laura jane faulds


Hey what’s up guys. I have these two magical friends named Elizabeth Barker and Laura Jane Faulds. They are writing a book called Let It Be Beautiful that you’ll read in full one day, but right now selections from that book have been staggered into six awesome zines that are on sale NOW. Over the course of nine volumes, Liz and LJ will rewrite every Beatles song (there are 300!) as a story or an essay. These six zines are a sneak preview of the first Let It Be Beautiful volume, Meet The Beatles.

You can buy them here. And I mean.. you should.

There are a few good reasons you should buy these and re-blog this post and talk about this project with your friends. One of those reasons has to do with supporting girl genius, but another one is about reading really fantastic writing that stands on its own merits and doesn’t require my editorializing.

I’ve been friends with Liz and LJ for over a decade. True story: I gave LJ a copy of my learner’s permit when she was 16 and I was 19 so that she could buy cigarettes and go to shows and unfortunately I do not possess any appropriate photos of us together. Here’s another true story: Liz and I are more or less soul mates who share a Mary Timony spirit animal in common and are really in love with each other. She also has a very strong Tanya Donelly vibe about her, and I don’t say that kind of thing lightly.

Here’s a time one of my other soulsies interviewed Liz and me (“the band”) using a champagne flute (MTV microphone) at a rooftop bar at which Liz and I pretended to be Columbia alums, class of 2006.

Let it be beautiful!