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Hi :) I don't want to bother you, but is it possible for you to make a playlist of quiet, indie music. Preferably female vocals but I'm fine either way. Thank you 😊

  1. sleep by rivers // kyle lionhart
  2. smother // daughter
  3. such great heights // iron & wine
  4. take the night off // laura marling
  5. between the bars // elliott smith
  6. say yes // elliott smith
  7. santa monica dream // angus & julia stone
  8. murder song (5,4,3,2,1) // aurora
  9. ten thousand // emilie & ogden
  10. attached to us like butcher wrap
  11. mr. sandman // syml
  12. leon // the japanese house
  13. polyhymnia // keaton henson
  14. alps // novo amor
  15. clean // the japanese house
  16. ivory black // oliver riot
  17. blame // emilie & ogden
  18. the pugilist // keaton henson
  19. fear of the water // syml
  20. letter by the water // the japanese house
  21. hallucinate // oliver riot
  22. silhouette // aquilo
  23. don’t forget about me // cloves
  24. spirit animal // stalgia
  25. flower // melis
  26. the children // han
  27. your river // alessandra
  28. if i was a fool // del bel
  29. why’d you make me cry // odina
  30. closure // leo
  31. the bad boys // flora cash
  32. no promises // san fermin
  33. your name // bernache

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Happy Valentine’s Day! The Rebecca! Bubble Bar is now up for sale! 

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Half Right (Natasha X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Natasha Romanoff X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None

Request: Nat X Fem!Reader

Originally posted by perksofbeinganavengers

Tony was throwing another party, and every invited guest got to bring one person of their choice for free. Nat was of course invited, being an Avenger and everything.

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Hey, so I've been in your rejection tag, and my need of crying wasn't fully satisfied xD So when will you update the rejection tag?

right now

You Make My World Go Round (Sorry) by Heather_Night (1/1 | 17,046 | R)

Derek followed the laughter, unsurprised to find Stiles and Laura at the bar, doing shots. Pinching the bridge of his nose, Derek sighed. He supposed he ought to be grateful they weren’t doing body shots.

Endlessly With Me by Sadeyes Badguys (Summerfields) (1/1 | 533 | R)

It started out slow, like so many other things that didn’t seem important at first. His smile in the classroom, his alcohol riddled, teethy laugh at the party and his grip of my arm, “Come here.”

We stumbled into his bedroom with a bottle of vodka, a DMT joint and his young face was shimmery in the light seeping through the cracks of the door.

(fragments of a tale about Stiles and Derek destroying themselves)

Non voglio che mi baci più, e nemmeno che mi porti a ballare: non li sai più guarire i miei giorni, ormai. E quando respiri piano, ormai nemmeno più ti sento, perché non voglio far più caso a te. Eri l'unica ragione per arrivare fino in fondo, ed ora sei l'unico motivo per cui ho toccato il fondo. La sostanza dei miei giorni è ormai vuota come quelle notti, quel vizio che non voglio smettere, in cui vado al Roxy Bar per bere il nostro rum e pera. Quando ti guardo nulla ha più senso ed il mondo sembra solo più cattivo. Ti avrei dedicato tutto, i luoghi visti, le cose dette: ed invece resti solo il mio sogno distrutto. Sapevo che sarebbe arrivato, dopo viaggi condivisi insieme, il giorno in cui avresti fatto a meno di me; ma va sempre così… Ti aspetti il Sole e cade pioggia. Alle sei di mattina, uscendo di casa, col vento che soffia, non scrivo più nulla per te e non rido più pensando a ciò che siamo stati. Vorrei però alle volte sapere a cosa stavi pensando in quel momento in cui chiudesti gli occhi e mi dicesti che eravamo il più grande spettacolo dopo il Big Bang. Continuerò comunque e sempre a cantare durante la notte per te, sentendoti nell'aria, nonostante fuori sia buio e tu non sia qui con me. Non mi rispondi più al telefono ed appendi ad un filo ogni mia speranza; non avrei mai creduto di poter perder la testa per te ma, in un modo tutto tuo, hai reso la mia vita bella da morire. Sei fuggito via lasciando improvvisamente un vuoto nella mia vita, senza risposte ai miei perché, e mi vien da pensare cosa ormai mi resta di te. Saltavamo spesso la parte dei bacini e dei ti amo, in quel momento ci sentivamo come figli delle stelle, protetti da un chissà quale angelo, che ci permetteva di far l'amore escludendo il nostro tempo dal mondo. Eravamo diventati anche noi come quella gente che spera perché, mentre l'umanità si poneva quesiti sulle dinamiche del mondo, noi pensavamo ad una vita in cui non avremo mai dormito; una di quelle vite in cui non si sa nulla, mai.
Ho provato a pensarmi col mondo in mano, ma infondo senza te, dov'è che vado?
Continuerò ad esserti amica, seppur gelosa (come tu ben sai), e sembrerà una contraddizione… Ma non so lasciarti andare. Non so ben parlare d'amore, ma questo è un modo per dar voce alla mia emozione. Ma se vivi un'altra storia, ora con chi stai? Lei ti dirà che ti trova unico?
Ho pregato Roma di darmi una mano a farmi dare un sì, ma a quanto pare non è bastato.
Ma se vorrai ancora, ti porterò via con me, in una notte che diverrà fantastica, il nuovo inizio del mondo in cui potremo toccare il cielo ed essere due ragazzi fortunati a cui è stato regalato un sogno.
—  litch97

The maid :Part One

Summary : in the ZA ,Lucy was a 24 years old lone survivor, in her path of survival and escaping death , she stumbled across The Saviors who took her to The Sanctuary, where she found shelter and food. But what she didn’t know was that the girl who always hated and bullied her at school, is one of Negan’s wives (Frankie ) and is about to turn her life into a living hell all over again!

Pairings : Negan x Lucy

Type : romance / slowburn

Warnings : language

Dedicated to @negansmainwife













Please let me know if you wether want to be tagged or untagged.



Lucy sat in the passengers seat of a big truck that belongs to The Saviors, while she was too busy eating biscuits like a pig.

“Woah! Girl! That’s the second biscuit bag you ate, in like what , five minutes!!”
Simon chuckled behind the wheel as he darted his eyes between you and the road ahead.

Lucy felt embarrassed, she flicked the crumbs of biscuit off her dirty bloody shirt.
“I’m sorry sir! I haven’t eaten in three days , sir!” she shyly muttered.

“Oh come on , don’t sir me! It’s Simon , the name is Simon! And don’t apologize girl, we have a plenty from where it came from!”
Simon chuckled again.

Lucy shifted in her seat and leaned to the window, Simon has been driving for what it seemed like two hours. She was grateful she stumbled across him in the woods.
The saviors were taking a rest ,when she appeared in front of them. At first they thought she was a walker, but they knew she was human when she fell into her knees, asking in a raspy voice for water.
Lucy was a lone survivor, she’s been out there on her own for months , she lost her family members one by one ,till she got none of them by her side.
She thought about running a blade into her heart or wrist but she couldn’t do it.
All that mattered to her, was to live! At any cost!
She ,miraculously , managed to avoid murderers , rapists and cannibals. Even though, she almost got killed a couple of times by crazies or lifeless walkers.

“Here we are! ” Simon ’ s voice woke her up, she was already asleep, it was the most decent and comfortable long sleep she had in months.
Lucy rubbed her eyes and turned her head to Simon who already stepped out of the truck, she lifted her eyes to the huge well fortified building in front of her.
Her jaws dropped when she saw the the dead attached to the fence.
The size of the building and the growling chained walkers made chills run through her spine. It’s definitely not something one sees everyday.
Lucy hopped off the truck, still scanning the whole place , she followed Simon in hasty steps, he was already getting far .
“This… is the Sanctuary? ” She stuttered.
“Yeah!!! Wait to see it from the inside, unfortunately I got few things to do now but Laura will explain how things work in here!
Hey.. Laura! Get your ass over here!” Simon called for a dirty blond girl, she looked small but she seemed tough and badass. Once she got closer, Lucy noticed that her neck was tattoed and her nose was pierced .

Laura eyed Lucy up and down, while Simon went into an unknown destination.
“Hi there fresh meat! What’s your name?”
“Lucy ” She mumbled.
“Lucy! Hmm nice name! Follow me!”
She turned her back to Lucy and started walking towards one of the Sanctuary many doors, Lucy followed her .
Laura stepped inside a huge room with shelves in it.
“This is the commissary! This is where you get your things from by spending your points! ”
“Points?” Lucy looked at Laura in confusion.
“Yeah , points! It’s a system we use here , it’s like money in the old days, you work you earn money and with money you get clothes food whatever, same thing for points, get it?” Laura explained dryly as if she’s done this her whole life.
Lucy hummed and nodded .
“Ok! Since you’re new, you’ll get your first meal and clothes for free. Maria! Give me the new female comers box! Uh she’s thin as you can see!!” Laura ordered the older woman who seemed the one in charge of the commissary . Maria did as told and went back with what Laura asked for, there seemed clothes and canned food among other stuff inside the box.
Laura shoved it into your chest and blurted.
“Ok follow me!”

Lucy held the box close to her, pacing behind Laura like a lost puppy until she stopped in front of a big door.
“These are the showers, they’re only open in the mornings from 8:00 to 10:00 am! And by open I mean hot waters! ” Laura turned to Lucy and added “yeah we have hot water! And since it’s uh…” she checked her watch “4:45 pm, you’re gonna have to use cold water, lucky for you it’s summer, plus you really need to shower, you’re stinky as ass! ”

Lucy blushed at the blunt comment that Laura made, but she couldn’t complain, a day ago she thought she was gonna starve to death and today she’s in a Sanctuary with running water in it, that’s something she never thought it’d happen.
Laura continued giving Lucy a tour , in the process she showed her the cafeteria and told her that in the Sanctuary, they have one meal , in 4:00 pm. And since she was late, she told her about the food cans in the box .
Last stop was where Lucy would stay, it was a room with three beds in it , it seemed like Lucy was going to share her new room with two girls she hasn’t met yet.
“Alright, now you know where the commissary is, the showers and the cafeteria , of course your room too. Get a shower! Then get some sleep, and tomorrow we’ll talk about the rules and I’ll try to find you a job , I’ll meet you here at 8:30 am ok? Every room has a clock!“
Lucy nodded as she kept her eyes to the ground.

After having a shower and putting on her new outfit, that consisted of a shirt and Jean pants along with black and white sneakers, Lucy headed back to her room. Shower had a good impact on her, even though the water was really cold, but Lucy never had a problem with the cold, she had worse days and worse conditions. She used to wash her body in a hurry in the rivers and the lakes if she run across one, but being I’m an actual shower using an actual shampoo was a luxury she missed in those tough days.
Lucy opened the door to her mutual room where she found her two roommates.
The two girls quit talking to each other, their heads snapped in her way, glaring at her from head to toe.
Lucy felt insecure all of the sudden, she wasn’t used to strangers, not when the world was normal, and definitely not when the shit hit the fan.
“Uh hi! I’m Lucy! ” she muttered.
The two girls ignored her like she suddenly became invisible, and carried on with their chitchat.
Lucy raised her eyebrows , she figured things could get tough and ugly if she provoked these two rude ones, so she just walked towards the empty bed and sat there combing her wet dark hair with her fingers and kept her mouth shut for the rest of the evening .
She wasn’t so shocked about how people became worse than the dead ones and she always feared the living more than the dead.
Even before all this started, people were always rude and merciless. Lucy was never a people person, she was just surprised that people chose to create a community and contribute to it.

Lucy couldn’t sleep well that night, wether because of the nightmares or because she wasn’t used to sleep on a bed in a long time. But in general, she had sleeping troubles.
She sat straight on the bed, while the other two already left the room without bothering themselves to say good morning to her. Lucy waited for Laura till she heard knocking on the door.
Lucy got off the bed and opened the door , Laura threw a granola bar to her and motioned her head to follow her which she did.
“ I found you a slot in the cleaning team, you’ll clean in the infirmary, your shift starts from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, you’ll clean and mop, change the sheets and help the doctor sterilize his equipments too, the guy who used to work there is remoted to a savior!”

“Savior?! I heard Mr Umm Simon said something about the saviors but I wasn’t completely following! ” Lucy uttered as she took a mouthful of the granola bar.

Laura turned to her and giggled.
“Yeah , I’m a savior by the way, our job is to bring the civilization back to earth and save the weak! Like yourself! ”
Laura paced across a corridor where her bootsteps loudly echoed , till she arrived to a white door, she pushed it open and called.
“Doc! Doctor Carson! ”
A white tall man came out of another room , firm look on his face.
“Hi Laura how can I help you?” He dryly asked.
“This is Lucy, she’s replacing John !”
“Oh I thought you’re hiring Melissa!” He exclaimed.
“No she’s helping in the kitchen! ”
Laura then placed a hand on Lucy ’ s shoulder and said.
“Like I said you’ll start at 9 and finish up at 3 pm, me or any other savior will check on you, and once you get your job done well give you 30 points everyday. Save 10 for your meal, do whatever you want with the rest, ok now get to work!”
Laura took few steps forward then she stopped.
“Shit I almost forgot!!! This place has a leader, Negan! He’s your leader now!“

Lucy placed her palm on her mouth and giggled.
“Negan??? What an odd funny name!!”
“Don’t let him catch you mocking his name little girl!” Laura hissed in warning

And don’t forget to kneel when you see him!”
Lucy ’ s eyes widened, she saw and heard a lot of shit but this definitely was the strange shit she had ever heard!
“Uh.. what?”
“You heard me!!! Just kneel, don’t ask questions, I’m not the one who makes the rules! Just be respectful! He’s one tough motherfucker! He won’t hesitate to kill you if you looked at him the wrong way!!!” Laura hissed, while Lucy felt her chest clenching at the thought that she’s now under the mercy of a crazed leader.
“Um , how do I know him!”
“Oh ,believe me you’ll know when you see him!” Laura threw her head back laughing when she noticed how nervous Lucy became then she left.
Lucy turned to Dr Carson and gave him a faint smile which he ignored and went back to wherever he came from.
“What a welcoming jolly guy!” She said under her breath as she started looking for the closet where her cleaning tools were waiting, she wasn’t so thrilled to clean but she wasn’t the kind of people who eat and sit without doing anything or contributing plus it wasn’t like she had much of a choice.
Lucy finally managed to find the closet , she found a bucket, broom , dustpan, mop , cleaning cloth and a pair of reusable gloves inside. She took them all out and got to work, she always hated cleaning her own house but it wasn’t rocket science, and she needed the job to earn points.
Lucy spent the whole time mopping and cleaning, the guy who was working before her wasn’t doing a good job, so she made sure to do hers perfectly so she can impress Laura.
She placed all the tools back to the closet when it was almost 3 pm, she wiped the beads of sweat that formed on her forehead and headed to the bathroom to wash her hands and face.
She heard male voices coming from the other room, what they were saying wasn’t so clear, but she didn’t care. She only gasped when she saw muddy boot prints on the floor. Lucy got mad, after all the effort she made to make the floor crystal clean, some asshole ruined her good work.
Lucy knew that it wasn’t Dr Carson who did this, he walked past her while she was cleaning and he hadn’t mud on his shoes.

“Hey who’s the prick who walked in with mud in his shoes??!” Lucy yelled as she entered the examination room, where a tall guy clad in leather jacket and gray pants with slick hair and bearded charming face was sitting on the exam table, and Dr Carson was kneeling in front of him checking on his leg.
Lucy noticed his muddy boots.
“Aha! That was you!” She pointed at the tall guy before adding “you walked in with your dirty boots, guess what happened, you ruined the floor, I spent a half day mopping it!”
“Hey listen..” Dr Carson interfered to prevent Lucy from saying things she would regret.
But the tall guy gestured to him to stop talking.
“Oh, I’m sorry doll, but I was in fucking pain, and last thing I noticed was your well mopped floor!” He said in a husky smug voice with a large grin tugged on his lips.
“You should apologize asshole!” Lucy hated how he was so calm while she was boiling from the inside.
“ oh ma bad!!! I apologize, doll!” He was getting more amused as he knew that she completely ignored who he is.
“Apology accepted!!”
Lucy turned to leave and clean the floor again, but his raspy voice stopped her.
“The name is Negan by the way not asshole! ” Negan licked his lips and smirked.
Lucy froze for a while in her action of pacing, then she slowly turned back to Negan, her eyes widened and she bit hard on her lip.
Dr Carson rolled his eyes and shook his head at the realization that she knew who she was talking to.
“I… I’m …uh…so- sorry sir! I .. was.. didn’t mean to..!” She stuttered as she swallowed hard.
Negan chuckled and waved his hand.
“It’s ok ! No fucking harm done!!! You seem new in here!”
She nodded playing with her hands.

“Aren’t ya forgetting something doll?? I’m sure they taught you the rules by now!”
Lucy lifted her blue beautiful eyes to meet his trying to understand what he meant, then it just hit her like a lightning, she remembered the kneeling part, and she immediately fell on one knee.
Negan chuckled again at this sight, she definitely made his day while he had a pain in his leg.

“What’s your name doll?”
“Um.. Lucille but everyone called me Lucy!”
Negan’s smirk faded a little, his eyes twinkled and his lip twitched a bit as her name rolled off his tongue.
“Lucy! Lucy! That’s one interesting beautiful fucking name!!!”

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Hey :D so you've probably had people asking you this before, but do you happen to know any bartender carmilla fanfics? :o thanks (and you know sorry if you've been asked that a hundred times xD)

Most of the time it’s just Carmilla owning a bar/club not actually working in it or it’s Carmilla and Laura meeting at a bar setting s:

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The Last Chocolate Bar

Laura Barton and Darcy Lewis run the secret Avenger’s facility with an iron fist (not the actual iron fist kid, cause no).  The ship runs smoothly and there is very minimal complaining (Laura’s death mom look is killer).

Scott and his cohorts bring back  (an ill begotten) industrial sized case of chocolate bars and suddenly, all hell breaks loose.  It’s a free for all, but namely between Darcy and Laura as the women organize their armies to obtain the chocolate for themselves.  

They’re down to the last bar after a weekend full of battles, and the troops are terrified.  

Then Laura Barton does the unthinkable. 

She deploys Steve Rogers and his booty of (Darcy’s) doom.

It is super effective.

Latch (Elliot Alderson x Reader)

A/N: I’ve found a tragic lack of MR fanfic despite the popularity of the show and the (ever-growing) size of the fandom so I’ve decided to make a stand. This is my first ever writing for this show and character so please be gentle but feedback would be very much appreciated. The other writers I’ve seen on here are brilliant so I hope to uphold those kind of standards. This is just a short fluffy piece I’ve put together inspired by the song Latch by Disclosure. Ask box is open for requests.

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I was playing AAI-3 for a bit, and oh man, Edgeworth is so oblivious that I actually started laughing out loud. This girl fucking monologues her feelings about how charming he is, and he still doesn’t understand shit? Oh my god, Edgeworth– you’re a grown man, not some bumbling teenager.

Sometimes, I like to imagine Edgeworth in place of the oblivious shoujo girl just for the hell of it, but I often end up realizing that he’s the type of person who actually would be that dense. As in…

“Edgeworth… I have something to ask you.”



“Wright, I have many responsibilities to tend to. If you plan to stand there silently–”

“Will you go out with me?”

“Out with you? We went to Trucy’s magic show just yesterday. Wouldn’t it be a bit repetitive to see her routine again?”

And then Phoenix just stares agape for a second, before bursting into laughter.

“Wright. What is so funny?”

“You. You’re hilarious, Chief Prosecutor Miles Edgeworth.”

“…I don’t see anything out of place with my comment.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me, Edgeworth. You’re 34. You can’t be serious.”

Perplexed, Edgeworth furrows his eyebrows and frowns at Phoenix, who’s still smiling away. All of a sudden, Phoenix leans in, and he reflexively moves away.

“Well then, Edgeworth. Mind if I actually show you what I mean instead?”

Weapon X: New Age Part 7

Beginning: Weapon X: New Age

Warning: Cussing. Small Logan spoiler.

Weapon X: New Age Part 7

Chapter 7

“Owen? Owen, where are you? You better not be hiding again young man.” She said, standing on the pouch before going back inside the house.  “Owen? Owen, where are you love?”

She could hear footsteps running towards the living room and then she heard a crashing sound. She hurry to the living room and saw a young Owen holding on to the bottom of his foot with a broken vase near him. 

“Oh Owen” She said, walking over to him and moving his hands. “You’re bleeding love.”

“I’m sorry I broke your vase mama.” Owen said, looking up at her with a sad face. “I was just trying to play hide and seek with you.”

“It’s alright sweetheart, boys will be boys.” She said, smiling as she started to clean his foot. “And don’t worry about the vase love, after all.” She looked up at him as she give him a big smile. “That’s what super glue is for…” She touch the tip of his nose. “Right?”

“Right mama.” Owen said, smiling at her.

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Roses and Daisies

Requested by keya168 : Can I get one where the reader is the best dancer at Joker’s club and he spends the entire time watching her instead of paying attention to a business partner, and has to kill the partner for disrespecting the reader. And can I get a jealous Harley??

Warnings: Swearing… Violence, Death, Sexually Suggestive Content.


You sighed softly as you pulled up to the large empty parking lot that sat across the street of your job,  it was dark out but early, nearly 9:30, but considering you worked at one of Mistah J’s best clubs, the party didn’t really start until 12 or 1.

You placed your old car into park, stretching as you sighed at the sound of the motor revving, working extra hard to keep up it’s performance. “buddy you know I love you… but man I need a new ride..” you mumbled to yourself. 

Mistah J paid well, it was definitely enough to keep you in your decent apartment, clothed and fed. However, cars were not in the payroll, not the nice ones you liked at least, and buying another used shit box just seemed like a waste of money, so for now you did as best you could with what you had.

As you pulled down the sun visor to check yourself in the mirror you ran your fingers through your hair, tapping the circles under your eyes in a desperate attempt to look like you haven’t lost weeks of sleep lately.  

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No Kids Allowed

Title:No Kids Allowed

Synopsis: Chloe sends Trixie off to her first ever sleepover, so she can have a sleepover of her own.
Rating: M
Notes: Sorry I vanished there folks. Deadlines in real life had to take precedence over this. But I’m hopefully back for a while now!

“Okay babe, now you be good for Laura. Don’t eat too much sugar,” Chloe pressed a kiss to the top of her daughter’s head.

“I won’t mommy, I promise.”

Chloe almost believed her. But she had no time to wrangle a real promise out of her because Trixie was practically bouncing in her mother’s arms, desperate to rush away to the car that was waiting for her.

Securing the latch of her little backpack again, Chloe let her go at last and held back a laugh at how fast Trixie dashed towards the people carrier that was parked on the curb.

Chloe herself remembered sleepovers fondly from her childhood. Her house had been the one that all kids wanted to come over to because it was so big. They’d had movie nights and pillow fights and everything a kid her age should have.

The pool also probably had something to do with her friends eagerness to be around her but that was neither here nor there.

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Can I prompt for "here's a glass of whatever", for a bartender AU? For any pairing, really. I could see Derek as a somewhat reluctant bartender, pinch-hitting in Laura's bar and incredibly unimpressed by Stiles' overly-dramatic 'just give me whatever, nothing matters anymore', or I could see Danny mixing up something outrageous to spite Steve's incredibly chill order of 'whatever, brah', or anybody else you want to write! Bartender AUs are always fun. :D

He’s not so much unimpressed with Stiles’ order but incredibly impressed with his beauty ❤️

Derek hates bartending. The only reason he is covering for Laura tonight is because her and Cora are both out of town and she didn’t want to leave her pride and joy in anyone else’s hands. He’s good at it and he doesn’t mind mixing drinks, but he hates the way he spends the night getting hit on. 

So this time he leaves his beard untrimmed and a little unkempt looking. He does nothing with his hair, leaving it messy and just a little greasy. He even wears his most worn out jeans, and a loose henley, neither of which accentuate any part of his body, making him look more like he should be a patron of the bar and not the one running things. 

All in all, his plan is a success. No one has hit on him, but he’s also only had about five people walk in the bar since he opened at noon. There’s only one customer in the bar and Erica is waiting on them so Derek decides it’s probably safe for him to sit down and pull out the book he’d brought with.

He gets through a whole chapter before the door opens and a new customer walks in, right up to the bar and slumps down onto a stool. Derek tucks his bookmark in the book to mark his spot and leaves the book on his chair as he walks up to where the guy is sitting. 

It’s not dark in Laura’s bar, at best one could say the lighting is dim. So Derek can clearly see the beauty before him as he approaches his latest customer.

He’s got this dark brown hair that looks fluffy and soft to the touch. His face, while appearing rather melancholy at the moment, is adorned with freckles, moles and the cutest nose. Of course, Derek could comment on his lips but those are worth more than a comment; their plump, pinkness deserves a sonnet at least. 

Still, Derek keeps his tone neutral, giving the guy a small smile when he looks up. 

“What can I get you?” he asks, pleasantly but the guy just frowns and tugs at his hair. 

“Whatever, just, something with alcohol would be nice,” the guy grumbles.

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