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Room Enough: Part 4

Merry Christmas to the Kabby fandom. I hope you enjoy the conclusion to this story, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support you’ve sent my way. 

You can read the first three chapters here. May all of you have a blessed holiday season!

There are no left-overs after dinner.

Every crumb is devoured, every glass emptied, the meal pronounced a huge success by everyone. Bellamy had helped himself to three servings of mashed potatoes as well as two helpings of roast, but nobody had minded, not even Mrs. Green. Octavia had favored the bread over everything else, but she’d sipped her honeyed hot tea dutifully under Abby’s watchful eye, having understood clearly that there would be no chocolate cake until her tea had been finished. Her cough has subsided somewhat since they brought the children home, but it lingers, much to Abby’s chagrin, giving way to the occasional fit that leaves the girl both exhausted and extra clingy.

Abby is the one to whom she clings.They now sit together on the sofa, Octavia leaning contentedly into Abby’s chest, chocolate crumbs still clinging to her small chin and fingers from the cake she’d nearly inhaled. They both sit transfixed, watching Marcus light the seventh candle of Hanukkah as Monty, Bellamy and Clarke stand in awe beside him.

“Blessed are you, Lord our God, King of the Universe, Who wrought miracles for our fathers in days of old at this season.”

His voice resonates across the room, somehow casting even Mrs. Green under it’s spell. The yarmulke suits him, looks natural even, and she feels honored that he’s sharing this part of himself with them, this part that belongs to his mother. He sings a blessing in Hebrew, one that caresses her from the inside out, making her feel a part of something sacred, something both ancient and new. The menorah is passed from Marcus to a rather surprised Bellamy, accompanied by instructions for the boy to set it on the end table by the front window where it can be seen by anyone who cares to look.

“A light in the darkness,” Marcus explains, and the boy nods eagerly, his back straightening as he takes on such an important task. Marcus beams as his young protege carries the burden carefully, giving Bellamy a pat on the back after he successfully accomplishes his mission.

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  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> isnt it wonderful when characters dont need to validate there sexuality<p/><b>Also me:</b> cries when a character say an lgbt+ term to define themselves<p/></p><p/></p>

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The Woman in Question (1950, Anthony Asquith)

This film is a British mystery/drama about a murdered woman through the eyes of five different people. Whether a lady, a shrew, a charlatan, a cheat, a damsel in distress, and whatever else in the eyes of the people who talk about her, the detectives solving her murder are never sure of who she “really” was. Five people from her life talk about her in five separate flashback segments and in each one, Jean Kent (the titular woman) portrays a different persona. I thought she was really extraordinary; how she went from being soft-spoken and angelic in one person’s dream to a screaming shrew in the next! I don’t think I’ve ever seen another film structured this way (I’m sure many will note the comparisons to Citizen Kane, Laura and other films about one particular person told in flashback, but I think The Woman in Question is unique due to the woman’s image and entire personality changing depending on who is speaking about her). Another thing I really liked is that although we see so much, the truth of “who she is” is never cemented. Her personality remains fragmented and distorted through what others choose to see and remember. Kind of like real life! The above scene is from one of the five segments and in it she is shown through the eyes of her younger sister as a slovenly bully. It was my favorite segment because Jean Kent really went all out and was as disgusting and in-your-face as possible! - Zynab

The amazing @nuclear-tan did this of Laura and Layth on a date at the beach, and it’s absolutely gorgeous!

The beach, as per always, was warm. Laura laid back on the blanket, thankful for the fact that she had put on layers of sunscreen earlier.

Beside her, reading some scientific journal article that she didn’t care about, was her boyfriend of a year and a half, Layth. He had tried to explain the chemistry paper, but she hadn’t really understood what he was trying to say about the carbon rings or whatever it was. “Don’t fall asleep, Ameera,” he said. His voice sounded amused. “Otherwise you’ll wake up burnt to a crisp. Again.”

She snorted, cracking an eye to look up at him. “You’re only making fun of me ‘cause you don’t burn.” His eyes were dancing with amusement and she reached over and pinched his thigh.

She swallowed a laugh as he jumped and pouted at her. “Ameera!”

She gave him her most innocent smile. “Yes?”

“That wasn’t nice.”

“I’m not nice, remember? I inflict pain on people for a living.”

He rolled his eyes. “By giving them amazing tattoos.”

She laughed sitting up, with her back to the ocean so the sun wasn’t directly in her eyes anymore. She leaned into him and he whined about being too warm with her leaning against him. She shifted away slightly. “Why are you reading that? School’s been out for two weeks. Please tell me you aren’t already missing teaching your lovely chemistry nerds.”

“About as much as you’re missing your little art nerds back at the tattoo shop.”

“I’m not missing them. I’m worried about how my mother is going to corrupt them while we’re on vacation,” she defended, chin lifting in defiance.

He snorted. “Okay, yeah, Leena corrupting your apprentice is actually a legit concern. So that one makes sense.”

Whatever she was going to say was cut off by a couple pictures from a friend of theirs, Pilar. She smiled and shook her head, amused. Her best friend was a bit nosy but she loved her anyway. “Pilar’s bored and sending me pictures of her and Jesy doing touristy shit.” She glanced at him. “We should send a couple back. Let her know we haven’t murdered each other yet.”

He snorted. “As if we would.”

She smirked. “You never know.” She brought her phone up and they both looked at the camera. Before she actually snapped the picture, she turned her head and kissed his cheek.

The picture turned out really good, she decided, sending off to Pilar.

He took her phone and looked at the picture. “You’re adorable, Ameera,” he said. He turned his gaze to hers and cupped her cheek with his hand. “But you take a good picture.”