge to the impending storm brewing in the eastern highlands that makes the hairs on the back of his neck prickle. He senses a disturbance, one that feels altogether too personal and close at hand for comfort. Roland must have felt it, too, for the boy had clung to him as Robin soothed his son’s whimpers until he’d finally fallen into a fitful sleep.

It is enough for him to grudgingly admit that tinges of magic probably remain in his forest, even if the queen is nowhere to be found. Dreams of Marian and of his mother plague his sleep and fill him with sense of urgency altogether foreign, one that pushes him towards consciousness even as his body rebels.

A loud clap of thunder finally awakens him, and he’s surprised to find that he’s drenched in sweat. Roland is still sleeping soundly, but one touch to his son’s forehead reveals that the boy is hot with fever. He holds his child close, drawing the blankets up around him, but he worries as all parents do, even as the wind howls just outside their tent.

Roland needs feverfew tea. Unfortunately, their stashes of medicinal herbs have run dry in light of the recent bout of sickness that have ravaged both his men and their families, and he lies there only minutes before deciding to risk a trip to the lake’s edge to gather what he needs. He wakes Little John and asks his friend to keep an ear and eye out for his son before donning his thickest cloak and disappearing into the forest’s canopy. He’s survived far worse storms than this, he reminds himself, ignoring the tingling sensations skittering up his legs that feel altogether supernatural.

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I love Lady Gaga and I love femslash ships, so I mixed both of them and this happened. Gaga here being our spirit animal xD

Just in case, guide to the mentioned ships:

Bechloe: Beca & Chloe from Pitch Perfect

Supercorp: Kara and Lena  from Supergirl

Hollstein: Carmilla and Laura from Carmilla the Webseries

Wayhaught: Nicole and Waverly from Wynonna Earp

Sanvers: Alex and Maggie from Supergirl

Swan Queen: Emma and Regina from OUAT

Wicked Wolf: Zelena and Ruby from OUAT (they didn’t have many scenes together, but I imagined this couple and they’d be really cute together).

Give Me a Reason
Corey Cott
Give Me a Reason

In honor of the sad news that Bandstand is closing, I’m posting this little hidden gem from Bandstand’s past. Before Bandstand was on Broadway it was at Paper Mill Playhouse. The show made many changes before it moved to Broadway, it added songs and it cut songs. This is one of the songs that got cut. It was cut and “This is Life” was added. The scene took place on the same set, outside of Julia’s hotel room and at the end of the scene Julia and Donny kissed.

Tell me walk away, I’ll do it.

Say it’s time to go, just tell me no,

You do and I’ll quit.

Tell me not tonight, this isn’t right,

It’s too soon and too selfish.


And give me a reason to stop,

So I don’t have to live with the shame.

Will you give me a reason on top

Of the million or so I could name?


Will you save me?

Just this once, save me?


Brush aside my hand, refuse me.

Turn your face away and simply say,

You choose not to see.

Say you’ve had enough,

And call my bluff.

Accuse me of offending you.


Give me a reason to run,

So I don’t have to live with the guilt.

Will you give me a reason just once?

So I don’t destroy trust that we built.


Will you save me?

Just this once, save me?


Tell me to go to sleep, I’ll try to.

I will lie awake and try to take

My mind off of you.

Make your best defense,

Talk some sense.


Give me a reason to.

Give me a reason to.

Give me a reason to.

Personally, I preferred the scene with this song, it seemed much more personal and had more emotion, I was sad to see it cut! So, Enjoy!

I´m sexy and I know it

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Game On is my first entry for the @oqpromptparty:  Robin and Regina meet and fall in love in their fifties. I do hope you enjoy it, for there are planned additions to this verse as the week progresses. :D

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She’s there every Friday night, perched on the same bleacher in the same aisle, wrapped up in her blue and white blanket even though it’s rather warm for an October evening. He noticed her the first game of the season–how could he not?, what with that dark hair that just teases her shoulders, a strand of which she continually tucks behind one ear, and full lips that are always tinted either a warm burgundy or a deep red. She’s stunning, there’s no question, and he’d hardly be a man, much less a single man if he didn’t notice her.

But she’s a loner in a sea of faces, just like he is. And that’s what draws him to her most.

He really ought to say hello tonight. It wouldn’t take much effort on his part, a mere sliding down and over a few rows, a polite query as to if she’d like a cup of coffee or maybe a hot chocolate. But he holds back, cursing himself for his cowardice as she pulls the blanket even tighter around her petite frame. She’s cold. Perhaps his moving next to her would offer an extra modicum of body heat that would help her warm up.

Just do it, you dolt.

He inhales sharply and decides to make his move, laughing at himself as his knee protests a bit too loudly for his liking, feeling more like his teenage son with his first crush than a fifty-one year old widower who hasn’t been on a date in longer than he can remember. There are similarities, he supposes, and he promises not to laugh at Roland’s unrequited crush on that junior cheerleader again as his own face heats up and his palms begin to sweat.

Here goes nothing.

“May I join you?”

She looks up at him, her eyes such a rich shade of brown they arrest him on the spot.

“No one’s stopping you,” she returns, scooting over a fraction, allowing the leftover warmth of her own body heat clinging stubbornly to the bench to tease him through his jeans.  He’s careful not to sit too close, yet close enough to get a whiff of her perfume, something rich and spicy he suspects hints at her personality.

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