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I literally do not need to start playing Andromeda at 11 at night. I just need to watch a couple episodes of Merlin and go to sleep. 

Got my original project sorted. This is the story I got to 30k on for NaNo. It’s….almost an entirely different story, now. Tweaked characters, Tweaked world, completely different angle for what I was trying to get at. I guess that’s good, because I was trying to write a story without really understanding what was going to make the story. I thought I was starting the story wrong, I was just…doing it all wrong and didn’t really want to let go of some things.

This thing has gone through a lot of changes since I first starting thinking about it four years ago. At this point, I just want it written. I want it out and done so I can think about something else for a while. 

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ISHIMONDO for the ship meme

goin back to the Classics™

Who said “I love you” first: mondo and he probably got so embarrassed about it that he didnt talk to ishimaru for like a week after the fact 
Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: mondo and im saying this solely bc u cannot convince me that ishimaru doesn’t have the default like… ocean/grassy hill picture that all phones have to begin with. he doesn’t know how to change it 
Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: ishimaru but he’s a shit and would write “your laundry has been on the chair for three days please pick it up” instead of anything cute or sweet 
Who buys the other cheesy gifts: ishimaru for sure
Who initiated the first kiss: ishimaru mostly bc mondo’s a coward and never went thru with it 
Who kisses the other awake in the morning: ishimaru! except if that doesnt wake mondo up that’s when the Nagging begins 
Who starts tickle fights: Neither. Both of them give me a very strong “if you tickle me my first reaction will be to kick you as hard as I possibly can” vibe. (If that happened tho, ishimaru would apologize. mondo wouldnt)
Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower: ishimaru offers to bathe with people like 90 times in canon 
Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: mondo for sure.
Who was nervous and shy on the first date: BOTH
Who kills/takes out the spiders: irrelevant, their dog has a nasty habit of eating the spiders
Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: God… both of them strike me as very very loud drunks so both 


  • Bin is that friendly kid that goes out a lot and rarely studies but still ends up with good grades somehow no one knows how he does it
  • (even his best friend/roommate minhyuk who manages to balance studies + dance still gets lower marks than he does, neither of them really know why)
  • so Bin never really goes to the library, he’s never had the need to.
  • up until the day he’s on his way back to the from class and sees this really really pretty boy cross his path
  • the boy looks about his height, he’s got coffee in one hand and he’s gripping the strap of the back pack over his shoulder with the other 
  • he doesn’t really know why he feels compelled to follow the boy but bin’s always been the whimsical type and he’s really got nowhere to be and no one will know suspect that he’s going to the library only to stare at the pretty boy since he has his bag from class
  • maybe he’ll do some work while he’s there ONLY so he doesn’t look suspicious
  • the boy walks into the library and bin follows, choosing to take a table far away enough from the boy but also close enough that he can still stare.
  • its only 5 minutes in and Bin is seriously wondering what he’s doing 
  • did he really just come to the library to stare at a handsome stranger
  • its not like he has a crush or anything you can’t crush on someone you’ve never talked to 
  • except anyone else who knew of the situation would probably call it a crush, since bin starts going back to the library regularly to stare at study boy. 
  • he’s pretty lowkey about it and he’s sure study boy hasn’t caught on, since study boy is always absorbed in his work
  • except for dongmin has caught on. 
  • the first couple of days he thought nothing of it, some guy just hanging around at a table across the library for a few days, probably has a big project or test and needs a quiet place to study. 
  • but after two weeks of consistently seeing this same guy he starts to get curious. one time he walked passed the guy’s table on his way to the reference books (which he didn’t actually need) only to notice the guy wasn’t actually working he was just doodling in his notebook which made him wonder
  • what kind of guy goes to the library to draw
  • what kind of guy goes to the library to draw in a regular lined notebook
  • what kind of guy goes to the library to draw in a regular lined notebook every single day 
  • dongmin began trying to break it down - this guy wasn’t an art major (no offense his drawing skills needed quite a bit of work, and usually art kids had sketch books to draw in) - but that’s really the only thing he knew
  • back at moonrock dorm, rocky questions why bin’s been going to the library so much, it’s not like he ever studies
  • bin counters that maybe he’s just decided that he should study and the library encourages him to do that
  • minhyuk rolls his eyes and goes ‘mhmmm’ but drops the subject
  • bin sticks his tongue out at the back of minhyuks head
  • but it does make him realize, he’s been staring at study boy for three weeks and he still doesn’t know his name
  • so day 16 of going to the library (he only goes on weekdays), Bin sits himself down across from pretty study boy
  • he doesn’t really have a plan of action but nothing is ever gonna happen if he just sits around and stares from afar, might as well go for it 
  • “hi i’m moon bin”
  • “….dongmin”
  • “uh, what’re you working on?”
  • “calculus”
  • “are you any good at it?”
  • “i suppose, why” 
  • “i’m really struggling and you seem to know what you are doing”
  • (which by the way is a total lie bin isn’t struggling with calculus, it’s not his best subject but he gets by fine in the class)
  • “its not too bad as long as you understand the concepts first.”
  • “would you be willing to help me understand those concepts?”
  • dongmin is hyper aware that this is library table number 7 boy that always comes to doodle and not study, and he’s really got no reason to help the kid out since the kid never seems to even study anyway 
  • BUT library table number 7 boy is really really cute up close and dongmin would be even more stupid to turn down the opportunity to make library table number 7 boy into library table dongmin boy
  • a few days of tutoring sessions later and if bin wasn’t head over heels before, he definitely is now. 
  • not only is study boy really pretty but he’s also really kind and smart and his voice is soft and sometimes bin makes a joke and study boy laughs with this really pretty opened mouthed smile and his eyes curve up into crinkles and wow #bestdecisionofhislife was to start talking to pretty boy
  • one day dongmin is explaining integrals to him but bin is getting distracted by how long dongmin’s eyelashes are and the way his lips move as he speaks 
  • wow he kind of really wants to kiss him 
  • oh wait is he already kissing him something feels soft against his lips
  • dongmin’s eyes go wide and he drops the pencil he was holding
  • shit fuck abort abort bin did u really just do that did u really just kiss study boy while he was showing you how to do calculus
  • bin drops everything and just gets out of there as fast as he can
  • study boy will probably never talk to him again
  • he can’t go back to the library again ever
  • he doesn’t stop running until he gets back to his dorm room, flings himself on to his bed and buries his burning red face into his pillow
  • god he knew he was whimsical and spontaneous and just did things because he felt like it and didn’t try to over think things but that was #thestupidestdecisionofhislife
  • what bin doesn’t realize is dongmin never actually pulled away from the kiss
  • dongmin is confused to say the least 
  • he was surprised and not surprised when bin kissed him
  • he didn’t expect it to happen when he was writing out a formula but its not like bin was ever really subtle about liking dongmin anyway
  • after dongmin recovers from the shock of bin kissing him then running away, he realizes bin left all of his stuff at the table. 
  • he packs up his stuff for him, noticing the notebook that bin had been drawing in so much back when he was still sitting at table number 7. 
  • he knows he probably shouldn’t open it, but he’s curious and bin doesn’t have to know
  • he flips it open and finds countless doodles of himself accompanied with small notes of “how can someone be so pretty”
  • now it’s dongmin’s turn to go red
  • he ruffles through the bag to find a couple of stickers they hand out the dorms, kind of like a ‘dorm spirit’ kind of deal, and he figures that must be bins dorm
  • he swings his own backpack over his shoulder and carries bin’s in his arm
  • he’s walking up to the building and notices another kid locking up his bike in a hurry at the dorm’s bike rack and figures he probably lives there and might know bin
  • “hey there, do you happen to know a moon bin?”
  • minhyuk looks up at him
  • “yeah, he’s my roommate actuallly, why do you ask?”
  • “he left his stuff in the library.”
  • minhyuk raises an eyebrow at the mention of library. 
  • “….he left all of his stuff in the library?”
  • “yeah.”
  • minhyuk sighs, now realizing the reason bin had texted him ‘CRISIS’ and that he should ‘COME TO THE DORM ASAP’ because Bin ‘REALLY NEEDS TO TALK’ to him.
  • he offered to take it up to him, but dongmin shook his head, saying he would rather deliver it himself
  • (he didn’t want to risk this kid stealing any of bins stuff because how would he know for sure he’s really bins roommate) 
  •  minhyuk thinks thats a fair reason, and gestures for dongmin to follow him into the dorm, swiping his ID at the door. 
  • he opens the door to moonrock’s dorm room, only to find bin curled up in his bed head smashed into the pillow. 
  • now minhyuk could either be a good friend and take bin’s stuff from dongmin and thank him and then talk to bin about what happened like bin wanted.
  • or he could be a really good friend and let dongmin return the stuff to bin himself while minhyuk goes to the vending machine and buy himself snacks.
  • minhyuk decides to be a really good friend
  • and so dongmin is left in bin’s dorm room, bin unaware that its dongmin and not minhyuk 
  • “….uh….hi….you left your stuff in the library.”
  • dongmin’s voice makes bin squeak in shock and remove himself from his pillow, locking eyes with dongmin
  • “ohmygodi’msosorrypleaseforgetieverdidthatiwasntthinkingjustforge-”
  • “i prefer to kiss after the first date, but you’re cute so i can make an exception. just please don’t run away after you kiss me the second time”

for @josteninski who wanted me to write them doing laundry together and who was i to say no:

it’s not until they’re cleaning out the pile of laundry that’s been building up in the corner of isak’s bedroom that he realizes even’s basically moved in. logically, he knew this. he’s a man of science. he can count the days even’s stayed over at his vs. the number of days he spends at home, and it’s not much of a balance. they’ll always make an excuse to justify it, like “i like your bed more” or “i can help you study for that test” or “i can’t sleep without cuddles who do you think i am??” but at this point there’s no need. even may have gotten used to isak’s bed, but isak has also gotten used to even in his bed, so there’s really only one solution to this.

there’s teasing, of course, as isak looks at the sheer number of shirts and hoodies even’s left at his place, the number of his own hoodies that even’s been stealing for his own wardrobe. like “stop stretching out my shirts why are you so fucking long” or “why am i washing this camo jacket like why have you worn this ever” and “why are there so many syrup stains on my shirt - did you challenge mahdi to a waffle eating contest again you know he’s gonna win??” there’s teasing and shoving and even has to measure everything out for isak because he’s hopeless, but underneath all this, they know that this is it, this is home.

“C’mon- shit!” Hanamaki grunts.

“Fuck!” Iwaizumi shouts.

Matsukawa freezes at the front door. He blinks at the bronze number, thinking about whatever scenarios could be happening on the other side of the door. From the loud grunts that the entire floor could hear, he can only come to one conclusion. Or two.

Carefully, he slowly opens the door and peeks around it, looking at the living room. They’re not on the couch. His eyes wander elsewhere. Maybe they’re in the kitchen?

Wait. Oh god, no.

“C’mon, you guys!” Matsukawa shouts, dashing towards the kitchen. “We eat in there!”

He pushes open the kitchen door and glances over to the kitchen island to find his boyfriends arm wrestling.

“Of course,” Matsukawa sighs, half-relieved, half-disappointed. He knew it would be the first scenario. He throws his keys on the counter.

Watching these two arm wrestle was always the greatest experience he ever had. But now they’ve been happening way too often, and as much at Matsukawa doesn’t mind watching the display, it was always gonna be over something silly.

“It was your turn to do it!” Iwaizumi growls, tightening the already iron grip he has on Hanamaki’s hand as he tries to push it down on the table. “I’m not losing again!”

Matsukawa’s face drops. Of course it was gonna be over something like chores.

“No way in hell!” Hanamaki shouts, jabbing his toes into Iwaizumi’s shins.

Iwaizumi howls and glares at him as he clenches his own hand in an attempt to crush Hanamaki’s. “I’ve been working all day!”

“The gym doesn’t count as work!”

Iwaizumi’s eyes widen in rage and he pushes even harder on Hanamaki’s hand. “I haven’t been there all day unlike some people!”

Matsukawa sighs and buries his face in his hands. “Can someone for the love of god please decide whose gonna cook dinner?”

Both Iwaizumi and Hanamaki pause and whip their heads around to stare at him with fire in their eyes. “Why don’t you do it?!”

Matsukawa rears back a little but he still glares at the two nonetheless. “Because I’ve been working all day and I’m starving.”

Iwaizumi clicks his tongue and turns back to face Hanamaki. “Well it’s gonna be decided when I finally kick this guy’s ass!”

“The hell you are!” Hanamaki shouts, leaning forward to try and put more strength into his hand. It doesn’t seem to work, and his hand starts to get lower and lower.

Matsukawa leans against another counter and watches the muscles in their arms strain, and he can clearly see how purple their fingers have gotten. Hanamaki’s lips look swollen from biting on them, and Iwaizumi’s forehead wrinkles make him look more like an old man than someone who’s concentrating. How long have they been doing this? Whose idea was—

His thoughts stop completely at Hanamaki’s shrill shrieking when Iwaizumi finally slams his poor hand into the table.

“Weak!” Iwaizumi shouts, raising his fists into the air victoriously and rising from his seat. The chair falls backwards against the counter with a loud ‘clunk’.

Hanamaki grunts a little, wiggling his hand to get rid of the pain. “Damn you to hell,” he grits out, cradling his hand.

Finally, damn,” Matsukawa sighs, leisurely pushing himself away from the counter. “Someone won.”

Hanamaki looks at him in disbelief. “Don’t you even care about me and my poor hand!? How am I gonna cook?”

Iwaizumi looks at him with a sympathetic pout. “Aww babe, it’ll be okay.” Matsukawa can clearly see the mischief on his face. He gently grabs Hanamaki’s hand and massages the palm and his fingers. “I’ll help you. I can be the taste tester.”

“Are you kidding me!?” Hanamaki shrieks. He doesn’t pull his hand away from Iwaizumi’s, however.

“I was rooting for Hajime to be honest,” Matsukawa says. “Sorry Hiro.”

“Ha!” Iwaizumi barks.

“Are you shitting me, Issei?!” Hanamaki wails.

“I kinda like your food better, anyway.”

“Oi!” Iwaizumi shouts, completely offended.

Laundry Day (Castiel x reader)

Originally posted by definitely-destiel

A/N: I’m not doing so well with keeping active. My bad.

Word Count: 1,077

   “You boys got any laundry that needs doing?” You walked past the library carrying a full basket of your dirty clothing. Sam was about to speak but Dean beat him to it.

   “Yeah, but I’m pretty sure you don’t want to touch it.” He chuckled and raised his brown glass bottle to his lips, he tipped it up and drank even though it was only noon.

   “Gross.” You crinkled your nose and kept walking down the hall, shifting the basket in your arms onto your hip. The staircase was ahead of you.

The washing machines were in the basement in the room near the archives. They were all in relativity good condition. It was one of your favourite places just because it always smelled like your detergent and dryer sheets, and frankly, the boys almost never came down there. And let’s be honest you enjoyed some time to yourself every once in a while.

You flipped on the light switch with your foot, something you’d gotten used to doing when your hands were full, and you set your full basket on top of one of the machines.

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give me an au where lance and shiro are in a band and they meet keith who plays violin and they try to get him to join the band cause hes s o good and keith goes “a violin isnt a band instrument, its for orchestra. i cant be in a band”

and lance looks him dead in the eye and says “not with that attitude

Laundry Shop /Dry Cleaning Station AU Scenarios

Suga lugging in a big bag of laundry which unfortunately got stuck in the doorway. While he was trying to pull it out, a larger hand grabbed part of his bag tugging it in effortlessly. Suga was going to say thank you with a big smile. Until Ushijima, the tall stranger said, “that’s a pretty big bag of laundry for someone of your size.” Suga accidentally set it down on his toes while saying a forced thank you.

Hinata clumsily puts in his load of laundry mixing the whites and colored in one wash. Suga looks on amused at the red head while he was waiting for his own set of clothes to finish. A little while later when Suga was waiting for his next set of clothes, he heard a loud gasp and panicked, “My school uniform has turned orange!!! What do I do?” Suga can’t help but shake his head and turned around to offer some friendly advice.

Suga was staring at the buff man beside his washer getting ready to unload his clothes. Oh yes, what wonderful arms he has. And no, he’s not shamelessly staring, please. But he may or may not be waiting to see what kind of underwear or work out clothes he’s gonna be washing. then Iwaizumi pulls out some pink and purple bundle and Suga let out a chuckle. Turning to the side, red faced Iwaizumi sputters out, “it’s my niece’s clothes, they’re not mine!” And of course Suga believes him Coz he began putting little skirts and dresses into the washer.

The laundry shop was full and Kuroo was waiting for someone to finish up. Spotting the silver haired guy putting away his dry load into a basket, he stood behind him giving a quick smile when Suga stepped back to fold. Kuroo was gonna put in his own clothes when he spotted something inside. He quickly turned around to Suga folding his clothes and with smirk told him, “I love cats like really. Especially when they’re printed on boxers.” Suga with a red face looked at him dangerously, snatching his boxers from the wash and retreating to the corner to finish folding.

Businessman Daichi, in a suit with a clip on head set rushing in first thing in the morning with a claim receipt in his hand. One of his fave jackets was supposed to be delivered yesterday and he was going to pack it tonight for a trip and had no spare time to get it later so he furiously rings on the bell for an attendant ready to scream his frustrations while speaking hurriedly to his secretary on the phone. Suga rushes out, coffee in hand clearly half way through his breakfast. Daichi was gonna burst into complaints till he saw Suga smiling sheepishly wiping away crumbs on his face asking, “what can I do for you today?”. Strangely Daichi spills coffee on his jackets more often.

Yaku bringing in a covered suit to the dry cleaners and asking his long time friend Suga, the owner, why he got a giant’s suit back. Suga apologizes and promises to find where his real suit has gotten to. While they were catching up, Lev comes in with a smaller suit carrier, saying “excuse me, Uhmm, I think my suit shrunk when you cleaned it?” Suga checking on the tag realized it was Yaku’s and informed Lev that there was a mix up. Lev cheerfully comments how cute they both were because they’re small and pretty. Suga and Yaku both felt strangely insulted yet flattered at the same time.

Suga’s the manager at a real big dry cleaning station but one of his steam machines got broken. He and his employees have been trying to fix it but they couldn’t get it to work. The main office sends in their best repairman. Looking at the bored bleached haired man Suga had his doubts. He was going to supervise Kenma, but he was called to the front to sort out some mix up. After half an hour of talking to an irate old man and his grandson, he was annoyed to see his repairman sitting next to the machine clicking on his phone, playing. “Excuse me,” Suga started. Kenma didn’t even look up from his game saying, “I finished five minutes ago, if you could just fill out this paperwork. It’s fixed and working fine.” Suga indignantly fills out the report for the office before asking, “Uhmm, what is this last page with only your name and number?” Kenma smiles into his phone, mumbling “that’s for you, in case you need help, in the future.”

Yes I’ve been inspired to write this because I’ve been imagining myself going to industrial laundry shops instead of doing laundry by hand. (Unfortunately my mum believes in doing it by hand even though it’s gone through the washer.)

before thanksgiving break: oh my gosh i’m going to get so much work done, i’m going to work on my finals, do laundry, clean my room, write that paper, and get plenty of rest! :)

thanksgiving break, sunday, 10pm:

small essay on why bucky is not a fragile flower

yeah no 

i honestly don’t understand where this mentality of “bucky is a precious flower baby who is helpless and can’t defend himself” and “oh no bucky my damaged cinnamon roll of pain” comes from, in the fandom and especially in fanfics. he isn’t helpless, or weak, or so damaged he’s just passively willing to follow orders.

james buchanan barnes is rebellious to his core. steve may be the punk who won’t stop fighting till his last breath, but anyone who thinks bucky is anything less has clearly been watching different movies than me. 

he protects and cares for steve. he joins the army. he withstands torture. he falls from a fucking train and lives, goddamnit, basterdized super serum or not. he’s tortured for 70 years or so, continuously has his memories wiped, is trained as a perfect soldier, as an assassin for slightly less than a normal person’s lifetime

and all that training goes to shit the moment he hears steve breathlessly call his name on that bridge. “but I knew him,” he says brokenly to the man who has been systematically breaking him down for decades. now bucky isn’t stupid; he has to know that saying shit like that was just gonna get him hurt. pierce was obviously gonna get pissed. 

a n y w a y 

bucky is a rebellious asshole who is willing to endure pain but not the loss of his identity. and catws is just that; a fight for identity. steve’s identity, of where he belongs in the 21st century and where his morals and values stand in this era. sam’s identity, about how he chooses to do what’s right over what’s easy and safe. of how not to fail riley. natasha’s identity, hanging her ledger out to dry and facing her demons, no matter how ugly they may be. hell, even fury’s identity crisis, stepping down as the leader of an organization he devoted his whole life to, choosing the shadows and anonymity over power. 

but ultimately, it is bucky’s identity, or lack thereof,  that shapes this movie. he is supposed to be a blank slate, to be moulded to fit whatever mission he is designated. he isn’t allowed his own thoughts or a will. but three days out his cryotube, and he saves captain fucking america. hydra enemy no1.

actually no, that’s wrong. the winter soldier doesn’t give two shits about the star spangled hero. that was all bucky, fighting and screaming his way to the top, just in time to save his best friend, his one connection to himself, the person he would die for, the person he has died for. bucky is so much stronger than this fandom perceives him to be. he juts his chin out, narrows his eyes, and is the embodiment of “not fucking today” when faced with danger.

so yes, to cap this rambling mess off, I’d like to say that please, please for the love of god stop making bucky out to be some damsel in distress, who possesses an inferior serum and therefore lacks even the ability to sufficiently defend himself. it’s not like bucky hasn’t, you know, kicking ass and eviscerating people since the 50’s. nope. or that he has a metal fucking arm. 

metal. fucking. arm.

so yeah. this has been a psa.
stop ooc bucky barnes interpretations 2k15.

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ii saw a gif set of niall folding laundry, write a blurb about him doing it pleaseeeeee

It had been a long week for you. You were thankful for the weekend, but knew it would be filled with chores. You and Niall were constantly busy and let things go. Dishes were dirty, the floors were horrendous, and the laundry pile was getting to be much. 

You promise yourself that you will go to the gym, run the last of your errands and start on the many of the chores that have been left for the weekend. 

Niall was in the garage when you pull up and you give him a quick kiss before going up to change. You change quickly and drag the two baskets worth of laundry to the laundry room and separate the colours and the delicates. You start the first load before heading down. 

“Babe, there’s a load of laundry in the wash. Will you just toss it into the dryer when it’s done? I’ll finish up when I get home.” You peck his cheek and wave as you pull out of the drive. You hoped he would remember because it would be smelly if he didn’t. 

Niall watches you go and waves back. He could totally do this. He bites on his lip a bit. You did a lot for him during the week to take care of him, make sure that he was always ready. He heads in to the laundry room and puts on a timer to remind him to change it before going to start on the dishes. He washes and dries everything before going to change out the laundry and starting on another load. Between those loads, he vacuums and sweeps, dancing and singing to the music he had playing. 

He hung up his nice shirts and your nice blouses to dry so they wouldn’t ruin in the dryer. He’s seen you do it before. 

By the time you come home, he had cleaned up your home and was on the last load of laundry. He was folding it and still singing to himself as he was doing it. 

You look around and eyes widen. The house was basically spotless. “Ni?” You call out and wander to your guys’ bedroom. You watch him fold the cotton shirts of his and hang up yours. Even the bed looked like the sheets had been changed. 

“Hey,” Niall grins widely at you. “Laundry is done.” He nods and puts aside the last of his shirts. 

You shake your head slightly and you throw yourself into his arms, making him fall onto the bed. He tightens his arms around your waist. You lean in to give him a long kiss. “Let’s fuck in fresh sheets. Please.” You whisper, for some reason turned on more than you should be about Niall doing the household chores. 

“But… I just-” He stops when you palm him over his sweats. “Yeah, let’s.” He says a bit breathlessly. 

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For the "restrained" meme can I please have 15 with MarcoAceSabo?

15. Strapped to a table

How did everything go so horribly wrong?

Well, Ace mused, pursing his lips and trying vainly once again to tug his wrists free from where they’d been cuffed down, that probably had something to do with you deciding to date people with superpowers. 

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Dirty Laundry

Request: please write a tommy clark imagine about absolutely whatever. i don’t even care if there isn’t a fluffy happy ending, just more tommy! i love pan but tommy was also a very cute character that doesn’t really get that much recognition?? so let your creative juices flow, maybe take some inspiration from your favorite song? but please please please do a tommy imagine! ❤️

Warnings: none

Notes: You… I like you! Lol, decided to turn this into a current favorite song of mine!

Dirty Laundry - All Time Low

You and Tommy had been dating for a while now. You were both insecure in some areas, both hiding secrets from one another. It was your second relationship and his first. You were scared of making the same mistakes you made in your last relationship, however. Tommy was afraid of not being the “perfect” boyfriend.

Though the secrets you kept from one another were the fact that you were both Evos. Tommy could teleport, and you could control the elements. Neither of you knew about the other. You were both afraid of the reaction. 

In your last relationship, it was unhealthy. You made the mistake of telling the guy about your powers. For the remained of the relationship, he threatened to turn you in since you weren’t registered. He was psychologically abusive and took advantage of you because you told him about your secret abilities. Then after the breakup, you lost yourself a little bit and fooled around with a guy or two. It was something you vaguely told Tommy about, anxious to trust him with such detailed information.

Tommy was afraid because he was simply insecure. You were experienced and he wasn’t. He’d never had a girlfriend due to moving so many times. He never had any of the “firsts”. He was scared of messing everything up, but tried his best to be the best. Even if it got on your nerves sometimes. But who were you to tell him he needed to change a few things?

“Hey, Tommy,” you grinned. You joined hands and started walking down the street.

“Uh, hey,” he grinned, giving your hand a squeeze.

You both chatted as you walked, simply taking a stroll around town. It was a nice day out, it not being too hot or cold. It was nice. Until you and Tommy started talking more about relationships and it opened up your past a little.

“I don’t know, Tommy, I don’t want to talk about it.” You sighed, looking away from him.

“Y/N, don’t worry. I don’t care about what you did. You can tell me. I only–”

“I know, I know. You only care about what we do,” you giggled, cutting him off. “It’s just… It’s complicated.”

Tommy gave you a look. “It can’t be that complicated. I’ll understand.”

You had stopped walking. You felt horrible, but you were afraid of him judging you or rejecting you. You continued to look away from him.

“Listen, Tommy, you got your secrets and I have mine, too. Let’s keep them that way.”

Tommy knew he should’ve left the subject, but he wanted to know. He had to get something out of you. 

“Please?” He simply asked. 

You sighed, knowing he wasn’t going to quit. “After Trevor, I hooked up with a few guys.”

Tommy’s face turned completely, which is what you were afraid of. It made your heart beat fast. Hooking up with those guys wasn’t the best way to handle your situation at the time, you knew that. But it was something you wanted to do. It made you feel better in those moments.

“Don’t worry, I don’t have any STD’s. I’m clean.”

Tommy stayed silent. He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know how he felt about the fact that you basically ran around with guys.

“I’m loyal when in an actual relationship–Ugh, this is exactly why I didn’t want to get into this!” Your voice raised.

The seemingly windless day suddenly picked up. A breeze came about, blowing your hair. It was only affecting the surrounding areas though, not the rest of the town. A flaw you needed to work on when it came to your powers: learning to keep them at bay when you became angered or upset.

“Whoa,” Tommy looked around. He furrowed his brows. “Are you… Are you doing that?”

Your eyes went wide, making the wind stop completely. “No, how would I do that?”

“Y/N, are you an Evo?” Tommy pressed. 

Your heart was racing. No, this was the one secret you wanted to keep to yourself. You never wanted Tommy to know about this. What he turned into another Trevor? He was sweet and kind just like Trevor. The problems only started after he learned you had powers.


“It’s okay. I am, too.”

Once again, your eyes widened. “What?”

Tommy nodded, explaining himself and his powers. You were amazed. You had actually never met someone who was an Evo since they laid low. It was so interesting to you. It was exciting. 

“That’s really… cool. I can control the elements. The weather and such. I’m still learning to control them…”

Tommy smiled, grabbing your hand. You then further explained what really happened with Trevor and why it went downhill. Tommy squeezed your hand.

“I’m not like Trevor. I wouldn’t do that to you.”

“Thank you, Tommy. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable with the… hooking up with guys thing.”

You both started walking again, hand-in-hand.

“Remember, I don’t care about what you did, only care about what we do.” Tommy leaned down to kiss you on the lips.

Dirty laundry looks good on you

Request: “I’ll never be what you want me to be” with Michael + something inspired of Dirty Laundry
Summary: you think Michael deserves better than the mess that you are. he kindly disagrees.

Written for the song-inspired blurb night hosted by @andershea @celestialmike @ghibliclifford etc. Hope you enjoy!


Michael doesn’t bother saying hello as he sweeps inside your apartment, engulfing you in a crushing hug before stepping back.

You blink. It’s so strange seeing him again after months apart that you’re left more than a little numb from shock.

“You look good,” he says finally, breaking the silence.

You raise your eyebrows, unimpressed.

“I’ve been wearing the same jeans for two weeks straight.”

He shrugs, a smile curling at his mouth.

“They’re nice jeans. Look good on you.”

“Right.” You scoff, and run a hand through your slightly greasy hair.

A look around your living room drags a sigh from you. It somehow manages to look even messier and dirtier than you do. You can’t even imagine what it must look like to Michael, what with his rock star standards.

There was a time when you were a hundred percent comfortable in his presence, but now you’re more aware than ever of your failures in all regards, especially compared to him. It grits on your nerves how he refuses to acknowledge it.

“It’s so nice to be back in LA,” he grins, and the sight of his smile makes your throat close up. “It’s so nice to see you again,” he continues when you fail to answer.

You drop your gaze and shake your head.

“Listen, Michael, stop. Just stop. I’ll never be what you want me to be.”

He reels back.

“What do you mean, ‘what I want you to be’?”

“You know,” you roll your eyes. “Mentally stable, part of the high life…”

“Who said I wanted that?”

You shift awkwardly at his tense tone.

“Of course you want that. Everyone wants that.”

“Don’t put words in my mouth. I would never want you to change to fit whatever expectations anyone has. I…” he falters, swallows hard. “I love you just the way you are now.”

Somehow, the heartfelt confession makes you snap.

“But I’m fucked up, Michael! I can’t be the good girlfriend you need. That you deserve. I’m fucked up and I’ve done fucked up stuff.”

“Yeah, and so have I. We’ve all got our skeletons and our fucked up secrets. And that’s fine, don’t you see that just makes you so much more interesting? Your past made you into the person you are, and I’m…I’m already so gone for that person. I can’t wait to discover more about you.”

You clench your jaw and look away. It just sounds too good to be true. It’s already so real, this thing between you, and you’d be lying to say it doesn’t scare you. You’ve had feelings for him for so long, but to know that he feels the same just makes it so much more imminent.

And while a part of you is exhilarated, you can’t help but think you aren’t ready for it. He lives in a world full of talented musicians and models and overprotective fans, and you’re just old, plain, depressed you.

“Hey listen baby,” he says, grabbing your hand softly. “It’s one thing to be haunted by shit memories and be a little fucked up. But it’s another thing to let the past control you.”

“Take back the power,” you joke half-heartedly, and he chuckles.

The sound sends warmth to your chest, and you meet his eyes when he speaks again.

“I don’t care about what you did, I only care about what we do.”

This time, the smile that spreads across your face is real, and he grins back, pressing a kiss to your knuckles.

“And by the way, I wasn’t joking. Those jeans really do something for you.”

You slap his wandering hand away, and your laughter mixes with his happily.

Hey guys, this is a list of things you could do during study breaks! In fifth grade I learned that you shouldn’t use electronics/ read/ have too much input during those breaks, so here are my tips. They are for 5- 10 minutes breaks and also don’t have too much potential of turning into hours of procrastination!

  • go for a walk (outside or at least around the house)
  • stretch
  • move/dance/excercise (song challenges for example)
  • breathe/meditate
  • have a snack (healthy, but don’t cook for long)
  • drink something (although you should drink water whenever you want while studying!)
  • prepare tea (since these are tips for really short breaks I recommend drinking it while you study on)
  • real life social interaction aka talking (to your family, neighbours, friends, flatmates)
  • colour (where i live there are lots of adult colouring books on sale, but don’t waste money, you could also just draw/doodle)
  • sing
  • play your instrument
  • clean (an area of) your room
  • do a chore/ household task (laundry/dishes)
  • do/write down the things you thought of during studying but pushed aside because you wanted to focus (proud of you for that!)
  • look at motivational quotes (until you are motivated again, then stop. scrolling)
  • remember your goals
  • pray
  • do Dhikr (sorry for this islamic term)/count your blessings

So yeah, I hope this post helps you with ideas, maybe sparks new personal ideas (feel free to add while reblogging)!

Me early today: I’m going to finish laundry and then write the next part/chapter of my Vaderwan Prompt fic!

Me now shortly before I start thinking of getting ready for bed: ….I haven’t written a word of the story I was going to work on today…oops…

so yeah, if you are a reader of “Eyes” I haven’t forgotten, and yes, I have gotten prompts to use for the continuation of the story. I just took last week off to rest after my convention and then totally forgot when i had time to work on it today. Sorry for the delay!

On gibslythe's "Dirty Laundry"

@gibslythe you are awesome your writing is awesome and if it gets tiring or people talk badly about just know that there are more people that love and accept it the way it is than those who think it should change.
Honestly if My Immortal and 50 Shades are out there and yet the internet decides to bad talk you just ignore really. If not it gets depressing. Unapologetically let it be because I doubt it’s offending anyone. Problem with Mexican Lance? Just say “In this story he is Mexican because at the time his ethnicity was undisclosed”. Problem with a large Hispanic family? Uh in the screenshot its a large family sorry haters. Problem with “Gasolina”? It was the song that made Daddy Yankee a household name guys if you’re Hispanic/Latino/Latinx (I don’t know what term to use really) YOU KNOW THE SONG AND ITS NICE TO SEE IT MENTIONED aside from Candela in Pokémon Go. Also, “la chancla” and variations thereof is a worldwide thing aside from white people. Like I bonded over memories of “la chancla” with someone from Burma! Honestly I think it’s wonderful just the way it is.
@gibslythe this is for you, if you feel like you MUST change your story, go ahead, but only if it’s for you, not for anyone else. Many published books don’t come close to your lovely writing. Don’t fret over it, if you get hate, don’t think too much about it, it’s the Internet, it gets offended too easily. And if you don’t want to update regularly that’s cool too. Just, don’t feel the need to apologize to people bringing you down, they should apologize for being rude and disrespectful. You’re awesome. And so is your art, writing included.
P.S. The Spanish is pretty good in there

All Grown Now (inside we’re the same)

The third and final part to Bitter Hearts (middle of the ride) and Not a Picture Perfect Life (write your own line). Also on FFNet and AO3

Summary: Emma’s finally able to start putting the past behind her, just as Killian’s decides to come back and haunt him. 

This fic has changed from the original outline more than any fic I have written ever. swallowedsong let me flail plot changes at her while I tried to sort them out cuz she’s awesome like that.

This got long, you guys.

           Being with Killian isn’t like being with Neal. It isn’t like anything she could have expected and she kind of hates that she keeps comparing the two in the back of her mind. But being with Neal was a rush all the time — just the two of them against the world. Emma had felt like they could do anything, as long as they had each other.

           Killian seems to think she could do anything entirely on her own.

           Being with him is a rush too. Every single time he looks at her she’s sure her heart skips a beat. But it feels different — safe, she thinks the word is. And she can’t remember the last time she felt safe around anyone.

           They take their time with things for the first couple months, even if they see each other almost every day. Emma can’t even count the number of toe-curling kisses and teasing touches before she finally sleeps over at his place. But it’d been a hellish night at work despite his near constant texting as he pulled an all-nighter of his own. (They were only together a week before she bought a phone and a cheap plan with minimal minutes but unlimited texting.) She just wants to crash afterwards, but when she gets to the garage she’s gripped by the need to see him. For there to be something redeemable about the day. Emma’s not even sure how she stays awake long enough to drive over. When Killian opens the door he looks as exhausted as she feels and he wraps his arms around her as she steps into him. They’re asleep within twenty minutes and she’s never slept better.

           (When they wake up around noon and spend a couple more hours wrapped up in bed together, well, that’s never been better either.)

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