laura draws stuff

I drew this pic of roger like last year but forgot to post it so I’m doing it now!! I literally can’t even tell if it looks bad anymore… maybe don’t compare it to the real pic too much

Carmilla + Laura XXI | where Carmilla is being a gentlewoman

Carmilla is so smitten, she’d do anything for Laura. Even playing the chivalrous one. (And I wanted her to wear that cape-thing.)

Guys, I reached 100 followers in the last days – and I wanted to say thank you for that! :D I really appreaciate this! It’s probably peanuts, but I love peanuts!

Lucretia was a very capable model. She was attractive, witty, and was capable of holding still for long amounts of time. Of course, Leonardo had long since memorized her features, but it was a good excuse to spend hours with her each day. Of course, they did spend hours together each night, but that was different due to the third party.