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The “Wow, whats this?” and realization on your own gay as you watch Spencer figure it out:

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The one after Glee destroyed your soul but IRL people told you it was okay to ship them and the fan fiction was brilliant and you let it consume you:

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"You're a hero, Ranger Rick."

Submitted by ofloveandlionhearts
“lucaya prompt…. Lucas saves Maya from being hit by a car and lands in the hospital. Maya is frickin PISSED but also extremely guilty, especially when Lucas’ mom arrives at the hospital sorry to be so specific ^^;”

I’m not sure how I did on the angry part, but I really hope you like it and thank you for submitting!


If Maya could go back and change everything, she would. She wouldn’t have suggested they go walk around the city, she wouldn’t have given the idea to get them food from the truck across the street, and she wouldn’t have asked Lucas to go with her.

They weren’t even close to anywhere busy, they hadn’t seen many cars besides the occasional taxi.

The gang had gone to an art museum, because it was Maya’s day to pick the activity, and she felt particularly inspired that morning.

But of course, because these 5 can’t do anything without something happening, they got kicked of the place.

It started when Farkle got angry at Zay for talking too loudly, to save you the details, Zay ended up almost breaking a priceless artifact and they were forced to leave with a one year ban placed on them.

“I’m hungry.” Riley said.

Maya kicked a rock with her foot as she trailed along the New York sidewalk.

“How about we stop at this food truck?” She pointed at the black and gray vehicle.

“Sounds good to me.” Farkle agreed.

“So 4 hot dogs, and then a Philly Cheese steak for Ranger Rick?” Maya asked, turning to face the whole group.

“How’d you know?” Lucas looked at the blonde quizzically.

“You eat those on Saturdays, to help you build for baseball practice on Sundays. I’ve know you for 4 years Huckleberry, keep up.” She smirked.

“I’ll come with you, to help you carry it.” He offered, and they walked towards the crosswalk.

Maya swore she looked both ways.

She swore that there wasn’t a single car in sight, so she started crossing.

She would’ve heard the engine too late, if it hadn’t been for Lucas yelling her name loudly.

Time froze instantly. It was like Maya’s feet were super glued to the road, she felt the force, and she felt her body hit the ground.

But when Maya opened her eyes, she was fine, and there was no car above her.

The vehicle had tried to screech to a halt, but it was too late, the yellow cab hit Lucas and he tumbled to the ground.

“Call 911!” Was the last thing Lucas heard before he slipped into a darkness.


The ambulance arrived quickly.

Maya sat there in the ambulance with him, since she needed to be looked at too, but not bad enough that she needed her own.

She felt the drops pour out and down her face, landing on the railing of his mobile bed.

She grabbed his hand.

“I’m sorry, I’m so damn sorry Lucas.”


So now here she was, getting her head bandaged.

She had a few minor cuts, and some pretty nasty bruises, but other than that she was perfectly fine.

The nurse told her with a smile that, “If that handsome boy hadn’t have pushed you out of the way, there’s a high chance you could’ve died.”

Everyone was here.

Shawn, Katy, Cory, Topanga, Riley, Maya, Zay, Farkle, but one person was missing.

“I’m here! I’m here, is he ok?” His mom came rushing in as fast as he could.

Riley stood up.

“We don’t know yet.” She informed her glumly.

“What happened?”

“Um, we were hungry so Maya and Lucas went to go get some food from this food truck across the street. A car came quickly around the corner and Maya didn’t see it. Lucas shoved her out of the way and got hit instead. The nurses say if he hadn’t, Maya might’ve died.” Farkle explained, in perfect detail.

Maya let a tear stream down her face and felt more guilty than she’d ever felt.

“Oh thank God you’re ok, Pancakes.”

After Lucas explained his only comeback to Maya’s nicknames to his mom, she had taken a liking to calling her Pancakes. Since Maya liked Lucas’s mom so much, she didn’t mind it too bad.

“You don’t hate me for injuring your son?” The blonde asked her, stunned.

“Hate you? I could never. Knowing my son, he would’ve felt even worse than he does now if he hadn’t pushed you out of the way. You could’ve died, and I’m sure he’ll be okay, especially if he knows you’re okay. I’m glad you’re still here with us.”

Maya just hugged her for what felt like ages.

“My boy, he cares about you a lot you know. He sure does talk about you a lot, like the way he used to talk about Riley when they dated.”

Maya was shocked.


“Yeah. That kid never shuts up. Maya this, Maya that.”

Maya didn’t say anything else, just processed the information.

“Thank you, for being here and not blaming me.”

“Anything for my favorite short stack.”


Another hour passed, and Lucas was still asleep.

But then again, so was everyone else.

Katy and Shawn were snuggled up on a couch, Topanga was propped up on Cory’s shoulder, and Lucas’s mom had finally given up on pacing around.

It was just Maya, Riley, Farkle, and Zay.

“I can’t believe he did that.” Maya said.

“I can, he cares about you Maya.” Farkle said.

“He’s still stupid for pushing me out of the way. I should be in the hospital bed right now.”

“Maya, he did what he did for a reason. And I think your moral compass has a pretty good sense of reasoning.” Zay piped up.

“I heard a doctor passing by say that Lucas will be ok, but he broke his leg. Can’t play baseball for a whole 6 months.” Farkle added.

“Oh my god, now I feel worse.” Maya groaned.

“Hey, 6 months is right before baseball starts, he’ll still get to play around he end of the season.” Riley tried cheering up her best friend.

“Yeah, but will he still be as good? Did I screw up our baseball teams best sophomore player?”

“Have you even met Lucas? Mr. Perfect? He’ll be ok, I promise on my life.” Zay said.

“Hey Farkle?” Maya asked, and the genius looked at her.

“What doctor did you hear talking about Lucas?”

There was a pause.

“Okay so maybe Zay and I went back there ourselves.”

Maya smiled for the first time in hours.


“He’s awake.”

A doctor spoke from the waiting room door.

Every stood up quickly out of their seats.

“You can see him one person at a time, he’s still a little groggy, though.” The doctor informed the group.

“Maya, you should go first.” Lucas’s mom said.

“You sure?” Maya looked at everyone else, who nodded in agreement.

She took a deep breath and followed the man down a long, narrow, hallway.

The walls felt as they were closing in when she saw ‘Friar’ written on the dry erase board outside hospital room 426.

He looked surprisingly well, considering he had been hit by a car four hours earlier.

“Maya, is that you?” A strained voice whimpered from the bed.

Maya winced at the pitiful sound of his voice.

“It’s me, Sundance.” She tried her best to smile.

“Are you alright? I pushed you kind of hard.” He asked, genuinely concerned.

“Lucas, you saved my life! The important question here is, are you alright?”

The nervous blonde carefully sat in the chair next to his bed.

“Maya,” he paused, “Are you ok?”

“I’m perfectly fine Huckleberry, compared to you. Just a few scratches and bruises.”

“I’m glad you’re safe.” He smiled.

Silence washed over the room.

“Thank you.” Maya said suddenly.

“It was nothing.” He attempted to shrug, but grimaced in pain.

“You saved my life. I might be dead if you hadn’t have been with me! You’re a hero, Ranger Rick.”

“I’m not a hero. I just care about you that much.”

“Good, cause you’re also an idiot. What were you thinking? You can’t even play baseball for a while.” Maya ranted.

“You’re worth much more to me than baseball, Hart.”

Maya’s faced softened, they smiled at each other, and she grabbed Lucas’s hand.

“I have a pen, can I sign it?” Maya referred to the olive green colored cast on his leg.

“I would be honored.” He joked, winking at her and pulling his imaginary hat down as best he could, referencing their game.

“Is my mom here?” Lucas asked as Maya’s hand pushed against his cast while she wrote.

“Yeah. She’s alright though, she’s much calmer than when we got here.”

“Good. Let’s hope she doesn’t kill me for stepping out in front of a car.” The boy smiled, but was also slightly worried.

Maya thought back to her and his mom’s conversation.

“I think she’ll be alright.” She smirked.


That night, Lucas sat on his bed.

He remembered he never read what Maya wrote on his cast.

He looked over the other signatures and then he found the Blonde Beauty’s.

'Thanks for caring, you’re a hero Ranger Rick. -xo Maya Hart’

If Lucas could go back, back to this morning when he got a text from Maya telling him she was outside and ready to go, he wouldn’t dream of changing a single thing.

Short Stack of Pancakes

Submitted by maggshouse19

“Imagine person A of your OTP is roused in the middle of the night by loud banging and crashing coming from downstairs, and the first thing they notice is that person B is no longer in the bed beside them. They hurry downstairs and find B, the smaller member of your OTP, on the floor in the kitchen, unharmed, having been standing on a chair to reach something on a higher shelf and fallen when the chair tilted over, dragging down half the contents of the shelves with them.”

long prompt, and since they live in NYC here I didn’t do stairs. Also, it’s kind of short but I really hope you enjoy it! Thank you for submitting, I had fun with this one!


It was a calm Tuesday night, and Lucas Friar had fallen asleep next to his beautiful wife Maya Hart.

It was pretty quiet for NYC, just the occasional car going by disturbing the silent evening.

That was, until a loud clatter from the other rooms awoke him.

He shot up quickly, wide awake in an instant.

“Maya, did you hear that?” He whispered.

No answer came, and when he looked to his right, emptiness occupied the space previously belonging to Maya.

Lucas mentally had a quick rush of nervousness, was Maya ok? Had someone taken her?

He grabbed his baseball bat, and cautiously opened the door.

He crept in his socks around the apartment, carefully not to step wrong in fear the floor would creak, alerting the intruder of his presence.

When he reached the kitchen, the boy couldn’t believe his eyes.

Maya lay on the floor, with a load of pill bottles, Band-Aid boxes, and bandages sprawled over her. A tipped over chair sat inches from her.

“Maya?” He tried to stifle a laugh.

“Yeah I know. Laugh all you want.” She sounded a little angry, a little sad, and even a tad bit amused.

“Baby, what happened?” Lucas asked, squatting next to his spouse on the floor.

“I couldn’t sleep and my head was killing me, so I went to get some Aspirin.”

He nodded, letting her know he was listening.

“I then remembered that you usually get the medicine, because I’m too short to reach. I didn’t want to wake you up because you looked adorable and cozy while you slept, plus you have that big meeting at work tomorrow. I decided to stand on a chair to get it, the chair tipped, I tried to save myself, and here we are.”

“I’m sorry, Pancakes.” He joked.

She glared at her husband.

“Don’t even test me right now, Huckleberry.”

The cowboy held up his hands in fake surrender.

“You’re okay though, right?” He got serious.

“I’m fine, Ranger Rick. My confidence is a little sore, though. Why was I made so short?”

“Maya, I love your height. It’s perfect. I can rest my head on it when we hug, it’s fun to lean down to kiss you, and we fit so well when we cuddle, well when you let me.” Lucas trailed off.

Maya smiled slightly.

“Anyways, Maya Penelope,” He teased her nickname. “You kick ass, no matter how tall or short you are. I would love you anyway you are, I’ll love you forever and always, unconditionally.”

She was quiet for a moment.

“You’re such a sap, Friar.” She laughed. “But thank you, I needed that, now let’s go back to bed.”

They stood up and he slung his arm around her shoulders.

“Anything for you, my short stack of pancakes.”

Just a Puff

Sister Bernadette, Call the Midwife - Season 2 Episode 3