laura hale

Teen Wolf Headcanons/Resolute Beliefs
  • Derek’s Dad was the one who took his Mom’s name and married into the family.
  • The Sheriff’s first name is John.
  • Derek’s family had quite a bit of money before the fire (imo most Werewolf Packs in most universes are at least Upper Middle Class), and after the fire Laura and Derek inherited not only the savings of their family members, but…money….. It’s kinda bittersweet. (heavy on the bitter)
  • Laura Hale (source):
  • You can try to pry Alpha Derek from my cold, dead hands, but even then I’ll find a way to fight you from beyond the grave.
  • ‘True Alpha’ my ass.


Hale-maid? MERMAIDS! Sketch Dailies is this twitter account that encorague artist to sketch everyday (duh) on a specific theme. One of these days it was mermaids, and well I got too excited, hehe.

This was suppose to have a background but I hated it :) so nude bg instead!

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