laundry stains

random adulting tip of the day

i know many of you beauties are going off to college soon and might start doing ur laundry urself for the first time ever!!! i know it can be scary when ur mum/dad/whomever isn’t there to be like “to get this stain out use the crushed petals of a garden rose combined with lemon juice and ur tears” SO let me recommend two very important things to you:

oxiclean spray laundry stain remover and oxi-clean versatile stain remover powder detergent. 

the combination of the two will literally remove any and all stains from ur clothes, no matter if they’re a couple days old (though i do recommend treating the stain with the spray soon as you can and then letting it work on the article of clothing in ur laundry basket) – i’m talking blood, wine, grass stains, royal icing, you feckin name it and the combination of these two will leave your clothes so freaking clean. 

also – shout! color catcher lets you mix loads without colors bleeding which means 1) saving money and 2) saving time!!! the only two separate loads i do are my whites and colors. 





catching up with refsheets i need to make, this one is for my vampire surgeon Atticus! i think i like this format for refsheets too, it reminds me of book pages

Atticus works nightshifts as a transplant surgeon. he doesn’t feed off of humans, instead getting blood from an organ garden he created himself (it’s kept in something like a greenhouse if you replaced everything green with organs and veins and vessels). the garden is also the source of the organs he uses for operations! 

because he drinks artificial blood Atticus isn’t as strong as other vampires, but that’s fine by him. he can shapeshift, usually doing so when he’s hamming it up to get attention or kill time. he’s a bit timid around new people but very kind, easily a supportive and almost parental figure. outside of work Atticus’ extended family means the world to him and not much else matters. 

it’s also noteworthy to say he’s very good with working miracles with laundry and stain removal, working with blood all day and wearing a white coat means you either get incredibly good at removing stains or get used to walking around like you just went through a blood carwash