laura kincaid


Cessily: She saved us! All of us!
Emma: Cessily…
Cessily: No! You abandon Kevin, you humiliate Julian, and now you want Laura to leave?! What is the matter with you?! She nearly died saving our lives… she would have, if not for Julian! This is how you treat her?
Emma: There are things you don’t know, Cessily.. I’m doing this to protect you.
Cessily: I don’t care! I’ve found out more than enough about you “protect” your students, Miss Frost. 

New X-Men v2 #33

Cessily stands up to Emma Frost and defends Laura!


New X-Men: Academy X #22 (2006)
Written by Craig Kyle and Chris Yost, penciled by Mark Brooks, inked by Jay Liesten and Jaime Mendoza, and colored by Brian Reber and Dave McCraig.


My art for @zovinar as part of @xmenxmasxchange! (I entered with my normal blog, halos-hollow, but I wanted to upload this to my art blog)

I am so so happy that I got this prompt because Academy X is probably my favorite X-kids team, and this was a blast to draw!!

Merry Christmas!