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OKAY i'm so sorry but i just gotta say something i FUCKIN LOVE daphne and they way she always picks brian over ethan and always compares them it's the only good part about justin and ethan's relationship (also i know there's not much but brian and daphnes friendship is so underrated and under appreciated smh)

Ahhhh YES DAPHNE IS QUEEN, end of story. There is literally NOBODY who ships Brian and Justin more than one Miss Daphne Chanders, and her friendship with Brian is literally everything that is pure and wonderful and good in the show. 


Laundry , Laundry , Laundry

Packing , Packing , Packing

Itinerary, itinerary, itinerary

Anxiety , Anxiety, anxiety

Lists , lists , lists

Plan , Plan , Plan

We’ve never done this type of traveling before and we are all a bunch of worriers. This is a very big deal for us.
We are all tied up in knots!

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Thank you!!!! Awww, our lovely Healer couple! (really need to rewatch that one!) Of course it’s going to take daddy time to let Young-Shin go! It’s just been the two of them for so long! And I’m sure he knows exactly how much time she is spending at home versus their apartment (Jung-Hoo and hers) and is just choosing to not see! :)

Her father is in a little bit of denial. He got everything he wanted for her but Papa found out that perhaps that he didn’t want the boyfriend encouraging Young-Shin into danger.

He knows she’s basically living with Jung-Hoo but their relationship is built on patience and trust. He’s just waiting for her to tell him when to show up to the wedding. He wouldn’t dare get in the way of her happiness.

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[Caption: a selfie of myself. I have long blonde hair, blue eyes, rosy cheeks and I’m overweight. I’m wearing a pink shirt with grey sleeves. I’m also smiling at the camera.]

SpoonieStrong Selfie Saturday:

This is me at 5am after an hour of doing laundry. Laundry is still in progress (I’m a uni student so I use a laundrette). I couldn’t sleep so I decided that instead of laying in bed feeling sorry for myself I’d be productive and get stuff done.

I’m having surgery on Tuesday (21st of March) so I’m preparing for that during the next three days, which means doing a lot of laundry and packing has to be done.

I hope everyone is having a good Saturday!

We are sick

MeToo started with being moody. clingy and uncooperative. She slept at nap time and when she woke up I knew she was sick. Checked her temp and it was 100.3.

I’m getting sick too. My blood sugar is all over the board, regardless of diet and insulin and my body has a steady ache to it that hurts through my legs to my back.

Ugh. I need to turn in my letter of resignation and start wrapping up things.

I did manage to get laundry done and lunches packed for tomorrow.

Bee should have been asleep an hour ago, but hair night ran late and I’m trying not to yell and I just want to go to bed.


Yesterday was a baaaaaaaaaaad pain day. By bad I mean it turned into one of the top 3 worst pain days I’ve ever had.  I had to take the strong night time medication for my fibromyalgia during the day.  Which means I was knocked out asleep on the couch for the majority of the day. Thankfully my amazing husband cleaned the house, took care of the kids, and cooked a healthy supper. As a result though I’m SOOOOOOOOOO far behind on getting things prepared and I leave town for a doctors appointment tomorrow.  I still have to pack, get laundry done, stop by grocery store for healthy road snacks…PLUS my doctors appointment was moved to today, I have an appointment with my son’s school counselor (just a pro-active meeting as he’s been experiencing some issues and the anniversary of the fire is approaching), AND the kids have dance class!!!!! Ahhhhhh so much! 

Oh….and I have to do couch to 5k fun, and my upper body strength from yesterday because I just couldn’t with the whole…fibromyalgia pain thing.

Also, having a lot of anxiety about going out of town with the kids and leaving my husband in my van.  He’s working so he can’t come.  I might take his truck just to make it NOT feel like when I had to leave him behind to work in the fire.

I slept in today, didn’t get to shower or do any makeup (and i noticed i have some of those lip hairs very noticeably out that all girls pretend they don’t ever get, but all brunettes actually have)….and forgot to pack myself a lunch.  

I will survive today…..right?


Okay it’s almost 10 and I have a 6am alarm for tomorrow so right now I’m going to clean my room so that it’s one less thing that I have to do and then get into bed and hopefully get to sleep. I just realized tomorrow is going to be super busy because I leave for home right after class on Thursday, so everything that needs to get done before I leave has to happen tomorrow. soooo:

  • 6am alarm for the gym
  • come home, shower, eat
  • read/type up the notes from anatomy class that I missed yesterday (probably dedicate about an hour to this)
  • class 10:30-11:35
  • i think the time in between my classes should be dedicated to doing homework…so finishing and submitting my health ed report, designing and submitting my capstone evaluation form, starting (and hopefully finishing) my prevention program part 3 draft
  • class 2:50-4:30
  • then i’ll do laundry, make dinner, pack my bags
  • and I have a meeting at 8 that I’m tryna get out of bc it really isn’t necessary that I go i’d rather be productive with my time

ok time to clean before bed PS thank you everyone for the music suggestions!! I’m looking into all of them :) :)


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Pairing: Luciferxsister!reader
Word count: 787

Part 4 of Lucifer’s Baby Sister

You fell asleep in the car on the way home, your head against the window. Your hat had shifted to the side with the way that you were leaning. He chuckled and carried you to your room. It was Sunday night, so he needed to do laundry and pack your lunch for the following day.

Shutting your door gently, he moved to the kitchen to take care of your lunch. A ham and cheese sandwich, pudding cup, juice box, and a piece of candy. It was your favorite lunch, right after pizzas and tacos.

“Hello, Lucifer.” He stopped packing your lunch and turned.

Lucifer glared. “Father.”

Chuck chuckled and shook his head. “Still as angry as every.”

“Seeing as you just decided to show up in my home, yes. I’m angry.” He snarled, zipping up your lunch box and putting it in the fridge.

“I came to see my daughter.” He pointed out.

Shutting the fridge door, Lucifer looked at his father in disbelief. “She’s five! Now you care to come see her?” He spat.

Chuck’s smile dropped. “I have been doing very important things, and I have been watching the two of you.”

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Okay so. Isn’t it fucking rude to show up at a house where they have an infant and you know they’re going on a long ass road trip the next day and just sit there and stay?

Like I have so much shit to do.
Laundry. Packing. Shopping. Packing up the car. Marking sure I’m not leaving anything behind. Oh baby laundry, too. On top of being a new mom, a pumping mom… like I’m about to go fucking crazy.

She needs to leave.

Today is my last day at school, gonna pick up the last of my earnings and head home. This weekend is mostly going to be cleaning, doing laundry, and packing my bags–getting rid of all non-essentials.

It’s been a ride here in Bangkok, it is too damn hot and too damn crowded, but despite that I had a good experience. Probably won’t come back to Bangkok, but I’m really looking forward to returning to Chiang Mai and the islands in the future.

I’ll be heading to Ko Samui for nine days on Monday, I’ll be relaxing on a beach, reading, and exploring the islands and the markets when I’ve gotten bored of doing nothing :P I’ll make a point to go snorkeling at least once despite my distrust of water, and of course I’ll try to get many massages. The bed I have now is hard as a rock ;A;

I’ll keep y'all updated over the next couple weeks, I’m very much looking forward to coming home. Got plans and stuff to do! I’m not done traveling, any bad experiences I’ve had isn’t enough to stop me going put again.

But next time? It’s going to be just traveling, or working short enough periods that I don’t feel chained to a spot.