A trip to the West....

The last time I stepped my feet on IKEA is 4 years ago when I moved from Somerset to Potong Pasir. And here I am, at IKEA again. This time, I’m so gonna try that Swedish Meatballs! 

S said the food court is always crowded…zzzz. On the positive note, crowded eatery = good food I guess.

The food is here. The Swedish Meatballs. Yummy! =)

Chicken wings…pretty standard. 

Daim Chocolate Cake…Love it!!! Never know Daim chocolate tastes good. =)

IKEA has a lot of cool home design display that makes me drool over….why my house can’t be like that??? Zzz…

It is so dreamy and a couple decided to date on IKEA’s couch. I’m serious. They treat the display as their own house. Maybe they were talking about the future on each other shoulder…*people watching*

Managed to buy this things and thus, strike off a few to-buy-list for my new place.

Laundry bag! Finally I can step into my room without accidentally step onto my dirty laundry on the floor. Omg. Am I even a lady? This is so not lady-like. Anyway, that won’t happen again although I may kick that laundry basket accidentally. =P

Clothes Boxes! Finally can remove my clothes from the luggage to the wardrobe. Whew. 

Too tired to organize the clothes inside thou. So decided to dump everything inside and start sorting tomorrow.