laura lea nalle


India is extraordinary,

a land of contradictions, 

a crazy beautiful madhouse,

the motherland that cracks the heart open

and pours in the light. 


The oils and incense and silks;

the grime and rot and non-stop horn honking;

the laughter and despair and devotion;

the smell of fresh jasmine and spices and burning trash;

the coconuts and kumkum and wandering cows;

the beggars and holy men and housewives;

the sattvic and the sacrilege;

the sadhus and the scam artists;

the chanting and yelling and

hundreds of unheard whispered prayers…


 ~Excerpt from a poem by Laura Lea Nalle


Photos by Laura Lea Nalle

ॐ स॒ह ना॑ववतु । स॒ह नौ॑ भुनक्तु ।स॒ह वी॒र्यं॑ करवावहै ।ते॒ज॒स्वि ना॒वधी॑तमस्तु॒ मा वि॑द्विषा॒वहै॑ ॥ॐ शान्ति॒ः शान्ति॒ः शान्ति॑ः ॥




Devaraja market, Mysore India. photo by Laura Lea Nalle