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Cue all the gifs, analysis, zooms, screenshots and slow-mo.

I love this fandom

person: has a broken arm

me: so how’d you break your arm?

person: oh, i just tripped.

me: you fell out of a tree?

person: um no i-

me: well that is just the saddest fucking thing i’ve ever heard omg

person: what?

me: uhh… no one’s signed your cast

person: yes they have what are you talking ab-

me: well i’ll sign it

person: okay but-

me: do you have a sharpie?

person: no

me: writes name

person: why the fuck did you write “connor”

The cast of Dear Evan Hansen for the Easter Bonnet Competition.

Mike Faist: Treat him correctly.

Mike Faist has missed 3 shows in a row this week, missed Beyoncé and has generally been seeming a bit unhappy. The fandom has pushed so many of his boundaries and it’s not okay.

He was on the official instagram story, yet the only one who wasn’t smiling. This is very concerning, during Newsies he had seemed to be feeling great. At one point he even had an Instagram (it was faistmike, confirmed by his girlfriend on a old post where he is tagged in the comments by her) and he stagedoored much more often.

After June, things seemed to take a turn. He hasn’t stagedoored more than 5 times since than, yet he did during Newsies and when the show was in previews/OB. End of July, he misses his movie premiere (where SO MANY FANS WERE trust me I was one of them) and fly’s to Ohio to see his family. August, there is so little content of him?? People start to go find his personal Facebook and post photos of him. I have a ~certain~ feeling he knows and that’s why he became inactive.

Because of us, his fans INVADING HIS PERSONAL MEDIA and trading them. There’s a photo going around of him shirtless and wearing makeup, which was ripped off his Facebook. He’s probably so uncomfortable with it. And then people spread it everywhere.

Now he’s taken a vacation, he’s missed the least amount of shows from any cast member and now takes a vacation. His role might be taking a toll, but for now just respect him like any other human and not invade his privacy due to your lack of content.


On July 11, 1908, the heavily decomposed body of 19-year-old Hazel Drew was discovered floating face down in Teal’s Pond. She had a corset string knotted around her neck. Drew had been missing for four days. On July 7 of that year, Drew walked along a secluded place of Taborton Road, Sand Lake, New York. At around 7:30 p.m., she met Frank Smith and Rudolph Gundrum and engaged in conversation with them. What happened next is shrouded in mystery. An autopsy concluded that she had died of blunt force trauma to the head. Locals speculated that her death was accidental and that she had been struck by a car. Many suspects were questioned, among them Smith and Gundrum, but no one was ever charged with the murder of Drew and the case is still unsolved. The mystery surrounding Drew’s death recently made the news after the Twin Peaks series made it’s comeback. Co-creator Mark Frost revealed in 2013 that the inspiration for the character Laura Palmer is partially based on Hazel Drew. Frost stated: “I’d heard stories about [Hazel] all through my growing up, because she’s supposedly haunted this area of the lake, so that’s kind of where Laura came from.