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“To celebrate the launch of her new makeup line Fenty Beauty, Rihanna made an appearance on three different Elle covers, two of which show Rihanna with a carefully drawn purple heart on her face. And let’s be honest, Rihanna might be the only person who could draw a heart on her face using makeup and get away with it.”

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By Chance (Pt.6)

Genre: Smut / Fluff and a little tiny bit of Angst I guess…

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14 coming soon

You couldn’t help but sigh in content at the warm feeling that embraced your body, it felt so nice and addictive and you wanted more. You rolled to your side and let your arms fall over what ever was making you feel so good. You heard a grunt upon the contact you made followed by a satisfied sigh.

You know this sound! You knew it because it made you feel like you were on cloud nine and taste ecstasy in all its forms. You forced your eyes open to peek at the source of your delight…and there he was…his peacefully heaving toned chest was the first thing that your eyes laid upon.

Gosh he’s gorgeous was the first thought that popped into your head, his body looked like the sculpted works of an angel! You slowly lifted your head in hopes of not waking up the sleeping man next to you, you wanted to see him and hug him. His black hair was messily cascaded over his eyes and his lips were formed into a small pout. You now know this hair, you know it very well, because it was the one that had your fingers all tangled up in it. Those sleeping eyes, you knew them because you gazed at them with so much adoration and love. And those perfectly kissable lips, you kissed them with so much passion last night.

This sleeping man, this ridiculously handsome man was non other than your boyfriend Chanyeol.

You blinked slowly and bit your lip and snuggled into him, and then he lowly woke up and blinked a few times before his head dipped down at your direction and his sleepy dreamy dark brown eyes met yours. He lazily smiled and said “good morning baby girl”.

You tilted your head to the side, smile a widely and said “Hi baby”.

He chuckled and you felt him move as he pulled you closer to him, you laughed and let his scent engulf you completely.

“Don’t you have a schedule?” you asked as he hugged you tight.

He shook his head while keeping his eyes closed “Shush. Let’s sleep some more”. He then moved again and laid you on your back, and placed himself comfortably between your legs and rested his head on your chest.

You laughed through your nose and urged him to get up only to have him refuse again.

“Can’t we stay like this for a bit?” he asked with his husky sleepy voice.

A new thing you learned about Chanyeol was that he was a lazy person in the morning, and it was very hard to get him to get up.

“If only! But we both have places to go and things to do” you told him stroking his hair. He grunted and moved between your legs and you felt him. The morning time was already affecting him, either that or you.

You gasped a little and your fingers tightened around his locks slightly. He chuckled again and you felt his lips place a lazy kiss on your neck while his member grew harder.

“ can’t be serious” you said with a small moan. He didn’t say anything but instead, he kept placing small kisses along your neck and rubbing up against you. You couldn’t let your hips stay still, not when he was moving against you like this.

He let out a breathy laugh when he felt your wetness ooze out and moved his hips a little faster.

You hooked your legs around him and pulled him closer while his mouth was working on your nipples. He was about to slide into you when you both heard his phone buzzing on the nightstand.

His movements came to a stop and he sighed and gave you an apologetic look and got off of you. You sighed as well having the realization of how busy he actually was hit you.

How could he dream of having a lazy morning with you when he knew how demanding his life was. Heck he was even lucky to be sleeping til this hour. Because from what he told you, he usually got up at 2 or 3:00 AM when he only slept at midnight.

You got up to a sitting position and covered yourself with the blanket as you watched him move around your room and put on his clothes while arguing in a low voice with whoever called.

It must be his manager you thought.

The call ended and you saw his shoulders sink low in a defeated way and his expression told you how annoyed he was feeling.

“Do you have to go?” you asked trying to keep your voice from telling him how disappointed you felt.

He pursed his lips together before he came and sat in front of you on the bed. His warm hand came in contact with your face and his thumb stroked your cheek before he placed a sweet, apologetic kiss to your forehead. “You know how much I wanna stay baby, and you know how much I hate that I can’t right?”

You nodded and smiled a little, unable to say anything knowing if you did, you’d cry.

Parting with Chanyeol like this had to be the worst aspect of your relationship. It isn’t the first time and surely it won’t be the last. Having a normal relationship with him and acting like normal couples was only dream talk. He always had to leave and sometimes he was too busy to pick up his phone. it was always meeting at late nights and it was always followed by you being left alone.

Without him.

“I’m sorry” he said before he pushed a strand of loose hair behind your ear and kissed your lips. It wasn’t a long kiss but it was full of love.

So he got up and walked to your door, and you followed him after only putting your shirt back on. He grabbed an apple from the bowl on your coffee table in one hand and his coat in the other and stopped in his tracks before he turned around and said “you know that I love you right?” to which you only nodded.

He felt bad for leaving you like this and making it look like a one night stand. He felt awful and you knew it.

“I know honey” you told him with a sweet smile, trying to keep your spirits up so he won’t feel as awful as he did. He smiled at you and walked out.

You stood in your place as still as a rock. Feeling like shit for being left alone when all you ever wanted was to have him by you.

You shook your head with closed eyes and took a deep breath, getting rid of any negative thoughts and vibes. You smiled reminding yourself that this isn’t constant. It’s not always gonna be like this.

After your not so long shower, you went to check your e-mail to see what you’d be working on for the coming week. With a toast in your mouth and a hot cup of coffee, you scrolled down the pointless e-mails until you saw it.


You opened the e-mail with fidgety excited fingers and read through it quickly. You did it! You got the job!

The e-mail said that you get to be the head of the team that was set to work on the marketing campaign for launching a new makeup line for a company that your company was dealing with. And you were also responsible for holding the main event for the launch.

You screamed and jumped out of your seat almost spilling your coffee. Excitement overwhelmed you and your slight bad mood from earlier was long gone. This was a huge step in your career. Being appointed to do such a job was not an easy thing to land, and you getting it meant that all of your hard work and extra hours finally paid off.

It was an opportunity that you waited for since forever.

You needed to tell someone. So you picked up your phone and dialed Chanyeol’s number and to your surprise he picked up. 

“Chanyeol!” you said with a voice that was way too out of breath because of all the jumping and dancing around you were doing.

“Hey sweetheart are you okay?”

“I got it! I got the job Chanyeol!!” you told him still jumping around.

“Got what?”

“Remember the company that I was telling you about? And how they wanted to launch a new makeup line?” you spoke quickly.

“Yeah?…don’t tell me!!!”

“I did it! I’m gonna be responsible for the marketing campaign and holding the main event!!”

“Oh my God baby that’s great!” he said with the most excited tone you’ve ever heard from him. “I know how much you wanted it Y/N! I’m really happy for you!”

“Right? Gosh I can’t tell you how excited I am!” you told him fanning yourself with your hand.

“I’m really excited for you love” he spoke with a soft voice.

“Thank you Chanyeol” you told him sincerely.

Weeks have passed since you got that e-mail and you’ve been doing nothing but being swamped in work. A lot needed to be done.
From coming up with ideas, to assigning different tasks to your team members to actually putting all of the work to life. It was a lot of work accompanied with a lot of pressure and stress.

“Kang Bok Chul? What did the stage team say?” you asked your co-worker with a rushed tone as you peeked your head into his cubicle.

“Th..the stage te…?” he said with a nervous tone.

“Yeah Bok Chul, the stage team. Didn’t I tell you to call them and check on their status?”  you said with an irritated tone now, knowing from the stupid look on his face that he didn’t call.

“That was half an hour ago Bok Chul! And I told you specifically to do it now because if you don’t they’re not gonna know that we’re coming and they’ll close down and we’ll have to wait for another….you know what? It doesn’t even matter now.”

You were angry now. Why you had to work with such incompetent people was beyond your understanding. No stage meant no to anything else. You needed the stage to be done with so you’d get the lights and screens in place. Sure you had a vision in your head but putting it into action was something else.

You stormed out and picked your phone to call the ones responsible for the stage. And to your worst luck you were informed that you’d have to wait for another 3 days in order to get the workers to work on the stage. Something about them being held for another job or the shipment of new materials or something. You couldn’t really catch what the secretary told you.

Irritation, anger and frustration clouded your entire being.

“Y/N..I’m so sorry I didn’t….” you heard Bok Chul’s voice speak from behind you.

“I don’t wanna hear it” you told him quickly.

“I didn’t think…” he said before you interrupted him “Didn’t think what? If you weren’t too busy with your phone when I was speaking during the meeting you wouldn’t have done this stupid mistake”


“My ass is on the line here Bok Chul! Not yours not anyone else..Me” your voice was rising now.

“I’m so sorry..” he said with a low voice.

You suddenly remembered where you were and what kind of person you were. Yelling at someone in the office no matter how badly they messed up was not you. So you closed your eyes and sighed.

“You know what? Forget it and don’t let it happen again. Because next time, it won’t be just me who would yell at you” your warning was clear. You made sure he knew that if he messed up again, your boss would hear about it.

It was the weekend, and instead of going out with Han Byul and her friends, you had to stay home and finish what your lacking co-workers couldn’t. You groaned and your forehead came in contact with the table with a loud thud. It was too much and the deadline was right around the corner.

You were stressed, tired and overwhelmed and you missed Chanyeol so much. You were both too busy for each other these days that you didn’t even call or text one another.

It’s been weeks since you saw him and it felt like ages since he touched you.

You missed him.

You sighed and massaged your neck and got back to work on your laptop, but your mind was somewhere else.

Chanyeol. What could he be doing now? Did he go that event he told you about?

You knew you couldn’t call him now, because he would surely be busy. So you pulled your hair away from your face and decided to really get back to work. But damn it those flashes you kept getting, flashes of when his strong arms handled and picked you up. Of when his lips covered every inch of your skin. Flashes of when his fingers set fire in their wake and flashes of when his member was buried deep inside you, rubbing against your walls and sending you over the edge. And his deep husky voice that mumbled a string of curses when he came inside you. Flashes of…

You needed him. So you picked up your phone and called him with a racing heart and an aching core.

You paced around your living room as the line kept ringing, and then…

“Hey baby, I was just thinking about you”

You bit your lip and closed you eyes shut and breathed before you said “Are you busy? When do you finish?”

Your voice sounded seductive and breathy beyond your control. He must’ve picked up on your tone because he went silent for a few seconds before he said “I finished just now..why?”

“I just wanna see you” you tried your best to sound casual and less needy but it didn’t work. You still sounded flirty and suggestive.

“Are..are you okay? Why do you sound like that?”

“I just…”

“Baby, do you…need me?” You heard it. You heard how amused he was, and his question caught you off guard rendering you speechless.

“I’ll be there in half an hour” he said and just like that the call ended.

You didn’t know what happened or how the time managed to fly by so fast, because Chanyeol was already there.

You opened the door to him and he stood there, in his suit and his hair perfectly styled and a smirk on his face.

“Did you drive here?” you asked him trying to sound as casual as ever as you walked to your kitchen.

“Mmm” you heard it again, that amused tone of his.

Why was he being like this when he knew exactly why you called?

“Do you want something to drink?”

He chuckled and you saw him from the corner of your eye leaning against the door with his arms crossed over his chest and the same smirk on his face.

“Do I need to tell you that I don’t need a drink again?”

You swallowed the dry lump in your throat and turned around to face him. You licked your lips and you saw his eyes move to your mouth. Your legs hesitated a bit before you walked towards him and crashed your lips with his.

His arms were automatically wrapped around you and you heard a groan rumble through his chest.

You coaxed his mouth open, and bit on his lower lip a little too roughly before you started playing with his tongue and sucking on it.

Your kiss was needy, sloppy and it portrayed exactly what you were feeling. Your hands worked on his blazer, tugging at it and pushing it off of his shoulders. His fingers dug into your waist before he broke the kiss and said “easy kitten”

You frowned and blinked a few times before you took his lips again in a hot kiss. Your hands were working on his shirt, fumbling with the buttons and trying to un-tuck it, while his own pair were ridding you of your shirt.

You lifted your arms to aid him and then pushed him against the wall and locked your lips onto his neck. He laughed a little at just how needy you were and threw his head back before he squeezed your flesh roughly and turned you around, pinning you against the wall.

Your hands were every where. From his hair, to around his neck to his chest.

He pinned your arms to the wall and gave harsh kisses to your neck and you moaned a slightly loud moan. You felt his tongue lick your skin before he pulled away and blew a small puff of air.

He let go of your arms and placed his hands next to your head caging you and looked deep into your eyes…still amused.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” you asked avoiding his eyes with a small breathless voice. He licked his lips and said “I like seeing you like this”


His hands were on your waist and his thumbs rubbed your skin. He leaned down next to your ear and whispered “Mmm, sensitive and needy, just like this. It’s really sexy” before nibbled on the skin behind your ear.

You gasped and quickly pulled his head to your lips. You pushed on his shoulders to urge him to walk to your bedroom, to which he obliged.

You threw him onto your bed and he quickly sat leaning against the headboard. You straddled his lap and caught his lips between yours.

You kissed him passionately.

You titled your head to the side gaining more access into his mouth while his hands were busy kneading your mounds through your bra, you moaned into his mouth and he chuckled.

Your body jerked up a little once you felt his member grow in size beneath you and he quickly had a strong grip on your hips and pushed you down. “Stay” he mumbled in between your kisses.

Your hips were moving against his growing excitement as your hands moved to strip him of his shirt, while his hands moved to remove your shorts and undies.

You kissed his neck while you tried to unbuckle his belt and take off his pants. But he was took quick. Because you felt his hands on your hips before he flipped you over and hovered above you.

You looked at him and moaned a moan that sounded desperate and needy. He stopped, looked back at you and said “already? I haven’t even touched you yet”

His lips then occupied yours while your hands worked on his belt. He moved his hips to help you take off his pants and boxers.

“Up” he suddenly said.

Your mind was clouded with a haze of lust and arousal to fully understand what he meant by that. “Huh?” was all that you could formulate.

He smirked before his lips sucked on your sweet spot right under your jaw, and your body immediately flinched and your back arched.
His fingers slipped behind your back and worked to unhook your bra, he threw it away somewhere across your room and whispered “good girl” before his lips came crashing on yours.

He hooked one of your legs around his hips and moved to rub himself against your swollen nub. You moaned and dug your nails into his skin causing a hiss to escape his lips.

His mouth moved downwards to engulf one of your nipples while his hands massaged the other. You moaned and threw your head back only to have him chuckle again.

You moved your hand between your bodies and touched him. He nearly dropped his weight on you at the sudden contact and you heard him moan. You brushed your thumb a few times over the tip of his member earning yourself a series of grunts and curses from him.

You moved your hand up and down his shaft and felt his teeth sink into your skin when you stroked his throbbing vain. His member twitched between your fingers and his breath quickened, so he quickly pulled your hand away from him and kissed your wrist before he said “That’s enough…”

You then saw his head moving down on your body, and his lips were kissing every inch from your neck to your womanhood. Your fingers were automatically caught in his hair and you took a deep breath to brace yourself. He looked at you before his tongue darted out and he gave a long lick to your slit. You gasped and you felt his breath tickle your inner thighs.

His hands moved to massage your thighs and spread them more before he took your sweet bundle of nerves between his lips and sucked on it. You moaned and struggled to stay still. Your hands moving from his hair to clenching the bed sheets.

He sucked until you couldn’t take it, you tapped on his head and before you could say anything or orgasm he stopped and climbed back up. His lips were glistering with your arousal and you watched as licked them clean. He kissed your neck knowing you wouldn’t want to taste yourself on his tongue.

“Chanyeol I can’t take it” you whined.

“Can’t take what? This?” He said rubbing up against you but never sliding in.

You gave a frustrated groan before you said “I called you because I’m hot for you and you wanna tease me?”

“Is that what it was? You were hot for me?” he teased while still moving his hips.

You frowned and hooked your legs around his hips bringing him way closer. He licked your lower lip before he pushed his tongue into your mouth and pushed his member into you. You gasped and held onto him tight as he fully made his way in.

His head was nuzzled into the crook of your neck and you felt his short breaths against your sweaty skin. He slowly moved back and forth until he picked up a steady rhythm. His pace was becoming stronger with each thrust, and he let go of his hold on your hips only to place his arms on the headboard. His position made him fall deeper into you and he groaned at how tight you were getting around him.

His hands were back on your hips and he squeezed roughly and your hands were stroking his ear lovingly. You knew how much of a turn on it was for him to have you touch his ears. You called out his name and he knew you were close. So he moved one of his hands and started rubbing your clit with his fingers.

He pressed his thumb against you and you instantly came clamping hard on his member. He groaned and bit your collarbones before he pushed himself off of you. You watched as he slipped out of you and stroked himself into completion. He came spilling his love onto your lower abdomen and collapsing next you.

You were both silent as you tried to regain your normal breathing. He took a few tissues and cleaned you up before he pulled you into his embrace.

“What you did earlier was really cute” he spoke as his fingers moved up and down your back.

You got up and placed your hands on his chest, and laid on top of them “What was?”

His hand pushed your hair from your face and then he said “When I teased you and you frowned. It was really cute my heart was gonna explode”

“Ya! Stop!” you whined.

“But it was..” he laughed.

“How is your project going?” he asked and you told him. You told him everything, your frustration, and the setbacks you went through. And how much you were stressed from all of the work. He didn’t say anything, he only nodded and rubbed soothing circles on your back.

Chanyeol was a supportive and a sweet lover. He always listened well.

You laid together in the comfort of your bed, arms and legs tangled together while you both talked and shared your most intimate stories til it was almost sunrise.

He slept first, and you watched as he took slow, peaceful breaths and his eyelashes hugged his cheeks. You smiled before you kissed his cheek and went to sleep your self.


New Makeup Line Dropping January 22nd, The KaePop Collection:

Karrueche Tran, best known for modeling and acting is set to launch her makeup line mid January with cosmetics brand, ColourPop. The KaePop Collection includes 4 matte eye shadows, 3 ultra matte lipsticks with matching lip pencils, 1 blush, 1 highlighter, 1 contour/bronzer. These products are benefiting an important organization, The Environmental Media Association.

Fun Fact, all of the products will be under $10 dollars each and sold separately. Full sets will be $72. That’s definitely a steal for all the make up lovers, so mark your calendars we have some shopping to do. 

Karrueche’s color palette is inspired by her everyday personal wear. The collaboration with ColourPop won’t go unnoticed. ColourPop is known for their vibrant cosmetic products and have worked alongside many beauty specialists, models, and bloggers such as Kathleen LightsEllaRie &  Raye Boyce.

Colors Include:

· Medium Brown Matte Shadow – “Fairfax”

· Light Warm Beige Matte Shadow – “Melrose”

· Burgundy Matte Shadow – “Beverly”

· Sheer Gold Shadow – _”Sunset Blvd”

· Nude Ultra Matte Lip and Pencil – “Chi”

· Brown Ultra Matte Lip ad Pencil – “Kae”

· Deep Burgundy Ultra Matte Lip and Pencil – “Rooch”

· Peach Blush – “Flush’d”

· Warm Bronzer– “Bronze Me”

· Golden Bronze Highlighter – “Glo Up”

OVER HYPED: Marc Jacobs Lust For Lacquer Lip Vinyl - Full

When I heard Marc Jacobs was launching a makeup line I was so damn excited and being the total lip junkie that I am I went straight for the Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyls (202 Paint it Red just screamed my name, it looked like the perfect coral with just the right amount of pink and just the right amount of red) Whilst the lip lacquers have some beautiful shades, are highly pigmented and beautifully shiny, they have a tendency to apply unevenly and cling onto the dry patches of the lips. Secondly, they are SUPER drying and have very poor staying power (move your lips the slightest and they smear all over the place) but my biggest gripe with these was the fact that… for the love of god they burned! The “plumping” formula of these was more like a “burning” formula and I felt the urge to take the lacquer off straight away. Finally, the packaging = major fail. These leak EVERYWHERE so don’t even think about chucking one in your bag and applying it on the go (unless you want your handbag to have a slick of gloss) I really wanted to love these and have tried them multiple times in hopes that my opinion would change about them but they were a major fail for me and I don’t understand why they’ve won so many awards.

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Consider Makeup Artist Oikawa

  • Celebrities all over the country booking him months in advance
  • Oikawa complimenting his subjects on their natural beauty before he begins applying their makeup to put them at ease.
  • Oikawa releasing every line of cosmetics with his face imprinted on everything.
  • Iwaizumi once had to stop him from naming one of his cosmetic lines “sexy for Iwa-chan”
    • “awww but Iwa-chan, this shade of eyeshadow looks just like the head of your-” “no.”
  • his lipstick line gaining the most popularity
    • having like 12 different shades of seijoh blue named after bad puns of his teammates like “aquamattsun” and “cyaniwa”
    • expanding his line to include lipstick named after karasuno
    • all of the karasuno colours are pretty shades ranging from dark orange to a pretty coral. Except Kageyama, who gets the nastiest colour brown that kinda looks like someone’s post-taco bell shit
    • “look Tobio-chan, if you smear it on the floor it looks just like you”
  • Oikawa launching makeup lines for specific eye colours but the blue eye line was delayed as he tried to bribe Kageyama to be his test subject
  • Can’t say he doesn’t test on animals, not after the incident with kiyotani…..


Makeup artist Oikawa.

Kelly Rowland is Coming out With a Makeup Line for 'Chocolate Girls'

We already love Kelly Rowland for her stunning voice, enviable figure, and firece representation for black women. And now we can add yet another item to that ever-growing list – the Grammy Award-winning singer has revealed that she’ll be launching a makeup line created specifically for women of color. Insert: Praise dance!
We caught up with Rowland on Monday night – at an event sponsored by Claritin and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America – where she gave us the scoop on the exciting new project.  
“My makeup artist Sheika Daley and I are actually starting a makeup line we’re making sure we make, well, we’re starting off with lashes and then we’re going to have it grow for all women,” Rowland told Essence. “But definitely making sure we have our chocolate girls covered. Gotta get the chocolate girls in there! We have to have that, you know. I think Iman has done a beautiful makeup line and I want to do it too!”
Any brown girl knows there’s definitely more room for diversity at the beauty counter. And while beauty brands are increasing paying attention to the needs of women with darker skin tones, the industry still a long way to go. We can’t wait to get a glimpse of what Rowland will be offering.
There’s no word on a launch date for the makeup line – but we’ll keep you posted. You can also look out for Rowland’s new album in the coming months, as well as a book that she explained is “exciting” but sadly “can’t even say what it is yet.”


Givenchy Le Makeup’s Artist Director discusses the brand’s 10-year anniversary and new limited-edition lipstick.

Nicolas Degennes is a beauty genius. While leading Givenchy Le Makeup for officially a decade, he’s the man behind incredible products like Rouge Interdit Magic Lipstick, Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara, and much more. And he’s still at it, bringing us a new line of whipped Le Rouge-À-Porter lipstick—plus a limited-edition version of the classic Le Rouge. The Sephora Glossy recently caught up with the living legend to discuss 10 years at Givenchy, his latest creations, and so much more. JESSICA VELEZ, REPORTING BY BECKY PEDERSON

What inspired you to launch the Givenchy Le Makeup line in 2004?

I was inspired by the very first drawings by Hubert de Givenchy and the legend of the Givenchy brand. I do a lot of research of the archives for my new creations and I always go back to the original vision of how Hubert de Givenchy [designed]. He always wanted to celebrate the many facets of femininity through his creations. You don’t have to even say the name Givenchy because when a woman sees the four Gs [she] immediately thinks of elegance, femininity, and tradition.

How does the fashion aspect of the brand affect your beauty design process?

Right now I am working on creations for 2017, and I love to harness the energy that Riccardo [Tisci] puts into his collections for how I create the makeup and work with photographers. It’s an overall beautiful, creative energy. I want to put that same energy into all my creations.

Out of all the iconic Givenchy designs, you used Riccardo Tisci’s couture floral print to celebrate the limited-edition Le Rouge lipstick. What did you like about that particular design?

When I first started to work on the Le Rouge packaging, I immediately saw the endless possibilities to customize it. This was the first time that we got to try something new with the cover. I love all of the patterns that Riccardo has created, but this one really inspired me. To me, the flower print says happiness, springtime, joy, and femininity. I love how this pattern will make a woman feel when she sees this limited-edition lipstick in her bag.

Tell us about the limited-edition shade.

It is a very beautiful [shade of] fuchsia that is universal and yet at the same time completely unique on every woman. 

What is special about your new lipstick, Le Rouge-À-Porter, and how did it become the next evolution of the Le Rouge collection?

I love it because it has a balm texture. The formula is exactly what I wanted to achieve…colors that are bright, yet sheer and comfortable. The ingredients are like skincare for the lips because we need to care for our lips more than ever. After the launch of Le Rouge, we saw a lot of matte textures on the market, which dry the lips. This is why I wanted to improve on my initial creation and focus more on lip care. The texture is so unique and comfortable that once you apply it, you want to keep using it over and over.

What’s been your most memorable moment from these last ten years?

Every single day when I’m creating…whether it’s envisioning a new texture or packaging, every day is amazing. I’m still excited and passionate about my work, research, and, most of all, the freedom I have with the Givenchy brand.

Where do you see Givenchy Le Makeup going in the next decade?

I want to introduce more and more women around the world to the Givenchy magic. We strive all the time to improve our formulas. We never settle, and we push our suppliers to go further than before. I always push for textures that are groundbreaking, innovative, and bring out the femininity in every woman.