laura lochs


A big thank you to everyone that applied to the zine! 

Sorry for such a long wait, we received 95 applications which exceeded our expectations and made it very difficult to narrow down. Even after we the list was finalized it took longer than we expected to get in contact with the participants.

Originally we had planned 22 total participants but we bumped it up to 28 as there were so many talented applicants. We wish we could include more but that would raise the cost of production and reduce the amount we would be able to donate.

Not all the participates have a Tumblr so a link to their main art/writing blog will be provided instead.


Laura Loch // Pharikhurra // 
Annamarie // Rey
Claire // Jenny // Elisa // Casey 
Meridachii // Usarei // Vivi // Alexecinz
Mayocat // Jesse // Clara // Temple-Secrets
Gilly // Maria // Rae // Cyb
Lola Tempest


Tancong // Yng // Hida // Jaz

Zenaida // TK // Bookworm

These are subject to change as the participants’ real life comes first, any updates can be found in the Participants page linked on our sidebar.