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Everything Stays

(Old Man Logan x POC reader)

(Contains spoilers from ‘Logan’. Also this is canon previous story titled ‘Love Like You’.)

You were outside behind the Munson’s home, watching the sun slowly settling down. Nate, their son, was showing Laura their horses. Surprisingly, Laura didn’t attempt to slaughter them. She found them cute and soft. 

Curiosity. Relaxed.

It was nice feeling. Over the past two days on the road, all you felt from Logan, Laura and the Professor was dread, terror, rage, and uncertainty. One of the cons of being an empath:

You feel everything all at once.

Then you feel anxiety, longing, dread, and tiredness.

“You know I don’t like it when people sneak up on me.” You say to him. “I can feel you, ya know.”

“It’s not hard to forget.” Logan said.

You didn’t get up from your stop but you turn your head to the side as he sat down next to you.

“You need to relax.” You tell him. “All this anxiety is making me more anxious.”

“You’re kidding right? Relax? How the hell am I suppose to relax?” Logan questions. “Everywhere we go, more blood is shed. More…”

“Death.” You say.

Logan scoffs. “And finding out that I got a….offspring.”

“Pushing people away doesn’t protect them.” You said, knowing that he is keeping his distance from Laura because he feared that she’ll end up dead because of him. 

“y/n I don’t expect you to understand-”

“I’m a fucking empath, James Howlett.” You scold at him. “I can detect emotions from others. So I know exactly how you feel. I DO understand.”

Logan didn’t respond. He merely stares at you, his face contorted in frustration. He was clearly feeling frustrated but there was a wanting to feel safe and built up desire. Logan gets up and walks away.

You’re left to wonder.

You help Kathryn with dinner. She’s glad to have someone help her out. She is very relieved. 

“So is Laura your daughter, y/n?”

“No, I’m more of a surrogate sister. She’s Logan’s daughter.” You explain. “I’m a close family friend.”

Kathryn nods. “Are you and Logan together?”

The question caught you off guard. “No we’re not.”

“I’m sorry for assuming but it’s just I notice how he looks at you.” Kathryn said. “But I can tell he’s not the type to express his feelings.”

“Oh you have no idea.”

Before dinner is finished, you found Logan near the horses. Laura was nearby sitting on a tree branch eating Pringles. 

Logan gently strokes the horse’s face in slow motions. This made him feel relaxed.

“You and Laura have a thing with horses I see.” You said, making your presence known.

Logan grunts. “What’s your point?”

“You’re not as anxious as you were earlier. Much more calmer.” You inform him. 

Logan looks at you. “y/n, have I ever mention I always wanted to own a farm?”

You shook your head.

“Yeah, well, ya know-buy some land, horses, cows, the whole fucking 9 yards.” Logan sighs. “Didn’t expect a guy like me to want something like that did ya?”

“I kind of did. I just thought it was far fetched.”

After dinner, you went outside to look at the sky. Charles was in bed asleep thought you’re on high alert should anything happen. Laura was in the house and Logan…

Logan was somewhere.

You’re caught off guard when you felt a pair of strong arms engulfing you in a embrace. You blush hard.

“Fuck Logan.” You cursed lowly.

He didn’t say anything but place his lips against the side of your head. You relaxed against him. He wanted you. He wanted to feel safe. To feel good. Desire. Lust.

His grip became tighter and he breathes against your ear, making you shiver. You turn around and kiss him softly on the lips. You can taste the alcohol that lingers on his breath.

You both ended up on the soft grass, he kisses and holds onto you like you’re close to disappearing. He removes your jeans and unbuckles his belt.

You lie there with Logan cradling your head. There was no anger, no fear, no guilt. There was only peace.

That was what I feared most: that he just wasn’t excited about us anymore—that something between us had altered irreversibly. And afterward, I started seeing the evidence everywhere: in the way he didn’t sleep facing me anymore, or the way he’d stopped asking me the questions he used to need to know the answers to, the way he stopped needing to tell me things in order for them to count.
—  Laura Dave

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logan is one of the best movies i’ve ever seen

- great portrayal of what it’s like to live with a parent (or grandparent) that’s deteriorating and can no longer be the foundation of your world–instead, you have to be theirs

-  perfect logan. like. the movies have never really hit that mark until now. this was 110% on point, from the gruffness to the self-hatred to the sheer, pigheaded refusal to let anyone near (while simultaneously not letting them go)

- perfect laura. they captured both the feral, vicious, somewhat creepy (let’s be real) side of her character and the vulnerable, wistful side really, really well. keen was incredible. i liked that they did a variation on the clone thing so it was still there but more believable 

- perfect depiction of logan and laura’s relationship. i was worried they’d make it too sweet or too aggressive, but they struck the perfect balance of awkwardness/resentment/longing that’s in the comics

- ugh shane i love that book/movie so much 

- adult fears. so many adult fears