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Sometimes you felt like you were drowning. The uncontrollable nightmares that made you question the entirety of your freedom, the main cause being the horrors that were experienced during your time at prison. Since leaving Litchfield it had been a bittersweet relationship with the outside, the freedom that meant you could live your life had a constant battle the mental restrictions you gave yourself as a coping method in the prison. Too often it felt like it was a dream, a beautiful, poisonous dream that you couldn’t bring yourself to confront; the only thing that would keep you even remotely sane was the woman you thought would only ever cause you heartache. Nicky Nichols, the junkie philosopher, the reason that you were finally happy, the one woman that mattered. You met Nicky when she returned from max, exhausted from the continuous challenges that Morello had inflicted on her, you were sat on the steps staring out of the window not sure whether to feel envy or empathy for those who were finally free from the confines of the prison when Nicky approached you with her effortless charm. Little did you know that her one move that seemed insignificant at the time would lead to a friendship that would blossom into a perfectly imperfect relationship in which you would be there for each other no matter what you faced. Two years later you were sat in your humble New York apartment reflecting back on how being in prison resulted in you feeling so happy. The slam of the door broke you from your thoughts as the redhead strolled through the door with her signature smirk, only to be greeted by you clinging to her. “I’ve only been gone for 20 minutes babe, am I missing something here” Nicky laughed as she carried you further into the room. “I’m just grateful, that’s all” you replied as she layed you down on the couch, “Well then let me show you just how grateful I am” she smirked. It was in that moment you realised how you had developed your own crazy addiction towards the junkie.


Disclaimer: I do ship Nicky and Morello, I just thought that this would be a cute story so no hate please :)