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Easy Oral - Hollstein one shot

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Carmilla - student/teacher AU

Rating: P for Porn

Pairing: Hollstein

Wordcount: 3.753

A/N: Soooo to make up for my lack of writing I give you some filthy smut :3 I’m so sorry I haven’t dropped the fics. I am working on them, rather slowly, but I am. So, until then maybe give this a read??? Also sorry if this is highly inappropriate :3

Summary: Laura Hollis, popluar student of the school is failing her classes. She has had an eye on the English/Physics teacher Carmilla Karnstein and she is wondering whether she could get some extra credits from her.

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III. Isn’t She Lovely || Domestic!Hollstein

Laura’s thirtieth birthday quickly approaching, she and Carmilla decide they’re ready to expand their tiny family by one. The Karnsteins think they’re ready for their adventures in motherhood, but Carmilla has no idea what she’s gotten herself into.

TW: death
Words: 3,226


It’s the third or fourth time Laura exclaims, “Baby, this one’s perfect!” that Carmilla decides she has had her fill of sperm donor shopping. Browsing through the thick binder that the bank had lent them, potential candidates pulled out and splayed across the bedspread, Laura lay with her head in her hands as she picked apart each donor’s qualifications.

“This one has a Masters in Neuroscience from Brown,” Laura says with awe, “and he’s six feet even, with blue eyes and… oh.” Carmilla’s eyebrows raise curiously, asking the unspoken question of what could possibly be wrong with this one. “He has red hair,” the shorter girl replies after a beat and Carmilla sneers. “Oh, sure, let’s have his kid,” she says sarcastically, “you know I’d love nothing more than to have a giant ginger of our very own.” Laura chuckles under her breath, shaking her head. “You know I have my heart set on a brunette, baby,” and Laura leans over, planting a soft kiss on Carmilla’s shoulder. “We’ll keep looking.”

The hunt continues on into the night, and the women go through two full packages of cookies before they finally, finally find the absolute perfect donor. He’s a writer with his PhD. from Yale, and he teaches English Lit at Colombia; no history of heart disease, cancer or mental illness, and best of all, he clocks in at five-foot-eight with perfectly mundane brown hair and brown eyes. Laura writes down “Donor No. 394HJF9” on the notepad beside their bed before rolling over and falling sleepily into Carmilla’s arms. As the tiny blonde drifts off beside her, Carmilla reaches a hand down and rubs just above Laura’s belly button, an excited smirk peeking through her usual indifferent expression as she thought of what was to come.

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