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if one had to get to know italy from ryan murphy’s movies and tv shows, we’d be a country where even the most prestigious houses in the centre of rome have no hot water and people don’t do shit all day but shout, talk with their hands, and harass women until they rape them and obviously get acquitted because reasons. there are, however, cool people too, only they’re either spanish or latinos with italian names who can’t speak italian. 

now, i have a message for ryan.

who hurt you? talk to us. were taxes too high when you made eat pray love? you know taxes are annoying for us too, right? what’s so unthinkable about a woman being raped in israel that you have to change it to italy? who was busy in a session of dolce far niente while you were waiting for your coffee bathing in cold water? what happened? get if off your chest, i’m sure we can talk this through. 

anonymous asked:

Well maybe if you don't speak spanish you shouldn't rp a character that does? it's a bit insulting.

oh, dear….dear anon. you can get the hell out. there are plenty people on tumblr who play characters and don’t speak the languages that those characters speak. it’s, honestly pretty normal. do you think the people who play natasha romanoff speak russian? or the people who play bucky barnes speak romanian or all the other languages he speaks? some of them might, sure and that’s super awesome, but i bet you not everyone does. i love laura with all my heart and i’m going to keep roleplaying her despite you wanting me not to. i’m going to keep doing what i want to because, well, it’s my blog?? and i don’t care what you think???? i’ve never had anyone else, in all my times of roleplaying characters that speak languages i do not, tell me that i shouldn’t roleplay them. since you’re one out of the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people i’ve interacted with, i’m not gonna take it to heart. i respect your opinion and thank you for your lovely advice, but i’m not going to take it.

also, in case you missed it in your desperation to try to drive me from a wonderfully complex character and make me feel horrid (which lol good luck), it clearly says NO ANONYMOUS HATE WILL BE TOLERATED. so, goodbye and have a grand day. best wishes.  

  • Laura: I would say that the moment I knew you were the one, Travis, was when you snorted sake because I dared you to.
  • Laura: And it was . . . the best part . . .well, I'll tell the whole story.
  • Laura: So we were out on a date. And I dared him to do it. And it was cold, unfiltered sake, right?
  • Travis: *covers his face*
  • Laura: And he did it. He was like, "I'll do it. I'll do it. I hAVe to be a mAN."
  • Travis: *nods*
  • Laura: So he snorted it, and he was like, "Oh, that's weird. It was like . . . It's actually kind of refreshing."
  • Travis: I don't remember that being my reaction at all.
  • Laura: No, that is what you did. You went, "That wasn't so bad, that wasn't so bad." And I went, "Oh my god, I expected it to sting really bad."
  • Travis: Oh, I remember.
  • Laura: And he goes, "No no no. It didn't sting. It's actually, it's kind of funny. You should try it." And I did. And it STUNG SOOO BAAAD!
  • Laura: And he totally like held the reaction down just so I would do it too.
  • Travis: I was like, this sucks so much. If I could just lie to myself for thirty seconds, I'll get her to do it.
  • Travis: Then she was like AHIDSHIETEKHSIGDHIE!!!! And I was like, "IT SUCKS, DOESN'T IT?"
  • Travis: Best secret agent job I ever pulled.