EPISODE TWO!!! And yes Derek is eating a PB&J.

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I'm curious to know your own TOP sterek fic. Only the very top one :)

This is such a hard question! 

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But seriously, these is like asking me to pick a favorite cat. 

But here’s my favorite fic. Today. Subject to change at any time without warning.

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Fireman Derek’s Crazy Pie [Cheeseburger Baby] by owlpostagain

(1/1 I 17,698 I Teen I Sterek)

“He can’t blame me for the fact that I live in a building full of people united in the singular effort to ogle Hot Fireman as often as humanly possible.“

Laura laughs, loud and echoing in the empty restaurant.

“Hot firemen can make a girl do crazy things,” she agrees, nodding towards her brother’s name on the menu. “Derek won’t let me date anyone from his company, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the eye candy.”

“Send them my way,” Stiles suggests, finally loading up a forkful of pie. “Apparently I’m incompetent enough that I need to be babysat at all times, because it would be cheaper than dispatching a truck every time I try to use a kitchen appliance.”

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Of Glasses And Lacrosse Sticks - charlesdk - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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“Okay, how ‘bout this? One date, just one date, and if you still don’t believe I’m genuinely interested in you, then I’ll leave you alone for good. How does that sound?”

Derek hesitated for another moment, before he sighed and said, “Fine. One date.”


Imagine: Being the youngest member of the Hale family.

The hand of Stiles Stilinski came flying from behind you to slam your locker door shut. You turned around and stared at the boy who rudely interrupted your search for your lunch money.

“You know Y/N, I could almost bet that you were a Hale!” he burst out as his brows hang low on his forehead. You clutched your books against your chest and raised your eyebrows in surprise. “Oh really? What exposed me?” you asked sarcastically.

Scott stood behind the winded up boy and tried to calm him down by grabbing his shoulder, but Stiles shrugged him off. He rolled his eyes before answering. “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe the exaggerated eye roll you all Hales seem to reserve for me.”

“We don’t roll our eyes at you.” you explained and gave him just that excessive eye roll that Derek and Cora use to make to you without even thinking about it. 

Stiles boiled up and pointed heatedly against you.  “THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!” he spits as you flashed a teasing smirk towards Scott.

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So if Stiles being erased from reality means that Claudia is still alive, does that mean that slowly everything he changed will be undone? Scott would have never been bitten, Lydia wouldn’t have been attacked, so her banshee powers would still be blocked. Malia would still be a coyote. None of the deaths due to the Nogitsune would have happened. Allison would still be alive. If Scott wasn’t a werewolf, then Allison’s mom would still be alive too. Not to mention everything that would change since Peter was erased too. He wouldn’t have existed to bite Scott. He wouldn’t have killed Laura or Kate. Even before then, he’s the one who convinced Ennis, a member of the alpha pack, to bite Paige, then she wouldn’t have been dead. She and Derek would still be together, and Kate wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of him. The entire Hale family would still be alive. Derek would never become an alpha, Erica, Boyd, and Isaac would never become werewolves. Erica and Boyd would have lived. The alpha pack wouldn’t have targeted Derek, so the Darach never would have come, so all of the threefold deaths never would have happened. Jackson would still be here, because he never would have been bitten. Theo never woukf have come back, bringing the Dread Doctors. None of the Chimeras would have been created. Malia wouldn’t have even existed in the first place. The main character may be Scott, but Stiles and Peter are the whole reason that the show exists in the capacity that it does.

“I don’t care, you’re still my son.” //D.H.//

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“I don’t care, you’re still my son.”

Pairing(s): Derek x Wife!Reader, Derek x Son!OMC, Derek x Daughter!OFC x Son!OMC, x Wife!Reader

Requested?: Yes

Request: Hi there! Could you do an imagine where it’s in the future and the reader and Derek are married and have a couple of kids. Could you have it where their son (13 or 15) and he comes out to Derek after he gets home. Thanks!            

Member: Kat

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