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Criminal Minds Appreciation Week, Day 3 - OTP

I started this shipping manifesto back during season 6 or 7 and then didn’t touch it until about a week ago, so because of that, as well as some issues I have with character fluctuation in later seasons, most of this is based on s1-5.

Sections include:
- General
- Episode Specific
- Superficial
- Myths about characterization*

(*I hate that I feel the last section is necessary, but I have been in fandom long enough to see way too many “I don’t ship this because of [untrue statement about character]” or “I ship this because of [really offensive stereotype]” posts, so it seemed necessary)

I understand if you don’t ship Morgan/Reid, but I do ask that you please respect those who do. I’m happy to discuss various points, but only if you are respectful. I’ve tried to put this under a read more, but tumblr’s kinda inconsistent as to whether or not that works; my apologies if it doesn’t.

Special shoutout to lilijuliet who looked it over and added a few more things from later seasons.

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I peek at our kids, all four smiling big, standing in an uneven line. Wearing superhero and pop culture paraphernalia. Lo squeezes me, no longer teasing. He sees each one, each kid, his nostalgia brimming with mine.

Between years of missteps, fuck-ups, and setbacks, something beautiful and pure happened, and we’re viewing every little bit.


i can’t get used to it;
i’ll never get used to it (x)