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I couldn’t not like you - Harrison Osterfield Imagine

Request : Can you do a Harrison imagine where the reader and Harrison get in a argument because Harrison gets jealous over the reader talking to her ex and it ends all fluffy and what not? Thanks so much!

Y/N looked her at her phone, reading Y/Ex’s/Name’s last text and chuckling at how silly that guy was. The two of you had ended things off almost two years ago but had managed to remain civil and friendly, you had broken things off when you had started travelling because of your acting job. He didn’t really handle how rare it became for you to come home and you two drifted apart. It had hurt but you weren’t in love and you were still friends so it was fine. You showed the text to your hair stylist Sarah,and she giggled when she saw the text. You quickly texted him back, saying how weird and silly he was and then waited.

“What’s so funny?”

You turned towards Harrison, who was chilling on the couch in your trailer; he was staring at you, his eyebrows furrowed, and his jaw clenched. Harrison was your co-star on this film, you were playing his love interest and you two had hit it off since the very first day. To be completely honest, you had quite the crush on him. You had been aware of him, because you were a fan of Tom Holland and since Tom and Harrison , you had been aware of his existence. But when you had met in person, you had been mesmerized at how nice and talented he was. He was obviously even more handsome in person, and it was hard to act sometimes as you would forget your lines, looking into those deep blue eyes of his.

You cleared your throatand waved your hand, holding your phone. “Just some sitty joke Y/ex’s name sent.”

“If it’s shitty, why are you laughing?”

You frowned at Haz, he was never like this, unless not that you recalled. “ Hum, because I have a shitty sense of humor, I guess?” You said.

Haz stared at you for a couple of minutes before shrugging. “ Yeh whatever.”

You looked at Sarah, who just shook her head, smirking. You didn’t answer, and she continued doing your hair. When she was done, she had to leave to go do your co-stars’ hair too. You turned to Haz, still laying on your couch. You walked to the couch, and sat next to him.

“Haz.” He didn’t answer you, he was typing furiously on his phone. “Haaaaz..” You dragged out his little petname, but still no answer. “Hazza bear.. talk to me..”

“Oh, so you notice I’m here now. Great.”

“Huh, okaay, what the hell, Harrison?” You asked. “Wanna tell me what the hell is going on with you?”

“Oh,you wanna know? Well I’ll tell you, I’m kinda sick of you always texting your ex when you guys aren’t together anymore. Like seriously, who texts their ex on a regular basis?!”

You listened to him and slowly registered his words, he was looking at you, clear hurt and anger on his face.

“Haz, why are you reacting like this?” You tried to stay calm, eventhough you could tell he was holding back a lot of things.

“Just forget it.”

He tried to get up but you stopped him and hold him by his arm.

“No, Haz, talk to me.” He wouldn’t meet your eyes, and you really felt something was off here. You grabbed his face with your hands and forced him to look at you. He was reluctant at first but he eventually hold our gaze. For a few minutes, all you did was stare at eachother and you couldn’t help but notice how Harrison’s eyes sometimes feel to your lips but he didn’t kiss you. You wanted him to, wouldn’t have stopped him if he did.

“Y/N..” His eyes found yours and they were full of fondness and you smiled at the way he said your name.

“You don’t want me to talk to Y/Ex’s/Name.”

“I don’t.”


“Because.. I am a jealous little shit. And I am jealous little shit because I like you.”

Your hands slowly fell from his face as his words made their way to your brain, you couldn’t believe it. Were you dreaming? Had you somehow fallen asleep in your chair while Sara was doing your hair?

“You like me?”

“I know it’s cliché, because we work together and all that and movie couples never last but I just.. You’re just so intelligent and funny and I couldn’t not like you..” His voice trails off as he looks away from you, hiding his little blush. You were blushing yourself at all his words, but you had to make a move,otherwise you would lose your chance. You’ve had a crush on Harrison for so long and now it was mutual, you were just sitting there? Nope, you were Y/N , you could do this, you leaned in and pecked Harrison’s cheek. He turned to you, and you took your chance, and kissed his lips this time. It was quick, and brief, and you backed away but you were still close, only centimeters away from his face.

“I like you too, silly.”

He stared at you for a few minutes, shock written all over his face. “”

You nod yes and add “ Have been  for a little while now.” His eyes widened even more. “ You have? Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Why didn’t you?” You chuckle. He blushes and lowers his eyes. “ I was afraid you still liked your ex or whatever..”

“Nah, me and him have been looong over.” You said, and Harrison looked up at you. He was staring at your lips now, and  you so badly wanted him to kiss you. Apparently, his mind was on the same track as yours as he asked “ Can I kiss you?”

“Do you need to ask?” And with a smile he leaned in to kiss you, and it was only the first of many.


A/N : I really hope this is okay anon , hope you enjoy it ! Send me requests for more if you like!