laura j. wellner

Going with the Flow, Sketches, 2017, India ink on cotton rag papers. A handmade sketchbook with room to grow, it is stuffed with ink wash paintings/drawings, rubbings, and it’s one big happy mess of me having a good time!

Okay…so I’ve had a dry spell art-making-wise (the hand dirty-ing kind, digital photos, I might get my knees muddy kneeling to get a shot of an itty-bitty flower or a mushroom.) Then I made the sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project, which was what I totally needed to get me back on track! Now the creative spigots have opened and I made a shit ton of art in three days…Friday, Saturday, Sunday. All India ink on various cotton rag paper scraps that I’ve saved over the years. (All of the bits that I tore off to make my ragged edges I have saved for paper making at a later date.) My hands were black most of the time, and I still have some remains embedded in my skin where my hands are so beat up and dry, the shit is going to have to wear off…so, I was wicked happy and in the zone…

More photos to come, I’m not done documenting it all…or making more!

The Heart of Everything That Is…, 2017, India ink wash on rag paper, 14 x 14 inches

I start by tearing the paper, making the ragged edges and let it go as it may rather than controlling it, so the paper shapes are just as random as the marks I make. Random shapes happen when I’m flailing around with ink and water…I’m sure to have another session of inspiration this weekend.