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Lavandería y Muro Inka, Cuzco, 2017.

It is amazing how many Inca stone walls are incorporated into buildings in present-day Cuzo. Despite being un-mortared, the walls are strong and seismically stable. This wall on an unassuming commercial street to the east of the Plaza de Armas was once a major route out of the city, and there are remains of Inca walls along it, incorporated into modern buildings, for a considerable distance.

This Isn’t a Lifetime Movie Chapter 3

Description: Bucky comes to the rescue and you learn about his reluctance around Malcolm.

Word Count: 602

Warnings: None, although the idea of Bucky playing cars with a 4 year old may cause your ovaries to burst. 

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Apparently I’m still doing that weird mood business where I do things and I take photos but then I don’t post. Does this mean I finally have a life? My God, it’s full of laundromats!
That dude in the background was pretty uncomfortable about the whole women enjoying and taking photos for themselves bit and you better believe neither @maxxofficial or I enjoyed dragging it out, not one bit.
Also the filter kinda hides it a smidge but shredded tights over pretty patterned ones is the coolest thing ever and maybe highest stylistic pinnacle I will ever reach.


As Westley exits the prison, a sleek limousine pulls up in his path, and two large, burly men in heavy overcoats forcefully shove him into the backseat.

The lawyer from earlier barely glances up at him, her eyes glued to the phone in her hands. “My client wants to meet with you,” she snaps the answer to his unasked question, her pleasant tone from before replaced with a bored, haughty drawl.

West hesitates, wondering what the senator could possibly want with him now. “But Pryce got what he was after,” he replies carefully. “I signed his stupid little contract, and I don’t give one fuck about airing his dirty laundry.”

The woman smirks, her pretty face twisted with a strange, almost cruel sort of glee. “No, not Pryce,” she laughs. “I mean the man who actually booted your sorry ass out of jail.”

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I have refrained from designing a future Hinata concept because I’m pretty sure Kishimoto will release her sketch sometime soon. But I just couldn’t help it anymore. Basically, I created her outfit based off that one really low-quality scan we have of a woman folding laundry with long hair. I think it’s hinata, personally. :) 

I like to think that Naruto and Hinata are newly weds, if not that, then at least engaged :) So here’s a quick chibi sketch of the two cuties vuv