laura look what i did

so i was outside my house when i heard someone yell “GET OFF MY LAWN LAURA YOU PIECE OF SHIT” and i was thinking “oh man what did laura do” and then i looked down the road and turns out the lady was yelling at a deer that was trying to eat her flowers.

she named the deer laura.

Carmilla Episode 17 v Episode 26: the Difference 10 Episodes Makes
Takes place post 33. Little bit angsty, but ends in sorta fluff?
Hollstein (naturally)

You’re a fool, and you know it. It scares you how foolish you’re willing to be for her, how you’re willing to risk regretting so much just to regain her trust. (Even though you know she has every fucking right to be mad at you, you can’t take the stony silence you get every time you enter the room). You leave a note before you go, because this is practically a suicide mission and you want her to know how you feel if you never come back.
(Don’t bother looking for me if I’m not back in three days. I loved loving you.)

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