laundry lines

Bighit and BTS Meeting
  • Bighit: Alright it's that time again, we have to confuse the hell out of your ARMYs. So what do we got this time?
  • Namjoon: Let's...have Jimin in the ocean instead of a bathtub
  • Bighit: Nice one Namjoon!
  • Jimin: Dammit
  • Taehyung: Oh! Let's add a random shape to make them think it has meaning...a rectangle!
  • Bighit: Good job Taetae!
  • Jungkook: Put me on a train! They'll think its connected to RUN
  • Bighit: That diploma is coming in handy!
  • Hobi: Don't give me ANY lines!
  • Bighit: NOICE
  • Suga: Add laundry! We've never done laundry
  • Bighit: Confusing, confusing, confusing! I like it!
  • Jin: Make it seem like I'm alive...but still dead
  • Bighit: Get this boy a raise!
  • Jimin: Give me random blue sneakers!!
  • Bighit: Him too!

the last entry in the red leatherbound notebook:

Yesterday I took a detour on my afternoon walk, through a set of old, narrow streets with stray dogs and laundry lines. The sun was out, and what I did last week had given me an unquiet mind. It’d been three months. I needed to consider whether I’d stay here or not.

Eventually I heard water, and I came to a courtyard, with faded paint and shuttered windows and vines creeping up the walls. I saw a woman at a fountain, her back to me, a carpetbag at her side - in a summer-weight white traveling suit, her head draped in a loose white scarf.

I knew it could be her, so I decided to play along. I asked her if she was lost. She said yes. I asked her why she’d come. She said she was looking for a man who had left her behind in Dunwall, and that he hadn’t given her good directions. She’d spent months trying to track him down. He was an underworld man, she said, and she knew he made himself hard to find. He’d been trying to disappear. She worried he was already gone.

I asked her whether there was anything she would recognize him by. She turned to face me, and said that she would know his voice anywhere. She ran across the courtyard to me and took me in her arms, then pulled one of the Cat’s silk peonies from underneath her scarf. She stuck it in my lapel. She kissed me. I let her, despite myself.

She doesn’t think much of the flat. Says it’s dingy. Expected nothing else. But she thinks she can work with it. With some paint and furniture it might come into itself. In particular, she says the storefront space on the floor below is big enough that she could open a clinic. Carry on her mother’s work. It’s the kind of joke the black-eyed bastard would tell that after twenty years of dealing death I’d take up with someone who deals in birth. I don’t need to involve myself in it, but it’s a good use of her time. This district is poor. The women need her, along with anyone else she could help.

I think I’m going to put this journal away for a while, at least until I get the itch to try writing those memoirs again. I smelled jasmine on my shirt this morning. I hear singing down the hall. Maybe in a few years the tide of history will cover all of this with dust. Maybe the orange trees will bloom in the spring. Maybe whale bones will still wash up on the shore. Maybe Emily will be a decent ruler, and maybe people will forget the Knife of Dunwall, and maybe the salt breeze will keep blowing.

Maybe I will move on.


In the nightmares of our fathers we look
like white sheets hanging
on laundry lines– wet ghosts
when the wind tugs on us just right.

We rub our velvet horns against
invisible trees, ignore the invisible blood
we bleed unseen. Teach ourselves
how to dance the dance of life,

spit out the blood, fight the young fight.

We’ve got creeks for tongues
and rivers for knees– we’re always
flowing towards the light. We make our own
baptisms, douse our own fires.

You say fairytale boys can’t
be born from rose bushes but
here we are anyway, thorn-mouthed,
red-stained, singing.

CH.8(Watch Your Back)

Pairing: Jungkook x OC

Genre: Angst

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A/N- Sorry for not posting but I’ve had some emergencies come up and couldn’t find time. But here is Chapter 8. -Admin Kook

Jungkook POV

I reached for the sheets that were dangling from the laundry line while the wind blew them slowly.

“Don’t forget to put the basket in the hallway!”, A voice called out. I turned to see Kim Namjoon. The man who let me hide away at his place. He lives here with his fiance, Eunbyeol. She’s sweet and caring. Sometimes I even grow jealous of what they have. My phone ringing brought me out of my thoughts and I frowned when I looked at the number. I hesitated for a few seconds before answering the call with a deep breath. “Hello?”

“Where the fuck have you been? I’ve tried to get in touch with you for two months shit head! Two months Jungkook!”, the person yelled as Eunbyeol came outside.

“Lower your voice Yoongi.”, I warned and he got silent before emitting a dark chuckle.

“You better watch who you’re talking to boy. I’m not one of your fucking friends. You do what I say when I say it if I’m the one paying you.”, He sneered and I scoffed.

“I heard Soo Jin is in the hospital. Why is she still alive?”, He began and I opened my mouth to reply. “You’re starting to make me regret giving you the job. Maybe I’ll have to double the price to get you to think straight. $150,000 is your total.” My eyes were wide as saucers when he said that.

“Either you get this done or you’re the one who’s going to be taken out.” With that he hung up and I through my work phone in the water as a curse slipped past my lips.

“Jungkook?”, Eunbyeol questioned softly and I avoided her gaze as I walked inside. She followed behind me into the living room with a frown sitting on her face.

“Yes?”, I asked as I slipped on my shoes. “Who was that?” I refused to answer and she had tears on the brink of falling.

“Who was that!”, she screamed and I was taken aback by her sudden outburst. Namjoon came running inside at the sound of her voice before staring at me.

“My boss. He offered me double to finish the job.”, I whispered and Namjoon shot me a glare. “And you’re gonna take it?”

“I don’t have a choice.”, I mumbled and he grabbed hold of my shirt.

“You always have a choice. You’re a hit man, your boss can’t do that much damage.”, he told me and I clenched my jaw. “You don’t know Yoongi” His face fell before he let me go and backing away. If looks could kill, I’d probably drop dead right here.

“Did he send you here? To spy on us!”, he screamed holding me at gunpoint. I held my stance but shook my head quickly.

“NO! He’s paying me to kill someone. He doesn’t even know that I’m with you two.”, I stated and he tilted his head in suspicion. “You think any of us would be here if I knew about you?”

“You’re a hit man though right? You could take us out in anytime right?”, he questioned and I frowned. “But I wouldn’t. I swear.”

“You trapped too huh?”, he questioned and I narrowed my eyes in his direction. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“I work for him myself. When Eunbyeol was in the hospital I would steal from people. He paid well so I stayed. I tried to leave but when I did, he hurt Eunbyeol so I had no choice. Until she convinced me otherwise. The beach is the perfect place to hide out for a while. Here we are.”, he explained as he sat down in a nearby chair.

“Who are you trying to kill?”, he asked suddenly and I leaned against the wall. “Lee Soo Jin. The new CEO of Lee Intercorps.”

“What did she do?”, Eunbyeol asked me and I frowned. I thought back to when Taehyung asked me the same question causing me to bit my lip.

“As far as I know she took the job?”, I mumbled avoiding their disappointed gaze.

“And you’re really going to take her life because of that? She’s just a young girl with her entire life ahead of her!”, Eunbyeol shouted with anger.

“That’s bullshit Jungkook. That’s BULLSHIT! No way you’re going to get away with that! I won’t allow it.”, Namjoon added with a scowl to match my own.

“And just what exactly are you going to do? First Taehyung and now you, why the fuck is everyone protecting her! You don’t even know her!”, I shouted and Namjoon grabbed my shoulder forcing my back into the wall.

“I know that she doesn’t deserve this.”

“I didn’t deserve this! I had to leave my entire life behind to protect my family but has anyone ever bothered to care about how I felt? No, because I’m just a hit man! So why should I care now!?”

“Because you’re nothing but a lap dog. Trying to take the life of someone that’s done nothing wrong. Yes you’ve had it rough but you’re putty in Yoongi’s hands and that just makes things worse.”, he shouted in my face and by this point I was fuming. I pushed him away from me before walking out of the house with a frown. I made my way towards the beach and stared out into the ocean before falling to my knees. Once the first tear got away, the rest followed, creating small streaks down my face. My lungs rummaged for oxygen as I broke down into a sob, letting out everything I’ve had bottled up for so long. I leaned closer to the ground before letting out a scream with my hands balling up in the sand finally hunching over in defeat.

“What the do I do?”, I mumbled softly.

concept: we’ve escaped the city and we get to live in a nice house with a backyard and in the day it’s sunny out and i put out the laundry on lines and press flowers, you are making art in the shade and at night the stars are out and we lie on the grass and watch them crawl across the sky and there’s no need for words because having you by my side is enough