laura i love you lots


Hellooooou!! *wink* Im very happy to announce my first follow forever! (fucking finally) First of all: Thank you so much for making my dash a happy place with all the carmilla and walking dead posts. (god Im so weird, zombie survivors and a vampire who fell in love with a tiny human, best combination ever.) ((+ a lot of swan queen, a pinch of sterek and multi fandom staff and thangs))

Honestly, I don’t even know what to write here so Im just gonna start.

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Hey taylorswift my names Laura and I love chicken nuggets and Harry Potter. Oh and you. Like a lot. I’ve met so many people through you and you’ve given me the confidence to love chicken nuggets with out feeling like the fat kid that loves food. But on a serious note I would hit like to thank you for everything thing. I look forward to freezing my butt off camping out for Brits and seeing you at BST, can’t believe it’s been a year since red tour. Miss you millions 📚🌚 taylorswift